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Gucci Mane

Committed to Mental Facility

1/4/2011 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper Gucci Mane believes he's not mentally competent to fight prosecutors' efforts to revoke his probation ... this according to court documents obtained by TMZ.

Gucci Mane

The 30-year-old rapper -- real name Radric Davis -- appeared in a Georgia courtroom yesterday after filing a "Special Plea of Mental Incompetency" ... in which he explained he was in no state to "intelligently participate in the probation revocation hearing."

Gucci is accused of violating his probation by reportedly getting in an altercation during a November traffic stop.

According to the document, the judge ordered Gucci into custody -- and immediately committed the rapper into a mental health treatment facility pending an evaluation of his mental condition.

We're told Gucci is currently at the treatment facility.

UPDATE: Gucci Mane has added an ice cream tattoo to his face.


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mricks76 can u say rappers arent competent,i admit gucci is a f%%k up but how about da lil waynes n jay z..... r u kiddin me... how about u kys.......check out all da freaks on disney channel cuttn themslvs etc...... chile plz........KYS

1324 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

I am glad he is called a rapper and not a hip hop artist. I am glad I have no idea who he is. And he is another ankle grabber rapper whos job is to promote money, gold, sex, violence, drugs which includes alcohol as a selfish way of life. Now most of these children are brainwashed plus once they reach a certain moonetary point they think they do not have to do what they are told. So they can brought down with incarceration.
I have to admit the demished capacity motion is quite good.

1324 days ago


ALL YOU PPL ARE BIAS H8TERS CLEARLYTS, ENTERTAINMENT EVERYBODY HAS PROBS ITS JUST BCUZ THESE PPL R FAMOUS YOU NOTICE THERES.MICHEAL JACKSON WAS ACCUSED OVER AND OVER FOR MOLESTATION AN STILL WAS CONSIDERD THE KING OF POP ELVIS WAS A Rcist redneck!thd first 30 presidents were rednecks racist,who cares right??well im white and all my friends are black and i really understand their struggle you racist mofos let daddy bush during the regan era with cia backing plant drugs in their communities through freeway ricky ross then screwed him when it got out of hands an locked him up or 20yrs do your in the ghetto they kill over drug territory.but wow i wonder who brought drugs therre..ummmm??now you point the fingers a call these guys stupid now ya'll the mofos thats stupid ignorance is not knowing you cant fix the prob if you dont get down to the root of it ****s--kas

1324 days ago


well if dude would straighten himself up off the drugs and alcohol dui whatever and do what judge told him to do in first place he wouldnt be about to go to state pen .go figure use common sense.

1324 days ago


I've been reading all the tmz comments for a couple of months now and my opinion is that most of the people writing here are angry/cowards white people just stretching their dark and dirty souls on this website.Am i wrong?

1323 days ago


I wonder who will manage his money since he is so out of it ???

1323 days ago


love gucci, get well soon dude!

1323 days ago


Never heard of him and I'm black, LOL! He should be in jail and worn an iron mask for being effin' ugly!

1323 days ago

Shawt Bus Shawty    

Stupid, Retarted, I think I just farted, where's my carmex UGH! UGH! My Nose real stuffy and I'm ridin on a huffy. LOL!

Listen to Shawt Bus Shawty on Youtube - Gucci Mane to the T, BUR! BUR!

1323 days ago


From reading these comments, it is obvious that most are from WHITE idiots who have nothing better to do than diss blk people. A lot of you clowns have been living under a rock if you never heard of gucci mane. Dumb asses lol

1322 days ago


This is what happens when you link stupidity, violent music, drugs, and misogynistic (hatred to women) in your music and life. In other words bad karma will catch up with you. These rappers now a days are into devil worshiping instead of keeping the Devine Creator in their life.
They may say they have God in their life but evil doers see the devil as their god....SMH

1317 days ago


you'll quit hating just cuz he black you'll want to talk all that **** about him. but what about lindsay lohan i don't see you'll talking **** about that white retarded bitch.

1299 days ago


People seriously shut the f*ck with this "street cred revoked" talk. you don't know if this kat was in the streets, and we know damn well 90% of his "fans" arent. I love hip hop fans today. So quick to jump ship. It's obvious this dude doesn't want to do time, or have anymore probation, or restrictions so he is pulling the "insane" card. Judges fall for this **** all the time.

1295 days ago
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