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Levi and Bristol

Engaged, Not Having Sex

7/14/2010 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

America's favorite unwed, single teenage mother -- Bristol Palin -- is engaged to get married ... and the man she's tying the knot with is the most unlikely candidate ever ... her baby daddy Levi Johnston.


Levi and Bristol's story is a tale of classic romance ... he knocks her up when she's 17, she has a kid (Tripp), they break up, they attack each other in the media, he poses for Playgirl, they attack each other in the media again ... and then they reconnect during custody negotiations about three months ago.

But the best part: The couple claims they didn't tell Bristol's mom -- Sarah Palin -- about the engagement first. Instead, they told Us Weekly ... and hoped that it was one of the "variety of sources" she reads. 

Levi and Bristol claim they hope to get married in the next six weeks -- and due to Bristol's abstinence pledge, they won't be having sex again until after they say "I do."

As for the wedding -- they want to get married in Alaska ... and Bristol wants Levi to wear a camouflage vest.

Oh -- and that whole Playgirl thing ... Bristol claims she hasn't seen the spread and chalks it up to "Levi's old life." For the record -- it ran just 5 months ago.


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Publicity stunt or a way to get out of child support. DoucheBag and DoucheBagette King and Queen of the year. Stay tune for a wedding, reality show on TLC followed by a nasty divorce. Let's just hope this time the idiots do not have 8 kids

1565 days ago


Sarah Palin must be one really bad parent, if her daughter is so scared to talk to her face-to-face about something as important as marriage. So much for "family values"....

1565 days ago


Oh my. Worried for them. Not enough time has passed for old stuff to be "water under the bridge".

1565 days ago


who really cares??

1565 days ago


This kid must REALLY be out of money.
It was either porn, or eat crow and marry the girl.

1565 days ago


Shocking! Especially since Levi stated on tv how much he
dislikes Sarah Palin. (can you BLAME him?) She is going
to be the mother-in-law from hell and the brunt of ALL
mothr-in-law jokes! I wonder how Kathy Griffin feels
about this--isn't he her boy-toy"? Sarah Palin has
turned out to be as bad a parent, as she was a

1565 days ago


"Sarah Palin must be one really bad parent, if her daughter is so scared to talk to her face-to-face about something as important as marriage. So much for "family values"...."

Ding, ding, ding! You sure hit the nail on the head with that one!

Levi had JUST alluded to all kinds of dirt that he has on Sarah. Too bad it looks like it's going to take a bit more time until this band-aid marriage breaks to come out.

1565 days ago


Saw this one coming with the public "Sorry, I lied" last week. We all know that Levi did not lie and that Palin is planning on running for president... She needs to stay in Alaska and watch Russia.

1565 days ago


It has nothing to do with Sarah Palin's parenting skills. Bristol has her OWN mind and her OWN life to screw up or make a success of it. I think it's too early for Bristol to marry ANYONE but she is an adult now.

#2: If you're a parent did YOUR kids do ALL the right things ALL the time? Stop Sarah bashing! And, why arent you also blaming Todd Palin if you think youre so right about your statement?

1565 days ago


Bristol must give better head than Kathy Griffin

1565 days ago


If mama grizzly can stay out of the way they may have a chance.

1565 days ago

speaking of this ish..    

Is Bristol for real with this? After all those nasty things he said about her mom this girl is gonna let him put a ring on it that she obviously had to pay for....smh..Bristol, you apparently never got over Levi and he is just marrying you so his broke-ass doesn't have to pay child-support seeing as now your an actress an all...lmao...I bet they are going to sell the wedding pics to the highest bidder..TMZ i know you guys want first dibs to see Sarah Palin's reaction..nice of them to NOT tell her face-to-face instead we'll sell it to the media for a nice piece of change...smmfh

1565 days ago


relax people, sarah will never let these two get married. WTF can u believe this trash had any possibility of even walking through the whitehue? scary.

oh - lov that statment "we are not having." omg, please tell us what you do all night when levi spends the night? white trash!!!!

to all u dumbass republicans who like sarah - this is your president's ****in family... lol

1565 days ago



1565 days ago


He's not making it on his own. Where are all "opportunities" that he thought were going to be coming his way. Since he is no longer relevant and can't make money, he probably went back with his tale between his legs and dollar signs in his eyes.

1565 days ago
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