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Brittny 'Shocked'

She Was Burglar Bunch Target

3/14/2010 4:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brittny Gastineau was scared to learn she was a possible target for the Burglar Bunch -- and she's even more horrified about the whole thing "being glorified for reality television." Or at least a show she isn't in.

Brittny Gastineau, Alexis Neiers
As we first reported, Gastineau was among the celebrity names police said Nick Prugo and the gang scoped out for possible burglaries. Brittny tells us, "I was shocked to learn I was on this supposed burglary list -- it is a horrible, invasive feeling to think someone was planning something so horrific. Even more disappointing is that something as serious as this is being glorified for reality television."

Alleged Burglar Bunch member Alexis Neiers -- who has an E! show premiering tonight -- fired back, telling us, "First of all, Brittny who? I have no idea who she is. It's sad that she would say something without hearing my side of the story. I feel really bad that society has judged me when I haven't had a chance to present a defense. It will all come out on my show."


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1683 days ago


I agree, Brittny who? Maybe if she had a necklace stolen like Lindsey Lohan we actually might know who she is...maybe she can get on the next theft list going around.

1683 days ago


This show is disgusting. FIrst of all, watch High Society over these wanna be's. atleast that show has real socialites and not fake people trying to be on tv. ANYWAY, celebs should boycott E! for airing this show and not do interviews with them until they take it off the air. RETWEET!

1683 days ago


I feel really bad that society has judged me when I haven't had a chance to present a defense. It will all come out on my show."

ON HER SHOW, not "in a court of law"???

What an idiot.

1683 days ago


I'm with the Alexis chick...Brittny who?

1683 days ago


Say the wrong thing on your show and find yourself being charged with additional counts, what a dummy.

When the realization of a few years in prison sets in this idiot will wish she kept her mouth shut.

1683 days ago

She threw the first punch    

Britty who? More like Alexis Neirs who? Oh it cracks me up...I am not to old and I am not to young...but I have NEVER heard of this Alexis chick or her mother. I have at least heard of Brittny, her mom and her father played NFL football. I will be laughing for a while.

1683 days ago


Who is Brittany Gasteneau? What movie/s has she been in? Is she another "celebrity" for making home porn and it "accidentally" leaked?

1682 days ago


Yet another way to misspell "Brittany."

1682 days ago


Anyone else catch them on Chelsea Lately? Man, that was dissapointing; I was expecting some smack talk about how these girls look as if they're 12 years old, and have the personalities to match, but instead she actually INTERVIEWED THEM???...way to let me down, handler.

1682 days ago


does this idiot girl think for one minute that anyone is going to watch her show?? She and her friends broke into peoples homes and stole things, why would anyone watch her show???

I think these kids planned all of this and planned on getting caught because everyone knows celebs have security cameras so you know you are going to get caught plus they were flaunting all the stuff they stole in pictures

1682 days ago


Its SO sad that in today's society that a THIEF ( who has been caught wtih good etc ) gets a tv show to exploit her family even more is just plain fed up..WHO IS SHE ANYWAY, besides a criminal? Goes to show the self entitlement of these younger wannabes? SHAME On the parents.

1682 days ago


Brittany Gastineau is a model and socialite. I had no idea who she was either. Had to look her up.

1682 days ago


Hey Alexis, when you get out of prison you can start a reality show about all the things fat girls made you do.

1682 days ago


I think it's disgusting that E would give Alexis Neiers (who is a nobody other than being accused in a theft ring ) a show. I saw trailers and the whole premise is disgusting, 3 whore daughters and a mother who drugs them...this is entertainment?

1682 days ago
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