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Mel Gibson

Hurls the 'N' Word

7/1/2010 8:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed ... Mel Gibson is caught on tape, screaming at his baby mama Oksana Grigorieva, "You look like a f*king pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of ni**ers it will be your fault."

The tapes were secretly recorded by Oksana in the midst of their nuclear breakup and custody battle. 

We've also confirmed Mel is heard on tape calling Oksana a "whore" and a "c**t."

The tapes have been submitted to the judge in their custody battle and are under seal.  Sources say the tapes were recorded prior to May, when Mel and Oksana reached a custody agreement with a mediator.

And TMZ has learned ... Mel sent Oksana a number of incendiary emails that she kept.

TMZ broke the story in 2006 when Mel went nuts on a cop after being busted for DUI, saying, "F**king Jews ... The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world."

UPDATE:  Mel's rep just told TMZ he could not confirm the credibility or accuracy of the tapes.  TMZ, however, has confirmed that the tapes are the real deal.


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Dammit T your post really p1sses me off. Maybe because you have said so clearly what all of us really know but have never recognized...

post 636-
f these posts are an accurate cross reference of the way the population in America feels, then it is obvious why American is on the decline. I never realized the high level of insecurity between different races and religions. I guess it is only normal in a country that is so young and represented by a borrowed language, people and religions, with no desire to identify itself with the original inhabitants. If a people don't have a legit connection with the country they live, they are going to be insecure and not feel comfortable in their own skin.

In China, you have "Chinese people, speaking chinese, with a chinese history and land". In France you have french people, speaking french, with a french history and a french land. Same in England, same in Russia, Sweden, Germany, Japan etc... People who have a language, a land, a history and a people that all match up to their country, they are secure and comfortable in their own skin.

When you have a young country and it is constantly being repopulated with immigrants, then you have a high level of insecurity. You have different groups jockeying for position as to who is better than the other. It used to be the Irish were the bottom, and then the Chinese, and then the italians, then the polish, and then the Jews and then the blacks, then it was cubans, and haitans. Now it is the Mexicans.

The poor and uneducated with one or two generations or more under their belt, are afraid of missing their place in society and can not accept another inferior group to be percieved as better than them. The simple reason is that if they are not better than this percieved inferior group, then who are they better than? They don't want to think they have moved down the ladder in the land of opportunity, so the next best thing they can do is express fear, hatred, and insecurity.

Posted at 12:40 AM on Jul 3, 2010 by T

1570 days ago


First Charlie Sheen calls his wife a f*ng liar, whore, **** and a f*kng N*gger, then Mel Gibson calls the mother of his daughter a psycho ****, b*tch, whore* and said that if she gets rapes by a pack of f*nking N*gers it will be her fault.

I am an African American woman who can assure you that the use of the "N"word doesn't mean the person who is using is a racists

It the above men's cases, it is the context in how they used it that is racists. Now I'm wondering if other well known white actors I've watched share the same racists point of views.

Now that I think of it, How many black people have Nicholas Cage acted alongside of in his movies? Does he share Sheen and Gibson's views about dark skin and/or black skin people?

Obviously these people don't share the view of judging a person by the content of their character.

In any case, most closet racists actors..etc will be careful not to talk this way after seeing Mel Gibson career raked over the coals.

In the future, I will just as comfortable NOT patronizing their movies, television shows as they are with holding on to their racists point of views.

Perhaps they will come to fruition like the late Senator Byrd but I seriously doubt it. It takes a special person to look in the mirror and SINCERELY change.

Prayer changes things and people, so I will keep them in my Prayers. Let me say this. I still think Tom Cruise is cool.
Just hope I'm right.

1570 days ago


Don't believe everything you read! Grain of salt people.

When I got divorced, according to my ex, I was a racist, abusive drug addict. People can say anything they like.

Remember, the best defense is a good offence!

1570 days ago

Lenn K.    

The racist comments speak for themselves and let put that aside for a second. The real bad part about this mess is Karma kicked him in the ass for cheating on his wife and 8 kids. She never wanted him, just his money. Well, can you say lotto winner. She's smart and he's a dumb old man who got played and he'll pay for it until he drops dead.

1570 days ago


This is a face of an alcoholic..............!

1570 days ago


Of course she never said anything untoward while secretly filming him? And we don't see the outtakes of her provoking him? Another Russian gold digger looking for a green card and a California divorce settlement. Of course he is no beauty in this either. They deserve each other.

1570 days ago


So.. You can't curse in the privacy of your own home anymore .. How many of you "saints" never uttered a racial slur..? Get the f$@% outta here with this nonsense. I'm sure most of you would look like a piece of $#it if someone pressed the record button at the right moment..

And wtf is this..?

"We've also confirmed Mel is heard on tape calling Oksana a "whore" and a "c**t."


1570 days ago


I am Russian my self and let me tell you people something, some(not all) but few Russian females lost it, they are very self-conceded, arrogant, and really just turned into money grabbing whores, they fake it until they got you by the balls, Mel is just really passionate and in a moment of anger just flipped out, give a man a break I hear angry black ppl saying way worse things when they are pissed, everybody says **** they dont mean, the man was just upset, you know what females can do to even a best man

1570 days ago


Doesn't anybody find it fishy that this woman had a tape running. Also, has anybody heard said tape?

1570 days ago


Blacks call themselves by the N work all the time. Big deal. Mel was justifiable going off verbally on his wife for recording him and then turning it over to the press. What kind of a woman does something so stupid. A very stupid woman.

That's like all those playmates who complain about being required to be inside at a certain time (Hef curfew). As there are tons of loons all over the place who'd love to set up a few of those ladies for a fall and discredit Hef. Wonder how many playmates who defied him and end up pregnant and single with no income. A very stupid woman.

1570 days ago


Mel only stated something that alot of people are too afraid to say. 85% of crimes are committed by black people. If you want respect then earn it. Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton need to preach to black people against crimes and drugs instead of letting them think they were all slaves and deserve more. NO black person alive has seen any slavery.

1570 days ago


Awwww Who Couldn't forgive those blue eyes???

1570 days ago

you're truly the devil    

"im coming to burn the ffing house down - but you will blow me first"
This has got to be the most ridiculous sentence fragment ever spoken.

PS. I still got your ffing soul Mel! And we both know white Catholics have started more wars than anyone - **** they wrecked China at one point with opium and their God, they brutally colonised the world with fear and ignorance, abused children 'in care' etc etc etc etc etc etc.

1570 days ago

He's Crap    

TMZ: The most authentic barometer of our ignorant, hate-filled country. Its mascot: Mel Gibson (Appropriately, we out-sourced our mascot).

1570 days ago

He's Crap    

To the person who described Jews as a "nasty breed": Burn in Hell.

1570 days ago
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