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Scott Pelley

To Replace Katie Couric


4/5/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

CBS network sources tell TMZ ... Katie Couric's replacement for the "CBS Evening News" will be Scott Pelley.


We're told Pelley, a veteran journalist and "60 Minutes" correspondent, is the choice of CBS News Chairman Jeff Fager.  We're told Fager, who became Chairman in February, took the position on the condition he could decide who takes the desk.

We're told Pelley, 53, is the choice for two reasons.  First, he's well-liked and respected by his bosses, and second ... there really is no second choice who is appealing to the CBS honchos.

We've heard rumblings CBS's grand poobah Les Moonves is not sold on Pelley, but he will defer to Fager.

Sources connected with Katie tell TMZ ... she made the decision to leave the anchor desk before Fager became Chairman, but they acknowledge Fager was not going to keep Katie as the "CBS Evening News" anchor.

Nevertheless , we're told all of the CBS bosses -- including Fager -- want Katie to do a syndicated show at the network and maintain a presence at CBS News.  Couric hasn't made her decision yet.

And that's the way it is ...

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I like Scott Pelley for the job. He worked for the ABC affilliate in Dallas before joining CBS and he was an excellent reporter. I think he will make a fine anchor. As for Les Moonves, I'm sure he wanted his wife, Julie Chen to take the job as CBS News anchor since she is no longer on the CBS Morning Show. He won't be getting any for a while since Julie will be pissed that she did not get the job!!!

1294 days ago


So... will the international unit of measurement for the weight of ones turd still be measured in Courics? I hear Katie weighs at least 130 Courics. I guess you have to like South Park to like this kind of humor.

1294 days ago

Tex Expatriate    

What difference does it make who they put in Couric's chair? Everyone who works for CBS is biased, anti-American, and either a socialist or useful idiot.

1294 days ago

Roger R    

Interesting to see how many people here still watch(ed) See BS. I gave up on them long before Katie entered the set and would never have watched her anyhow, but apparently 60 Minutes also has a following? Amazing, I figured their cred was as bad as Katie's if not worse. See BS will continue to circle the drain IMO.

1294 days ago


Pelley is a lot better then Couric, I could watch her sometimes but when she started hanging with soft porn pusher (Pretty Girls) child racist name calling, drunken Chelsea Handler..., birds of a feather....done, done, done.

1294 days ago


It's a moot point. No one is watching CBS for their news anyway. It's common knowledge they are one of the propaganda arms of the Left. In the information age you can only distract the public from the real problems and spin left so many times before the public starts to catch on. Although it has taken a very long time, people are starting to wake up.

1294 days ago


Good riddance to a leftwing hack but the problem is, that's all CBS can come up with. These people are news-readers withh a leftist bent. Any grammer school kid could fill her shoes and wouldn't have any ax to grind.

1294 days ago


I'm delighted Katie was fired. I liked Bob Scheaffer and never watched CBS after they dumped him. The "perky" one had no credentials and CBS were insane to pay her all those millions and see their ratings nosedive. Serve them right!!

1294 days ago


Oh, darn! You mean I don't get "perky" with my news of war and famine anymore?

1294 days ago


CBS sucks, GO FOX!!!

1294 days ago


If Chunkie Katie loses some weight and has a lobotomy to straighten out that lefty brain of hers Fox might give her a part time slot. Even with the weight though she would never be able to break into full time. Ainsley Earhardt, Megyn Kelly , Jena Lee, Martha MacCallum etc etc need I say more. On second thought don’t even bother Katie.

Please Check out song called teapartiers I can’t hear you at

Here’s a verse

When he lost his commie czar it must have knocked off his sox
theirs actually someone reporting news but its only Fox
he still has another czar Chavez loving lloyd
he’s busy trying to make free speech null and void

Corpsemen in the 57 states as your dying
Jeff Jones will be laughing so much he’ll be crying
now you know why they had you read that death book
don’t you wish you had money like Rangle the crook
you invested 50 years to safe guard your health care
Nancy gives it to illegals and thinks that its fare

1294 days ago


It does not matter who handles the CBS Evening News because no one watches it anymore or NBC Evening News either. It is the same, leftist playbook each night and the Obama talking points, so why watch?

1294 days ago


Let's face it, after Katie Couric, anything is an improvement.

1294 days ago


the cbs, nbc, abc nightly 'news' shows are all a joke....puff pieces for liberals and hit pieces for conservaties....NEVER watch em

1294 days ago


Did you see the mouth on her, reminds me of a rear end of a sexual part,not to name it.

1294 days ago
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