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Jon Gosselin

Files for Custody

4/7/2010 3:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin has just filed legal papers formally asking a Pennsylvania judge for primary custody of the 8 kids he had with Kate Gosselin.

Jon also wants the child support order that is currently in place reviewed by the judge. Jon claims the arbitrator in the divorce "failed to take into consideration the numerous factors provided for by the law in PA."

TMZ broke the story that Jon's lawyer, Anthony F. List, feels Kate is an "absentee mom" now that she is in Hollywood on "Dancing with the Stars."

Kate currently has primary custody and Jon is required to pay $20,000 a month in child support.


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Jon is a loser! It is Kate that had to work and keep the kids up. Not Jon! He is just lazy. He need get himself a real job and pay child's support.

1597 days ago


Forgive me Alexis C. but you think Kate is using her kids for "her own selfish gain." What exactly do you think Jon has done several times already? He'd still have his NY loft apartment if TLC hadn't shut him down. There's no room for any of his kids in a loft apartment. He never had them in his mind once except when they weren't making him money.

1597 days ago


I hope Jon gets custody, for the kids' sake. With her, they will learn to be nasty like their mother, they will think it is ok to make babies artificially only for money and fame, and to belittle people when they speak, just like their repulsive mother. Jon pays child support and is there for them a hell of a lot more than that garbage Kate. He pays 20 thou a month, so why does she pretend that she has to work, and in L.A. mind you, when she could work part time in Pa. and be close to her bunch.

1597 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

The issue is really about the fact that Kate refused to let Jon be with the kids when she was doing DWTS. Look at the legal document - they did not follow the laws of PA when setting up support.

1597 days ago


Jon deserves full custody of those precious children. Kate only wants the spot light and as much fame as she can obtain. She needs to pay child support while cashing in on her notoriety while Jon raises the children with love....something Kate is obviously incapable of doing. Kate doesn't have a clue what true love is.

1597 days ago

DeeAnn Hudson    

Jon again proves that once a D-bag, always a D-bag. Get a job, support yourself and leave the children out of it. My guess is that his rich girlfriend dumped his lazy butt. Not to mention the fact that the cigarette frequently hanging out of his mouth in pictures is absolutely horrible example for those children.

1597 days ago


ml, how do you expect him to spend time with his kids if she refused to let him?

1597 days ago


Broke, Bum Jon Gosselin, does not even have a job. By the time this reaches the Judge for decision Kate will be dancing with her kids again. Watch Jon will go to jail for not paying support after he pays his new lawyers $$$$. What a fool.

1597 days ago


To those of you defending this idiot wake up and smell the freaking coffee!!!!!!!!!!!! It doesn't make a difference how much of a b*tch Kate was on the show , she was granted custody of the kids by a judge that actually has ALL the information that we don't have. That same judge also ordered Jon to pay support in the amount of 20,000 a month. I think we would all be interested in seeing how much Jon has actually paid since this order was placed. I wouldn't be surprised at all to hear that he is behind in payments. As a mother Kate has a duty to support her children, the money that she is making by being on DWTS is far more money then any "normal" job would pay and anyone that says they would have said no is flat out full of BS. Jon its time to get off that lazy fat arse and for once in your pathetic life be a man. GET A JOB and stop wasting the courts time to try and get yourself back in the spotlight.

1597 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

So....last year during the divorce when Jon was fucking everything in sight he didn't seem to mind that Kate had the kids-an now that she's temporarily gone 3 days a week and getting more media attention he suddenly wants custody? Sounds like someone doesn't want to pay child support....or get a job. Sorry asshole-when you pulled the plug on the show you fucked yourself. I hope to god he doesn't get custody.

1597 days ago


What a douchbag. If he was so worried, he should just offer to help since she is actually "working". They are both fame whores, but ahe is bringing in some money doing the show and he just wants his cut. Again...Douchebag.

1597 days ago




1597 days ago


Why can't they just agree to joint physical custody? There damn sure are enough kids to spread the love. It would be easier on both parents; when one is working the other can take the kids instead of hiring nannies. If Jon took half the kids he would have no choice but to do some real parenting. I really don't see why a judge would give sole physical custody of eight kids to one parent unless the other was proven unfit.

1597 days ago


Actually the papers cite Kate's abuse of her "discretionary power" with regards to Jon's parenting time as the main reason for the requested change of custody. In other words, she doesn't LET him see the kids when he wants. That's called hostile-aggressive parenting (designed to interfere with the relationship between the children and the other parent), and gee, is anybody shocked that she would be hostile or aggressive, given her treatment of him in the past? I'm not a fan of either of them, but am rooting for the kids to get the treatment by their parents that they all deserve. John needs to get a job to support the kids (NOT to support Kate - she needs to go back to her old job and stop being such a fame wh*re - sorry, you're just NOT talented and people REALLY don't want to see you on TV/movies, etc.), Kate needs to take some sensitivity classes to not be such a b*tch to everybody, but *especially* the kids. Neither of them is putting the kids first, where they deserve to be. The only reason she had an Easter egg hunt for them is because it's yet another way to keep her picture on this website and magazines. If either of them were really concerned with their kids' well-being, they would stay the hell out of the spotlight and focus on raising the kids.

1597 days ago


TO #14: The Shrew is not getting that much money from DWTS so that's not why Jon wants that type of custody. The amount probably doesn't even cover her hair extensions! She won't get that much money from the show unless she wins which is never ever going to happen! After she gets booted from DWTS - she starts her book tour all over the country... So when she gonna find time to be with her kids????

1597 days ago
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