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J.Lo and Marc Anthony


7/15/2011 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony have called it quits.

Jennifer Lopez Divorce
The couple just released a statement, claiming, "We have decided to end our marriage. This was a very difficult decision. We have come to an amicable conclusion on all matters."

The story was first reported on

This will be Jennifer's THIRD divorce -- she was first married in 1997 to Ojani Noa, and again in 2001 to her backup dancer Cris Judd. This will be Marc's second divorce.

The couple got married in 2004 in their Beverly Hills home. They have two children.

0715-mark-anthony-jlo-launchMarc and JLo renewed their vows just last year on their 6th anniversary -- and back in May, they gave a steamy performance together on the season finale of "American Idol."


Marc Anthony Divorce

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This is another reason why gays should marry. Hetero couples like Marc & JLo are nothing but a joke. An unlikely match to begin with, the fakeness & pretense, even as recent as IDOL, says a lot. They dont take it too seriously- hence, they marry, then divorce, then marry..then divorce..then marry..then divorce...So why cant all gays experience the fun also??

1175 days ago


Becareful all, Lanie the spelling police dork is out and about!!

can you read this...

fok u bicch.

1175 days ago

todd lee    

OH GOD!!! WHO CARES?? i guess Marc Anthony finally had enough of J. Lo's horrible screeching laugh. JESUS!! i cant stand this fake ass bitch. Godd Riddance!!!

I love how he is singing in Spanish on a show called
"AMERICAN" idol, that that **** across the border, no one wants to hear it.

1175 days ago


FINALLY! Marc is way too talented, sweet and humble for this snootty, diva wanna be a**.

1175 days ago


Marc has his own fortune ZANNY. You should get out more. Jennifer is a snobby arse beyotch. Marc, on the other hand, is a very nice down to earth person. I'm surprised J hasn't drowned yet her nose is so high in the air on a regular basis. Always ALWAYS makes people wait on her until she is good and ready to go. It's a good thing Marc is a great guy, cause he spent a lot of time waiting on her arse, talking to the regular people until she could make dayum entrance. Pffft...good riddance to her.

1175 days ago


Okay so if Marc Anthony says, "lets renew our views" run! He did the same thing with his first wife and they were divorced in less than a year. Sorry to hear that Jennifer you rock!

1175 days ago


Gee, how interesting. So marriage is sacred huh? This is the design for a successful marriage. One man (who is on his second wife) and one woman (who is on her third) and this is how marriage is supposed to be done? Here is the example d'jour of why any one who argues against gay marriage should be muzzled. When straight people can't do it right why should there be exclusions on any one else?. J-Lo told Marc it was time to J-GO. This woman should be restricted from marrying again. I mean she does it like its water.

1175 days ago


Awsome news. He is one butt fugly monster and maybe now she will do some undwere shots again...hubba hubba.

1175 days ago

Kardashian H8R    

Why did TMZ flip the pic? At first Jen was on the other side......

1175 days ago

Mizz Dee    

WOW what a shocker!
For one he is way out of her league. he is UGLY and just seems cold and not passionate at all. I was wondering why her new album was titled LOVE? that was a dead give away.
Can you imagine sleeping next to this ugly dead looking man for 7 years? I bet when she filmed the music Vid with William Levy she realized WTF am I doing. God that man is ****en HOT! He is actually a reasonable reason to divorce a corpse! HAHA

1175 days ago


First of all- for the ignorant folks yapping about him riding her coat tails, out for her money, etc, in the latin community he is like their frank sinatra. He sells out mulitple nights at Madison Square Gardens etc. he doesn't need her money and has way more talent the she will ever had. Just a basic fact. Every time she changes career paths- she gets a new husband or boyfirend. She hooks up with anyone that can help her next career move. She lost a lot of her Latina cred dating PDiddy, but she wanted to expand her branding and do more business vetures - so that's what he was for. Then she wanted to be an actress, so here comes Ben Affleck. (he was much smarter than anyone gave him credit for and bailed on her first
). Then to get back to the Latina roots and get some cred and back to singing, she hops on Anthony. There is a new man in here somehwhere. There always is.

1175 days ago


Most Americans don't realize how huge marc is in the latin countries..all over the world. He certainly has immense talent on his own. I always read that Jennifer was the love of his life from years ago. They both have the same cultural background which must have been more comfortable for her after The Ben relationship, but he has to have been through a lot of ego tests
trying to keep his marriage to her, the children and her clothing line and perfume business time consumption...etc. When is there time for a relationship?
Maybe they have just had a big fight . weren't they going to do a Latin world idol? Maybe she changed her mind and he got mad...who knows. I don't know how you juggle that much work and
feed that much ambition without something or someone falling off along the way? man, Hope she has her priorities straight.. seems like they really loved each other and had a healthy partnership.
Maybe Marc needs to do the Latin Idol show on his own. It would do his ego good. He fits there beautifully. She doesn't need to be married...I always thought it was way too soon after the Ben break up to get married to Marc. Anybody else remember that? I was shocked. anyway, it's always sad to see a family blow up.

1175 days ago


Why does she keep on doing this?

1175 days ago

bring back recent posts I guess this whole reality show that they were going to create for South America is off the table????????...divorces come from either money or sex problems...I bet greed plays a big part here...and for sure coming from jennifer..just saying...

1175 days ago


NO!!!!!!!! I thought they would last. This is so sad and unexpected. My condolences to both parties. I love JLO!!!! I bet they will get back together.

1175 days ago
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