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Springfield to Cop:

'I Will F**king Kill You'

5/16/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rick Springfield threatened to kill a deputy sheriff and the deputy's family the night he was arrested for drunk driving ... yet there is no mention of the incident in the arrest report -- law enforcement sources tell TMZ.


Springfield was arrested in Malibu on May 1 and blew a .10 -- above the legal limit. 

Sources tell us ... Springfield was extremely angry after the deputy said his $200,000, 1963 Corvette Stingray would be towed away. Law enforcement sources tell us, Springfield yelled to the deputy, "If you tow my car I will f**king kill you and your family."

Law enforcement sources tell us ... back at the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's Station, the captain who runs the station asked the deputy, "Did you really feel threatened?" Our sources say some of the deputies at the station felt it was a loaded question, trying to minimize Springfield's statement.

In the end, our sources say there was no mention of the threat in the arrest report -- the report merely says Springfield was "belligerent." 

You may recall, the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's Station is the place where the Mel Gibson 2006 DUI arrest report was rewritten to exclude Mel's anti-Semitic rant.

As for Springfield, his rep gave TMZ this statement: "Someone has leaked information illegally. It's a sad reflection on society today that people in law enforcement who we look up to, pander to the celebrity gossip channels."

LA County Sheriff's Dept. spokesman Steve Whitmore tells TMZ, "It is rare when a drunk doesn't say something outlandish to police when they're arrested. I have no idea what went down with this one, I wasn't there, but drunks are notorious for saying stupid, outlandish things to law enforcement all the time. Law enforcement's job is to get them off the streets, because they're drunk."

The D.A. currently has the file and is deciding whether to charge Springfield with DUI.


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Drunk people say stuipid ****. So do cops sometimes. Does anybody really believe that an emaciated, sixty something Rick Springfield poses a threat to this officer? From my experience, police seem to think they can talk to people any way they wnat (unless they know there's a camera recording it), so I'm not going to get in an uproar because a drunken musician who hasn't had a hit since the eighties made a goofy statement that he couldn't back up even if he really wanted to.

1226 days ago


Malibu now what is the cop going to sue? Geez they let a young woman out in the middle of the night by herself and she's found dead about six months or more later in a deep canyon.. I think Malibu has some explaining to do...

1226 days ago


Somehow I doubt an experienced LAPD officer felt threatened by Rick Springfield, no matter what he said. Probably got a good laugh out of it. I mean, look at that booking photo - when you check "pathetic" in the dictionary, that's the illustration.

love the rep's statement. In other words, "yes he really was stupid enough to say that." The solution is not to complain about leaks;it is to not say stupid (*&^ to cops.

1226 days ago

northern gypsy    

well...well...well... clearly it shows this ageing rock star inability to accept the consequences of his drinking & driving...
in my opinon...the police deal with these issues on a regular basis...let them make the judgement call...
having said for R.S. man up and stop running off at the mouth !!!

1226 days ago


So...after the whole Rodney Kind fiasco, we are supposed to believe everything an LA police officer says?

1226 days ago


If the cops and DA prosecuted every drunk person who makes an idle threat to an officer in frustration, there wouldn't be any room in our jails and prisons for real criminals anymore (which is already a problem anyway). I swear it's the same Zero Tolerance idiots saying he should be charged to the hilt with everything who are the same whiny idiots who cry about "their" tax dollars being wasted when they do charge petty stuff like this. lol

Word of advise if your on the side of the road drunk and about to unload how you REALLY feel on an Officer... preface you threat with "if".

Like "IF i had a gun right now i would blow your f&cking brains out!"

Since the threat is conditional, and the right conditions don't exist, it isn't a credible treat. Even if they charge you the Judge will take it much less seriously and you'll probably walk. Many state statutes actually require the threat to be immediately credible and actionable to be a "real threat" of harm. Otherwise they treat it as what it is. Some drunk mouthing off to a cop in frustration.

1226 days ago


Here we go again with LASD brass forcing deputies to change a report to help out a celebrity. Nevermind that what this one did is a felony. Take a look at penal code section 71. You can bet if you or I did what Springfield did there'd be no brass running interference on our behalf.....

1226 days ago


I'm sorry but why is Rodney King being mentioned in comments. Get over it. The world is trying to evolve but with people like you keep adding fuel to the fire it's never going to happen..
I'm pretty sure the springfield thing has nothing to do with Rodney king..

1226 days ago


I don't feel sorry for him since he was driving drunk.
My question is why are we hearing about this now? Is there a police officer out there that doesn't feel he received enough attention for arresting this "celeb"? I think it's safe to say that if it wasn't written in the report that a)they didn't consider it a real threat or b)it wasn't said.
When reports like this come out it only makes that police department look even more ridiculous than they already do. They got a drunk driver off the road Thank you!! You did your job, now go sit down. Your job isn't to play this out for 15 minutes of fame!

1226 days ago


His first call was to Jessie's girl.

1226 days ago

Kathi j    

It's and even sadder reflection on society,Rick,when celebrities we haven enjoyed being entertained by, threaten to kill a police officer and his family! Just because of a stupid car! Fool!

1226 days ago


After reading what he and his lawyer (shame on them) said, I'm kinda hoping his car got dinged up a little when it was towed.

1226 days ago


Rick needs to get clean and stop behaving badly!!

1226 days ago


@ ladidaa, exactly. I'm sick of people whining if it was Rodney King he would of got beat down. Like what's their point, that EVERYONE else should too because of some bad cops doing stupid sh*t? Instead they should be applauding Law Enforcement Officers who sensible exercise their lawful discretion on whether to charge someone for a minor crime, and simply encourage them to do it fairly.

That's my beef with the cops. Even if your white your still a second class citizen to you know, their fellow officers and friends and family who are truly above the law by association. If Rick was one of THOSE PEOPLE he would have been given a ride home and they would have called someone to pick up his car for him.

I'm sure Malibu cops have overlooked DUI's of their own many times, just as happens in EVERY police department sooner or later. If your a cop or on "their team" they don't just exercise their lawful discretion, they exceed it and don't charge crimes they don't have any legal discretion in not charging.

1226 days ago

Lenny Boom Batz    

This is just another example of what kind of a piece of **** Rick Springfield REALLY is.

He is NOT what he and his (lack of proper) management want you to believe.

He has more issues than TIME magazine and would best serve the world if he stopped being in the public eye and just went away with his plastic wife.

You people who are "fans" just have no idea what kind of garbage he really is.

1226 days ago
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