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Oksana Sources:

Mel's Avoiding Deposition

8/11/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ Mel Gibson is going to great lengths to avoid sitting for his deposition.

The sources believe Mel does not want his deposition taken before the L.A. County District Attorney makes a decision on whether to prosecute the actor for domestic violence. Mel will almost certainly take the 5th on most, if not all, of the events surrounding the January 6 blowout

But the Oksana sources say taking the 5th could have implications in the family law case.  They say they scheduled the depo more than two weeks ago, only to be told last week ... Mel was going out of the country on a fishing trip.

But other sources dispute the claim that Mel is intentionally avoiding his depo.  They say Mel is coming back to L.A. this weekend and the deposition should take place in a week or so ... long before the D.A. makes a decision.


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195 & 204 (kpacota)

I've just read these two posts and I'm stunned speechless.

I couldn't understand how a person could keep continuing to spew forth so many lies on so many fronts. Reading about it all physically affects me - I feel sickened by it.

But you have explained why OG just keeps on with her poisonous activities - the narcissist's lack of a soul and a conscience. She's a sociopath.

Thank you for your posts.

1542 days ago

Erin A    

You know curious - I like what you have to say.

I must say on a daily basis in my job I work with people and domestic violence (on both ends). There is never an excuse for abuse. I'm so sick of seeing hollywood get special treatment when they kick someone's ass . . . Charlie Sheen.

1542 days ago


Erin A - Thank you.

Didn't follow Sheen's case too closely, but it seems to me he got off pretty damn lightly.

I despise bullies of any kind, including abusive spouses and parents. Essentially they enjoy the feeling of power they get by making someone live in mortal fear. I personally wouldn't mind beating the nine hells out of every convicted abusiver.

But even worse is to have someone demean what the abused have suffered for their own financial gain. I hate the idea that at some point, someone will be in serious need of help from a well known personality and be dismissed because she is "just another Oksana".

1542 days ago

big chief    

What a shame. Oksana's lawyers should have taken some cues from Gerry Spence, one of the finest and most respected attorneys in this country. Gerry Spence has had more multi-million dollar verdicts without an intervening loss than ANY OTHER LAWYER IN THE US. Gerry has wisely stated, "The trick to winning is the trick of abandoning trickery".

If Oksana is going to win (and that is what she is paying them to do) she must be believed. To be believed she must be believable. To be believable she must tell the truth, the truth about herself, her past, the whole truth.

Evidently, she has used a lot of trickery through the use of ROL to grab the public's attention. Are her attorneys helping her to WIN her case if the there is a general agreement that she may be presenting herself in a misleading manner? How do they think that they will be able to WIN any arguments on her behalf? Do they think that their opinions can be trusted?

1542 days ago


But even worse is to have someone demean what the abused have suffered for their own financial gain. I hate the idea that at some point, someone will be in serious need of help from a well known personality and be dismissed because she is "just another Oksana".

Posted at 7:14 PM on Aug 11, 2010 by Curious

you mean the wolf that cried oksana?

1542 days ago


The funny thing about narcissists is they seldom attract other narcissists. In fact, narcissists despise each other and recognize each other immediately. Neither will reflect to the other the adoration a narcissist demands from their subject. So they move along to the next person like a crook trying doorknobs to see if one is left unlocked.

Sadly, tragically, it's usually the nice, kind, generous people who become the mark for a narcissist. Or weak people. At first they are blinded by the outwardly shiny thing that is a narcissist. But all that glitters is not gold. They don't realize it's a shallow puddle and they're not seeing a real person... just an image. Sometimes even the face, name and boobs are fake too.

By then they're in too deep. No one likes to believe they were gullible. So they redouble their efforts to show love to the person. The narcissist is never satisfied. To a narcissist you are only as good as your last recent action. A lifetime of giving is nothing to them if this morning the coffee wasn't ready on time. And they will make you pay. Boy will you pay.

