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Gucci Mane

Committed to Mental Facility

1/4/2011 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper Gucci Mane believes he's not mentally competent to fight prosecutors' efforts to revoke his probation ... this according to court documents obtained by TMZ.

Gucci Mane

The 30-year-old rapper -- real name Radric Davis -- appeared in a Georgia courtroom yesterday after filing a "Special Plea of Mental Incompetency" ... in which he explained he was in no state to "intelligently participate in the probation revocation hearing."

Gucci is accused of violating his probation by reportedly getting in an altercation during a November traffic stop.

According to the document, the judge ordered Gucci into custody -- and immediately committed the rapper into a mental health treatment facility pending an evaluation of his mental condition.

We're told Gucci is currently at the treatment facility.

UPDATE: Gucci Mane has added an ice cream tattoo to his face.


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He rather ppl think he's CRAZY...Rather than just do his TIME...Yhea that's

1385 days ago

slim pala    

Ok people since the truth is coming out now im goin to say that this is my family and yall need to understand this is nothing new to us, he really does have an mental illness hes been dealing with for years.he has the medication to prove it! at first he did'nt wont noboby to know but the fam think's this is best for him, so you folks need to understand this is not a joke he really need to get his self better so while yall are playing around this is a serious matter for him.Just think about this it could be one of your family members going though this how would you wont people to treat them?

1385 days ago

artie help    

at #27 DR.bOB, I've had a run in with your ignorant ass on this website before, you're an angry stupid fool, go haunt someone else's halls.

1385 days ago

Brick Squad    

In the URL you spelled incompetent wrong. Stoopid.

1385 days ago


I am still never shocked by the ignorance that surfaces.Some individuals make blanket statements about people and cultures they know nothing about.The same ones commenting need to look in thier own houses first before opening their mouths.Rockstars started the debaucherous lifestyle and going to jail as a hobby.All that goes to show is that ignorance is a rainbow of A holes.That includes the ones on here spewing hate

1385 days ago


Judge: Mr. Davis do you understand that by stating you are incompetent I will have to commit you for mental evaluation??


1385 days ago


"thug wanabe"...c'mon gucci mane murdered a guy and went to ya research.

1385 days ago


Maybe his 'mental incompetency' is not an insanity plea. Maybe his IQ is so low, he can be considered Mentally Retarded. I wouldn't be one bit surprised. He's probably a thug with an IQ below 80.

1385 days ago


This whoke mentally competent thing is stating to makes sense. Harvard accepts black students with much lower sat scores than whites and asians.

1385 days ago


Dear TMZ,

I am a US Army Vet & college grad. I'm broke... Im luckly to have 1$ for ramen..Gucci Mane is a Multi-milliaire. I'd trade places with him or Flaka Waka or what ever his name is any day.. Just to be able to by food..Thanks

1385 days ago


lawyer tellem yo u need plead insanity-
that aint fantasy?
ya that's funny
save him from cell block
save him lotsa money.

What you should hate on
how the system let a brutha
plead crazy soon he free
how him got outa trubba.

1385 days ago


Who the heck is this kid?? Is there a list of excuses for a "get of of jail free card" that's only available to wannabe's? I thought Wakka Flakka "seizure" excuse was good, but Radric's excuse tops it.

1385 days ago


With a name like Gucci Mane I am surprised he lasted this long without Mental intervention.

1385 days ago

Just Me Talking     

This is sad.....LMBO! Lemme stop! This is TOO funny! So basically he's in a padded room with a rubber ducky and the whole works. Heck Nawl! LOL! No way.....DAMN GUCCI!

1385 days ago


ah dis ya boy loiy viton!!!
i be dat fool from da ATL!
just becauz i from da hood and i act like dis...
everybody be judgin (i mean hatin) on me!
I dont undahstand

you sir are a ****in idiot

1385 days ago
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