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'Jersey Shore' -- New Chick

Drops the N-Bomb

7/28/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She hasn't even appeared on the show yet -- but the new chick on "Jersey Shore" is already up to her spray-tanned neck in controversy ... after a video surfaced in which she drops the N-bomb.

Screen Shot 2012-06-11 at 9.58.23 AM

The foul-mouthed female is Deena Nicole Cortese -- the same chick who sucked down a beer bong with Snooki in Seaside Heights this weekend.

Turns out Deena recorded a video blog on her MySpace page back in 2008 -- in which she rants about the way she's been treated by some dudes ... swears revenge ... and then says to the camera, "We're gonna play you out, n**ga."

Sources close to production confirm Deena will be appearing in a number of episodes during the third season of "Jersey" ... but she isn't considered a "permanent" cast member.

MTV had no comment on the N-bomb situation.


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Colonel Bleep    

Stop giving publicity to these loser freaks!!!

1546 days ago


Congratulations, MTV douchebags. You couldn't have done worse; you've picked another trailer trash loser for your "lowest common denominator" fake reality program. No wonder the world thinks our culture is destructive to the world; if this is the image that the world sees, they're correct...

1546 days ago


I dont think she used this word racially. Alot of ppl use that word as it would mean a person. Like Yo my *****/ Yo my dude. Its not racial so stop making it racial!!

1546 days ago


Is "n**ga" actually the same as "n**ger"?

This race stuff is getting so ridiculous.

1546 days ago

o rly    

MTV/Viacom doesn't care, it's all about the ratings.

1546 days ago


I'm hoping the show is a bust and MTV loses a ton of cash and advertisers. However, until black people stop calling each other the "N-word", then it's not really racist to say it. This is just dumb political correctness BS! The most offensive thing about that video was the whore thinking she's hot and that guys were lined-up to be with her.

1546 days ago


blacks use that word every day on rap cd's so who cares.for people who find the word racist they sure do call each other that name in their songs.

1546 days ago


It's not racist. As long as you say the word "****HHHHHH" It's not the same as ******. Although anybody can be ******s. Marilyn Manson has a song called Rock N Roll ******.

Anyways, it's not racist. Just don't say it with the er. It's ****AAAAAAHHHHH

1546 days ago


She said ***** not ******, STFU TMZ you are making this more than what it is just for controversy

1546 days ago


I went past the house yesterday after coming from the beach. A crowd of girls in bikini's were standing outside the house and this bunch now has a security detail standing guard.

Those off duties sure looked bored, but money is money ! LOL

1546 days ago


She said Ni*gga not Ni*gger, STFU TMZ you are making this more than what it is just for controversy

1546 days ago


I doubt she was in talking about black people. She was using it more like the way rappers use it. She probably listens to a lot of that music, and she picked up the way they speak.

1546 days ago


yet more proof that women are prostitutes. the 'new' woman isn't even ashamed to say it - she won't have sex unless she gets money or gifts in return.

1546 days ago


this girl is from new jersey she grew up in ocean county 25 mins from seaside

1546 days ago


this girl is from new jersey and actually she is from ocean county and grew up about 25 min from the shore

1546 days ago
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