They sap your being. You diminish as they grow. It's the opposite of a real love relationship where both persons benefit.

They have spent a lifetime manipulating people. From their earliest years. So by the time they are 20 or 30 or 40 they have more experience at it than you will ever be able to combat.

To someone who thinks people are what they seem to be... that person is an easy mark. Someone who is basically trusting will think others are trustworthy. A narcissist trusts no one because a narcissist knows how easy it is to lie.

They also have become very practiced at finding the weak chink in a person's makeup upon which to grab and get a clawhold. They morph into exactly what you need to draw you in... probably in Mel's case, she pretended to be his spiritual soulmate. But he is right, you cannot be that if you don't have a soul.

And they know just where to kick you to make you enraged or devastated. They have no empathy, but they are expert at divining your wounded areas and exploiting them. To Oksana, throwing his bi-polar status in his face and telling him he is the worst father... she was trying to take away from him the thing in his life he was most proud of, the fact that he was a good father.

The recordings, for those who haven't been paying attention, were redubbed and changed in order. The world only hears one man's possible reaction to... what? What horrific things did this woman who lacked all empathy say to him to make him that upset and angry? Knowing she was secretly taping his pain and anger to bring him down completely. We heard the pain and emotion in his voice. Mel is pretty transparent. Always has been. Did you once hear in those tapes her voice crying and saying how much she loved him too? She didn't love him. She loved his money.

I submit to you, the jury, that this woman truly is soulless. She verbally tortured this man and made threats to him that cut to the very core of his being. She did verbal surgery without anaesthesia. And she got the reaction she wanted. And in true narcissistic fashion, she then sat back and played the victim and portrayed him as the monster to the world's stage.

She thought the world would believe her. Some wanted to and do. But she didn't count on the fact that for 30 years we have watched Mel being interviewed, playing roles and screwing up publicly and creating art and living a life with his family out of the public eye. And through it all he has been consistent, sometimes sadly predictable, but at his core someone we have come to know and whose reputation has been constant, for better or for worse. In his movies he played heroes and wounded, flawed people. He played crazy and he played noble. He played the guy looking for justice and payback. And he carried those roles off because at his core all those little pieces existed from which he could draw his role. And in him there is decency. He couldn't play the villain convincingly. It wouldn't fit. He's a good actor, but not THAT good.

(Sorry, Mel. The conflicted hero is the best you could carry off.)

Nor is he the villain in this story, much as some in Hollywood would like to pretend he's hidden his true nature for 30 years from the prying eyes of the tabloids. Did he expose her when some would have? Not if he had a movie tour and the salaries and profits of a company and hundreds and hundreds of people's livelihoods dependent upon his movie making a profit. Mel is not a narcissist. He considered the welfare of others in this instance, is my guess. He has shown far more restraint in this than is immediately apparent.

A true narcissist would destroy someone's reputation even as they are making several movies concurrently and render the star unbankable, not caring about the thousands of cast and crew members who would suffer financially. $15 million is not enough for her to keep from destroying the earning power of hundreds of other people.

Narcissists are not known for their long marriages and long-standing friendships and stable careers. They bounce from one job to another, one partner to another, one town to another, often one step in front of the law.

Hopefully the law finally catches up with this toxic woman and stops her game before she hurts anyone else.

1542 days ago


kpacota -

Damn you're good.

1542 days ago


Okswhora is a lying pig-whore and her sources are all liars. She's a filthy c*nt pig.

1541 days ago


I understand their worry about Mel avoiding his deposition and going fishing , but I am more worried about those poor little fishes if Mel gets angery at them. Can you say , worry more about the poor little fishes. Can you say Sushi? lol

1540 days ago


Team Mel....someone has stolen my screen name KM...that has not been me from now on I will sign off....there is something very odd that our names are being stolen, one of my posts was cut and pasted now the person is just using my name.....I will report this person.


1500 days ago
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