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Kurt Angle Arrested

for Being Drunk in a Car

3/25/2011 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wrestling superstar Kurt Angle was arrested early this morning in North Dakota  ... TMZ has learned.

Kurt Angle Arrested
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... highway patrol in Grand Forks found Angle sitting in his car in the median separating lanes.  We're told Angle told cops he had hit an icy patch in the road.  During the conversation, cops say they smelled alcohol on Angle's breath.  He failed a field sobriety test and was arrested.

Since cops didn't see Angle driving, he was arrested and later charged with being in control of a motor vehicle while intoxicated -- which basically means he was allegedly drunk behind the wheel but not actually driving.


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People need to realize that DUI laws are insane and out of control. Sure there are PROBLEM drinkers that drink a lot and drive with a BAC over 0.15. But for social drinkers that are under that BAC... it is NOT drunk driving! This is a moeny grab. MADD needs to close its doors. They have done enough. True stats show there are a 1000 things that the government should take more seriously that is a Cause of Death. You are more likely to die of an aspirin overdose than getting hit by a drunk driver. You are more likely to win the State Lottery than get hit by an intoxicated driver.

1306 days ago


He should know better:(

1306 days ago

brown dynamite    

Kurt's one of the greatest American heroes in the history of the world. It's true, it damn true.

@ Karissa, STFU. You wouldn't be spewing that BS if you're family was somehow the victim of a drunk driver. Idiot.

1306 days ago


shouldn't it say 'Former Wrestling superstar?'

1306 days ago


He should have showed him his Olympic Medal.

1306 days ago


They arrested him because he decided NOT to drive on icy roads?! You've got to be kidding me!! You know, if they're gonna arrest you for that, you might as well drive and kill people because they're gonna arrest you anyway. Idiot cops!!

1306 days ago


This guy is clearly not Winning! Be a winner get my book!

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1306 days ago

Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show    

Tammy must work for TNA Wrestling. Only a dumb ignorant moronic stupid bi*ch would make a comment like that.

1306 days ago


oh no .. NOT SITTING IN A PARKED CAR DRUNK.. Hurry lock him up he had a little alchohol on his breath and the car was not in motion .. what a waste of time so ridiculous .. try earning your paycheck cops its my tax money that your living off of anyway how about going after real criminals like wall street and large corporations.. anyway those field sobriety tests are all BS they have about a 100 of them and they dont stop until they see you fumble on at least one u can pass 80 and mess up on the 81st one

1306 days ago



Did you miss the part that said he was "parked" on a median? Idiot.

1306 days ago


Tammy must work for TNA Wrestling. Only a dumb ignorant moronic stupid bi*ch would make a comment like that.

Posted at 3:33 PM on Mar 25, 2011 by Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show

You're missing commas after your adjectives and how you start your second sentence is incorrect grammar. Furthermore, your last word in the second sentence is not the best way to end a sentence. I would suggest/recoomend:

Tammy must work for TNA Wrestling because only a dumb, ignorant, moronic and stupid bi*ch would make such a comment.

1306 days ago



1306 days ago

Mike L    

AGAIN?? WTF is wrong with you Kurt? How many times have you been arrested in the past 2 years? Jeez, somebody's been spending too much time with Jeff Hardy!!

1306 days ago


Hahaha!! Tammy, you really should proofread your comments before you post them. Who's the idiot now?

1306 days ago


Kurt, Kurt, Kurt -- you are definitely not the same guy I went to high school with! Come on, buddy, get your act together and don't be THAT guy!

1306 days ago
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