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Faces Public Shaming

in Foreclosure Case

10/6/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If it's even humanly possible ... the guy who owns the note to Octomom's home is now threatening to publicly humiliate Nadya Suleman ... if she doesn't pay off her massive debt in three days.


Amer Haddadin tells TMZ, he's sick of being jerked around by Octo and her lawyers ... and if they don't settle her gigantic debt by October 9 -- dude says he's going to hold a news conference to tell everyone about how terrible of a resident she has been.

Of course, Nadya has nothing to worry about if she meets Amer's deadline -- but as we previously reported, that's one big if ... because girl still owes over $450,000.

How long does it take to shoot a porno?


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PicklesLaRue, that's a catchy name. It has pizazz!
Pickles, I like what you say. As a mom myself, I salute you!
Keep commenting!

1447 days ago


Thi guy is a complete idiot. Yes she needs to pay him and yes he has every right to foreclose if she doesn't. What makes him an idiot is making this a public spectacle. He wouldn't even consider doing this with someone else. The goof is just looking for his 15 minutes. I'm wondering how this jerk managed to get this house in the first place. I think either daddy left it too him or he paid just enough lip service to some rich guy, if ya know what I mean. Maybe he could get Gloria Allred to help him with his legal battle. Seems these two were made for each other

1447 days ago


OOOOh! You just presumed my gender as male. A little Freudian, isn't it? Well, now we all probably know yours...dude.

Posted at 10:28 AM on Oct 6, 2010 by Allrightythen

You're obviously not a Californian. Dude is a gender neutral term out here. :-) So, I wasn't making any kind of presumption about your gender (Freudian or otherwise) Frankly, I couldn't care less.

1447 days ago


Hello! Don`t manufacture 14 kids you have no intentions or means to support and don`t squat in someone`s home you have no intentions or means to pay for!

1447 days ago


Maybe I'm missing something here.......when she originally moved into this house it was all over the news saying her father purchased it for her. I'm sure that's what was being said so now I'm totally confused. Either way I feel sorry for the children, not her - the children. I agree with Matts comment regarding how the landlord had to see this coming with her and her 14 kids. I think he probably just wanted his 15 minutes of fame by being in the picture.

1447 days ago


You're obviously not a Californian. Dude is a gender neutral term out here. :-) So, I wasn't making any kind of presumption about your gender (Freudian or otherwise) Frankly, I couldn't care less.

Posted at 2:44 PM on Oct 6, 2010 by PicklesLaRue

Wrong, AGAIN, pickle-brain.

1447 days ago


She is an F*ed up freak and I cant wait until the state takes those kids...why doesnt she do the state of Cali a favor and just jump...might as well jump...go ahead and jump...OFF A BRIDGE.
I dont care about this idiot who put her in the house either - I just want Karma to shake the living sh*t out of her ass until her head falls off.

1447 days ago


Hope her mental health is being monitored.

1447 days ago


How does someone all of a sudden owe a huge balloon payment of $450K? Something's very fishy hear. Dunno why no one is looking into the owner and this mortgage in more detail. TMZ???

Posted at 12:08 PM on Oct 6, 2010 by snookie

How does someone find themselves in a position of owing a huge balloon payment? Here's how: When they have no down payment, **** for credit history, no employment history, no income, no hope of income and some poor sucker takes pity on them for having no place to take their 14 kids and offers to underwrite the note himself while they secure other financing. That's how. Nothing fishy about it. Stupid of him, yes. Especially given her history of abusing everyone and anyone who comes into contact with her. But not fishy.

1447 days ago


Public Shaming??? That's going to pretty tough to do...

1447 days ago


Why do you continue to harass poor Nadya with the porn threat? There is no indication she is into porn or even into sex. She just likes babies. Think of a more relevant job for her instead of continuing to pitch the porn.

1447 days ago


No, Debra. She likes money. For most of us, there is a difference. For Nadya, they were one and the same and a means to an end.

1447 days ago


Nothing shames this woman. She has a yard sale were the featured items are used nursing bras and panties. She has a guy with "I slept with Shaq" tattooed across his forehead in her front yard like a carnival show barker inviting the people who came to by her used underwear into her house, the house her kids live in, for a photo op. The two of them beg all day for money to pay the rent, they even take pay pal. They said over and over "100% goes to the kids to keep the roof over their heads". Then they don't use the money to pay the rent.Today there are pictures of her posted on Twitter shopping for clothes, alone, at Target. She used the money for her rent to pay someone else to mind her children so she could go shopping for clothes at Target.

1447 days ago


Colin apparently u have dated her. And #8 9 inch, is that your IQ? sounds like it. for the most part some of these comments written here are sympathetic. i dont know much about the whole deal, but from what i surmise, he took advantage of her with that balloon payment, or she had some really bad advice. could all of u who have nothing good to say pitch in and pay her bill? as the saying goes "PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS". as far as I know she never asked for the spotlight, people like TMZ and the Gossip Rags (and occasionally that parasite PEE PEE PEREZ HILTON) invaded her privacy and her thinking. So lets lay Blame where Blame lies. nuff said................

1447 days ago


Addy @46 makes a good point about threatening to call a press conference to trash someone having possible legal consequences. I don't know if Octomom would be considered a public figure enough to change anything or not.

1447 days ago
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