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Stinky Perfume Deal

Could Cost Him Millions

9/3/2011 5:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A deal Prince made to promote his own perfume is going to leave the diminutive singer nearly $4 million in the purple red ... after a quasi-judge concluded he should fork over millions of bucks for causing the deal to go south.

Revelations Perfume and Cosmetics sued Prince over the "3121" odor in 2008 ... claiming he never lived up to his end of the deal -- to promote the scent.

The New York court ruled in favor of Revelations and a "special referee" -- assigned to make recommendations to the judge on the issue of damages -- has now advised the real judge that Prince should fork over $3,948,798.58.

The judge will decide on Nov. 1 if he'll accept the referee's recommendation and nail Prince for nearly $4 mil.


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I will die for you... Darlin if you want me to! :) Love me some Prince even if he's stinky haha

1147 days ago


Love his old music! Take care of business Prince

1147 days ago


he's a bigger diva than Mariah. Make a business deal with him at your own risk.

1147 days ago


Why didn't they get him to help market men's cologne? Oh, right, I forgot.

1147 days ago


Another lawsuit! The Midget Wonder has struck again!

1147 days ago


If you don't want to be "locked" into any business deal for some valid reason, always make sure a "termination" clause is included and don't hesitate to execute it, timely. Chances are they probably fronted Prince a specified amount of money that was no where near the $4 million he may have to cough up. I suspect most of it represents lost potential sales that may or may not have materialized, if he actively promoted the brand. If it was a matter of more "creative" control, he should have included this as part of the contract terms. Simply not liking the product won't get you off the hook when you've signed on the dotted line!!!

1147 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

duh. this prince guy has been out of the picture for almost a decade! what is 'promoting the scent' gonna look like to the promoters? seclusion, i'd guess. because you have got to be real dumb to try n drag a celebrity in seclusion out into the public to 'promote' some perfume for you. and you gotta be a real dum person to think that they are gonna let you drag them out into public for you.

1147 days ago



1147 days ago


Odor? Does it smell that bad? Who writes this stuff?

1146 days ago


Wow... I've never heard of 3121, so I guess it makes sense that Prince failed to promote it. I've been reading up on the marketing of perfumes, and it's a really interesting subject. I never used to think about how a fragrance was branded or promoted until I read "Orgasme... Made in France" by Robert Miller ( Really interesting read about how Opium by YSL was marketed- and that's one of the most successful fragrances of all time. Maybe Prince should have taken cues from Opium's success!

1146 days ago


And what makes it worse? That perfume STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN!!!!!!

1145 days ago

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