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Roseanne's Ex:

She Made Me Pay for Costco!

10/21/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Roseanne Barr makes $300,000 per month ... and she won't even honor her promise to fly her ex-hubby to Hawaii to visit their kid ... this according to new court documents obtained by TMZ.

Ben Thomas -- Rosie's former bodyguard/husband from 1995 to 2002 -- claims earlier this year, Roseanne decided she wanted to move to Hawaii with their 15-year-old son. Ben gave Rosie the right to move with their kid, and in exchange Rosie agreed to fly Ben and his new wife to Hawaii every month for 10 days on Rosie's dime.  The whole deal was reduced to writing.

Now, here's where it gets nasty ...

According to legal docs filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Barr canceled Ben's plane tickets just hours before his first flight ... then fired off an email to him saying, "I decided that I'm no longer interested in abiding by this ridiculous arrangement."

She continues, "You want to visit [our son]? Buy yourself a ticket, book a room ... See you in court."

Ben -- who claims his wealth "pales in comparison" to Roseanne's -- says he ultimately paid for his own 1st class tickets to Hawaii ... but to even out the cost, he "ate at inexpensive restaurants, rented a Dodge Charger, and filled up with gas at Costco."

Dude now wants a judge to force Roseanne to honor the deal and reimburse him for the trip -- including the Costco run.


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Listen up idiots... He isn't broke. He doesn't claim to be broke. They have a son and he has visitation rights to see his son. So despite his visitation rights Roseanne decided she wanted to move off the mainland to an island in the middle of the f*cking Pacific Ocean.

Well IF the father agrees to let her move (and hint hint, he doesn't have to. He can go to family court and stop her from moving because it interferes with his parental rights) then she should pay the burden for his travel expenses, after all he now has to fly several thousands miles everytime he visits his son.

Roseanne got what she wanted. Her ex husband agreed to let her move to Hawaii with their son, something that he didn't have to agree too and he could have stopped had he gone to family court and faught her on it. In return for allowing her to move away with their son ROSEANNE AGREED TO ACCEPT THE NOW SUBSTANTIAL FINANCIAL BURDEN HE FACES IN TRAVELING TO SEE HIS SON.

Whether the terms of the contract are rediculios or not isn't the point, she agreed to do it, in writing and she signed on the dotted line. Now, after getting what she wanted, she's reneging on the contract. A contract she apparently signed in bad faith.

"See you in court", lmao!

Talk about famous last words. If this goes to court she's going to get her ass handed to her for signing a contract in bad faith then reneging on it after she got what she wanted. If she has to explain herself before a judge she's toast. This will be settled out of court, and it'll end up costing Rosie more then it would have to just honor the f*cking agreement she signed... but spite and anger make people do stupid things.

1462 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Ben should get his own private jet for banging that gross women.

1462 days ago


When you make an agreement with a man who is an a--, so that you can live the life that you want to live with the child that you carried,gave birth to, cloth, feed, sit up with at night when they are sick, are scared and punished because of it - because you are a mother - you will/can change any and I say any agreement that goes above what is considered to be fair and in excess. I do not care if you are wealthy or poor. I understand her plight. A child needs to see effort being made by both parents. I say - man up.

1462 days ago


What a LOSER! He has to pay for his own tickets.

1462 days ago


Rosie is lucky she is a woman. Women get a free pass in divorce agreements. If a man refused to pay for his wife's visitation, he'd be labelled a "deadbeat Dad" and the court would take money from his work salary or arrest him.

1462 days ago


Why did the ex and his wife demand that Roseanne pay for plane tickets and all living expenses for 10 days in Hawaii every month.....if they wanted to see the son so much, they would have asked that Roseanne fly him back once a month to stay with them.

1462 days ago


Greedy bastard. You didn't HAVE to fly 1st class. Stop tryna dig in this woman's pockets and get free trips every month. Keep your arse in the states if you can't afford to see your son and apparently not take care of him if she is in custody. Hate no good men these days.

1462 days ago


It really is too bad. This guy seems like a total golddigger, but if this ridiculous arrangement is what Roseanne agreed to, especially if she was foolish enough to put it in writing, she may be forced to abide by it nonetheless. All I can say is it wouldn't be me! Even if I could afford it, no way would I EVER agree to be paying for vacations to freaking Hawaii every month for an ex-husband and especially not his new wife! Roseanne, come on, I thought you were smarter than this! These people obviously expect freebie first class accommodations all the way and it's not right that Roseanne should have to pay for such luxuries for the two of them, but if that's what she agreed to in writing, the court's hands may be tied. Remember, what's morally right or wrong isn't always what's LEGALLY right or wrong. Good luck getting out of this one, Roseanne, you're gonna need it.

1462 days ago


This guy is a loser! I'm sorry, but I would do whatever I had to do to spend time with my kids. I wouldn't expect someone else to foot the bill for that! The point is spending time with his son, not how can he get a free, lavish trip every month...regardless of where they live! Obviously Roseanne is supporting their son 100% so I think it's fair that he should have to pay for his own visits to see their son.

1462 days ago


Every month for 10 days? He's out of his mind. I'd renege on that agreement, too. And I would have agreed to it initially if that's what it took for me to move to another state with my son. The gall of him to make such outrageous demands when his son is at stake--that says so much about this creep.

1462 days ago


Roseanne has turned into a really bitter woman. Both Tom Arnold and her last husband, Ben used her. I think Tom Arnold got 50 MILLION because they didn't have a prenup. Why is she moving to Hawaii? I would not have let her do that. I can't believe he let her move her son to Hawaii. Her troubles started when she lost her sense of humor or who she was. I think she needs to go back to therapy. And are you kidding. Her show runs in reruns all over the country. I loved the show and still watch it.

1462 days ago


Why does he need to fly first class or bring his new wife. Don't they have jobs? She should fly him coach three times a year and let the wife
pay her own way if she wants to tag along. He was probably seeing the kid every other weekend and the agreement is outrageous.

1462 days ago


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1462 days ago


I don't understand why he needed first class tickets for what is only about a 5 hour flight if he's so broke that he has to cut corners financially in other areas of his life to make up for it. If it's really about seeing his child, a coach flight should suffice. Sounds like he's wanting an all-expense paid first class vacation to Hawaii every month. We don't know what he got in the divorce settlement -- maybe he deserves the trips to Hawaii, maybe not. We also don't know how much time he spends with his son when he gets there. A judge will decide.

1462 days ago


LOL! Ok, Which one of her so-called personalities agreed to the flying thing and which one of her so-called personalities cancelled the tickets? She's been an angry woman since the 80s... good luck with her and her 23 other selves....

1461 days ago
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