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Lindsay Lohan

Rehab for Meth

and Bipolar Disorder

8/2/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan will be treated for addiction to methamphethamine and bipolar disorder during her court ordered 90 days in rehab.

Lindsay Lohan Rehab - Bipolar
According to a source familiar with Lindsay's case, methamphetamine and opiates are her "drugs of choice".

Methamphetamine -- also known as crystal meth or simply meth -- is a highly addictive stimulant and opiates, generally, have more of a downer effect.

Morningside Recovery -- the Orange County, CA rehab LiLo is scheduled to enter -- lists opiate and methamphetamine detoxification among its specialties. As TMZ first reported, sources say Morningside was not on the list of facilities recommended by court appointed psychiatrists.

We're told Lindsay will begin her rehab stint almost immediately after getting out of Lynwood Correctional Facility.

UPDATE: Lindsay's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley says, "I have never seen any psych report concerning Ms. Lohan which references a 'bi-polar' diagnosis or an addiction to 'methamphetamine.' I think this is a total fabrication."

One important note ... it has been widely reported that Lindsay takes the prescription drug Adderall, which is an amphetamine. Experts in the field of rehab and addiction tell TMZ there is a difference between amphetamine and methamphetamine.

We're told it would not be common for a rehab facility to consider Adderall and methamphetamine the same drug.


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this judge saved her f*ckin life and did the job lindsays own mother didnt do. Lindsays mother needs to shake this ladys hand. they may hate her now but when she gets her help they will thank her in the long run. This judge did the irresponsible mother and daughter a favor. screw you dina... you are the worst enabler and sorry excuse for a mother. you live in denial but in the end it will bite YOU in the a$$ for the lack of good parenting. you are WORSE than michael lohan.

1509 days ago

bronx chick    

She does not have bi polar disorder. she has one of the other two bpds, borderline personality disorder or
bad parenting disorder.
I hate it when they tack on bi polar disorder as it insults all the people who really do have bi polar disorder.
she has bpd alright, bad parenting disorder.

1509 days ago


Get well soon sweety pie.

1509 days ago


not buying she's a heavy meth user. coke, booze and prescription drugs, yeah. but not buying the meth aspect

1509 days ago

Ron Perry    

I believe there is a misprint here,not bipolar,but bisexual.
Meth stands for Mens Throat Hero, you go linda lovelace!!!

1509 days ago


Seriously, why are we hearing about this, there are thousands of people with Meth addictions, enough already with the LiLo crap

1509 days ago


I'm not surprised it's Meth. Her face has been so busted up lately. Fergie's face never recovered from her meth use, but she's still looking good. Hope LiLo can do well eventually, too.

1509 days ago


Why isn't she going to one of the rehabs recommended by the docs?

1509 days ago


this all has to be a mistake. doctors don't know anything.

just ask dina. liloser is just fine. really!

1509 days ago


Not too surprising to learn she is a meth head. Who else in the family is a meth user?

1509 days ago


She is not addcited to Meth people, she is addicted to Adderall!!!

1509 days ago


She is not addicted to METH, she is addicted to Adderall people which essentially is the same thing, but stop painting a pciture of her sittine in a corner smoking out of a pipe!!

1509 days ago


Of course this rehab place is not on the list of recommended facilities; it's probably another "promises" in Malibu. It's basically a spa with some rehab thrown in. Figures BLOWhan is too good for a standard rehab facility; even when she goes to rehab, she's not taking getting sober seriously.

BTW, this proves BLOWha is a liar. She & her braindead mommy white oprah have been saying "lindsay is clean, she does't take drugs". Now, we find out she's going to be treated for an addiction to METH. She's a f*cking liar, and I guarantee this rehab won't work; you've got to be serious to make it work, and she's definitely just going through the motions to satisfy the courts...

1509 days ago


Lindsay needs hospitalization. Three good weeks to stabilize
her bi polar meds, and get her head to a rational way of thinking. If this judge doesn't know this, then many, many
crazy disfunctional people are running around town because
of him. She's not perfect. No mentally ill person is. No
sane person is. But she can avoid a lot of hell in her lifetime
if she handles this the right way. Good Luck

1509 days ago


"According to a source familiar with Lindsay's case" Just let the girl get into Rehab and get well!

1509 days ago
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