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Oksana Sources:

Mel's Avoiding Deposition

8/11/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ Mel Gibson is going to great lengths to avoid sitting for his deposition.

The sources believe Mel does not want his deposition taken before the L.A. County District Attorney makes a decision on whether to prosecute the actor for domestic violence. Mel will almost certainly take the 5th on most, if not all, of the events surrounding the January 6 blowout

But the Oksana sources say taking the 5th could have implications in the family law case.  They say they scheduled the depo more than two weeks ago, only to be told last week ... Mel was going out of the country on a fishing trip.

But other sources dispute the claim that Mel is intentionally avoiding his depo.  They say Mel is coming back to L.A. this weekend and the deposition should take place in a week or so ... long before the D.A. makes a decision.


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lol, that's ok firefly.

i hadn't read the article --- The tortured life of Mrs Dahl: She had doomed affairs with Ronald Reagan and Gary Cooper but it was Roald Dahl who broke Patricia Neal's heart --- so i googled and it was very good!

1532 days ago


Imagine? Now they have to make guidelines for Whores! - So that
the real wives could protect themselves from their cheating
husbands and the husbands can protect themselves from extortion.
What a world!
Yeah what a world indeed! Sometimes women are their own worst enemies! Its sad we all need to get togeather on this bull****!

1532 days ago


gonesi, your link doesn't work for me. would you post it again, please?

1532 days ago


This is such a joke. They knew he was going on the fishing trip with his sons. She call in sick for hers. She just keeps making things worse for herself. Gibson of course will do the depo.

1532 days ago



totellthetruth found the link..try this..


then hit controll C...hold down both control and C at the same time

go to a differnt window n erase the address, then hit control V, both at the same time...and it should work for you

1532 days ago


I loved the wedding pictures! Hmmm, maybe Ms. O's team made a slight mistake in their descriptions of the 1st husband. Tee hee

1532 days ago


thank you, works that way!

1532 days ago


Maybe you need google translate already downloaded or something...??

1532 days ago


Oksana has baby like, small teeth in 1989 compared to the veneered choppers now. And yes, you can see the chipped tooth from the story about the 1st husband and how she screwed him over....HE WAS NOT A DRUG ADDICT!! like Oksana and her MOTHER ran around telling everyone! They were once again, covering her ass, just like they are now with Gibson for their free-loading and extortion.
What was that? The coat or purse never hit the nail or peg before Ox's hands were touching it? lol Go Igor's Dr. Mom!

1532 days ago


Meanwhile, reported some more details on what happened the day after Oksana Grigorieva walked out on Gibson.

The site said he drove over to her house, "kicked open the door, and pushed his ex-lover, she claims."


has she ever mentioned before that he kicked in the door? hmmm...was the door damaged? i can't imagine that it wasn't. where's the paid receipt for the repair?

1532 days ago


did you guys notice in the wedding pictures that are taken head on, she doesn't smile and show her teeth? Then the one from an angle, she has her mouth open in a smile, and guess what, if someone could make the quality of the picture just a little there is a chipped tooth. I think I can ..almost..see it. but the quality needs to be a little bit better.

She has had those chipped and uneven teeth all along..he never hurt her teeth.

Again, totellthetruth found the link...I just keep re posting it for those (like me) that don't read all the post, just the latest ones...I would hate for anyone to miss that.

That woman is horrible. Many women could have pulled the same thing, but they have more morals and compassion.

For the life of me, I don't think I could sleep with a guy for money and turn on him like that. At some point you have just have feeling for someone.

There I go, and I'm sure that is what happened to Mel...good people get tripped up all the time by assuming others have the same values.

The deal is, this woman may be a sociopath or close to it...or there is the other name, just poor white trash..I hate that term..but it does seem to fit her pretty well.

When I lived in LA, I dated a producer, what I found out is, they stay (have to) to themselves. They wind up pretty lonely because of it.

What a lot of them look for is anything but an actress. They can't play in the same place they work, or shouldn't. The horrible thing here is that he should have had a background check on her.

I think Mel Gibson is a very smart man, probably a genius, but he was married so long, he was like a babe in the woods. Put that together with the fact that he, like others shy away from actresses, and this thing just came up on his blind, and very lonely side.

It is really a pity.

1532 days ago


@gonsei - I got that link from another poster rg1. Wedding photos are fug and article was very interesting. My new name Okscammer is The Evil Emu.

1532 days ago


Good. If this story is true, which I doubt, good. Avoid the deposition, Mel. Why should you? If the DA comes through with the facts, the depo is going to be moot in a couple of weeks. You don't have to play to her twisted tune -- what are they going to do, bring a motion to expedite the depo? Ask for sanctions? Go ahead. Let 'em. By the time the judge hears the motion the DA will have made their move. That's even if this story is true which I doubt. Hang in there, Mel.

1532 days ago


another story that contradicts sweet'tards claim that OxyBoToxy is "over 50"

as for a chipped tooth in the old wedding photos -- so what.

there had to actually be a reason for her having veneers. Now you know why.

1532 days ago


Check out Oksana's photos from her first wedding. WTH is that dress she is wearing? She looks like an evil emu.

Posted at 5:50 AM on Aug 11, 2010 by Tellthetruth59

That is too true and too funny!! I was really wondering about that dress myself.

(sorry if this posts twice--did not go through the first time)

1532 days ago
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