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Tila Pulled Over in Lambo -- Heckled Relentlessly

8/6/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A few hilarious hooligans made Tila Tequila's life a living hell Thursday morning -- when they recorded her run-in with police in Santa Barbara ... while running their loud mouths throughout the entire ordeal.

Tila Tequila Lamborghini Video
It all went down at around 1:50 AM in Santa Barbara -- where Tila was pulled over while driving a brand new, bright blue, $250,000 Lamborghini.

Unlucky for Tila, some bigmouthed bystanders recorded themselves as they shouted back and forth with the starlet -- heckling her about everything from crappy driving ... to Shawne Merriman ... and much, much more. 

Make sure you watch the clip 'til the end -- because when the cops let her go ... she BLOWS through a RED LIGHT!

In the end, Santa Barbara police tell us Tila received one ticket for going the wrong way down a one-way street ... and another ticket because her passenger was not wearing a seatbelt.


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the commentary on this video is hilarious! "i should at least get five dollars for this footage"... "na dude, we'll smoke you out for that tila video" ... "tila, we like sandwiches!"


1485 days ago

Politico Pablo    

The Commander of Area 51, stated that Tila escaped from the compound some years ago, and the other aliens want her to come back.

1485 days ago

old news    

This video is hella funny! It made my morning!

1485 days ago


hilarious.... They are wilding. Where she get the $250K for the car is the question. wasn't this the myspace chick?

1485 days ago


LMAO...not only can Tila not spell(have you ever seen the articles she writes for her gossip site!!!)but obviously can't read.

Clearly she does not need this car and other than speeding knows nothing about the rules of the road.

Someone please tell me how could she go down a one way street GOING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION and not on some type of drug?????

I can't believe the officer didn't go after her for blowing through that red light.

1485 days ago


Nothing good happens at 1:50 AM.

She blew a red light. . . was it love or just lust?

1485 days ago


Freakin Hilarious !!!!!! But all kidding aside, the dumb biatch is going to hurt or kill some1 some day if she don't learn to drive.

1485 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

this skank is going to cause an accident and hurt someone if she keeps on driving like she's on a race track...

1485 days ago


Who writes these stories at TMZ? They are always filled with
errors..and here's another example. "Unlucky for Tila? Huh?
It Should read "Unluckily" for Tila, TMZ. C'mon.

1485 days ago


These guys are my new heroes!!

1485 days ago

Miss Tila Chlamydia OMGPOW!     

if she's raking in piles of $$$ and you're NOT?

Don't blame the seller of the "product," blame the dumb-asses who keep buying the "product."

Posted at 9:33 AM on Aug 6, 2010 by The Truth


Oh the tangled webs of deceit the succubus has been weaving over the years. Obviously you know not a thing about her TRUE self.

"she's raking in piles of $$$".... Pffft! She has nothing to show for it. She would like anyone that is delusional enough to believe that she has made millions. The sad reality is, every single thing she has allegedly claim to have successful accomplished ::snickers:: is nothing but outlandish lies. Lies that can be easily disproved.

You know, this glorified skanky hooker wouldn't bother me a bit if she, for ONCE, been HONEST about herself. Honest about her life (she blogged a mindfu.ckingly fabricated and demented story about her early years. Claiming to have been in her mother's womb during the Vietnam war whilst her younger sister and older brother where living their lives in fear prior to Fobbing out to America.

First off, she was born in the early 80s (1981?) in Singapore. Secondly, how the does a sane person (that has a modi*** of intelligence to know the gestational period in humans) come to the conclusion that a younger sibling was already born BEFORE her? Aye-yi-yi!

I could go on and on and on and... but the redundancy of this bitch just wears me the out.

1485 days ago


That wasn't heckling! She deserved to be heckled. The cops should have chased her butt down and arrested her for speeding off (i.e. reckless driving) and going through a red light!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what's with the cop trying to shut him up? He didn't go over and tell her to shut-up!!!!!

1485 days ago


The Lamborghini is a short-term lease, just call the dealership on Robertson, its called Lamborghini Beverly Hills.

Tila is allegedly filming a porno in Santa Barbara. The porno is supposed to be 'leaked' as a sex tape with the hope it will sell millions. Tila has lambasted her 'haters' for outting the supposed leaked sex tape, before she and Vivid could get all their ducks in a row with the marketing.

Tila claims to have so much, yet she is constantly shown to be a liar and a manipulator. Lately she's been trying to become a news item with the hopes her name in the media will prompt people to remember she was the Shot at Love girl and turn them into customers for her porn movie (which is not a sex tape, it's a professionaly produced movie).

Wait for Tila to deny the tape, and then when it comes out, try to justify and legitimatize it by saying it's 'art' or some such nonsense.

1485 days ago

Loves her colombian stud    

AHAHAHA No Im not gonna pay for it look at you.............everyone else is yapping and getting serious about how she ruined her life...shaddup its about the video itself and laugh a bit
Who gives a f******ck!!!!!!

1485 days ago


TMZ losers following her all the way from LA to SB is sad. And don't lie - you got more than $5 for this. So is her adult video with a dude? Thought she'd gone back to the non-breeding team.

1485 days ago
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