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Shia LaBeouf

Allegedly Threatened

to Pull Knife after Brawl

10/20/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

shia labeouf vancouverThe man who tried to calm down Shia LaBeouf moments after the beatdown in Vancouver last week tells TMZ ... the actor threatened to pull a knife on him in the wake of the fight ... but he never actually flashed a blade.

TMZ spoke with Shea Carter ... the man who restrained Shia after the fight ... who tells us he noticed the actor inside the Cinema Public House bar BEFORE the melee. Carter says LaBeouf had been drunkenly swaying into several patrons ... including one man who calmly warned Shia, "Hey man, watch out."

Carter says Shia replied, "Oh yea? Or what? What are you going to do about it?"  That's when the two decided to take things outside ... and the guy beat Shia down to the ground.

Afterward, Carter -- a local hip hop artist and  bar regular -- tried to stop Shia from getting back inside, but LaBeouf got aggressive, spouting, "Well what if I grabbed my knife on you?"

Carter says he quickly grabbed Shia in an effort to protect himself in case the knife threat was serious.

Carter says the actor eventually walked away ... so he went back inside the bar. But moments later, Carter says, Shia appeared outside a window and made a throat-slashing gesture at him ... before leaving for the night.

TMZ placed multiple calls to Shia's rep for comment -- no word back.


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Looks like another young actor who has been given too much, too soon is headed down the wrong path. Get it straight dude. Don't pull a Lohan.

1102 days ago


Shia leDOUCHE is nothing more than an entitled little punk. He mouthed off to some dude (because he thinks his "stardom" gives him street cred; wrong), and got the hell beat out of him. His pathetic "I'll pull a knife on you" comment is hilarious. He's lucky he didn't say that to some dude who would have happily given him another beatdown...

1102 days ago


Little jew boy got beat up for being a douche now he thinks he can punk grown men... I wish he pulled this sht on me, it would be more than a few weak thumps on the head. He would be getting emergency cosmetic surgery on his toothless heb trap.

1102 days ago


simply walk away.

1102 days ago


That's exactly what I'm talking about people. Some people need a proper ass whoopin' whether they realize it or not. Especially that douchebag host for Survivor. I really dislike his tone, he could use a tune up.

1102 days ago


I THOUGHT THAT GUY WAS HIS FRIEND! People in Canada sure do get familiar with you ~ SO the guy got drunk and got abrasive ~ that seems like a perfect reason for someone who's got at least 150 pounds on someone to pull a bully move ~ NOT! The bar was so happy to have him there that they OVER SERVED him! Bartenders favor some folks and over serve them ALL THE TIME

1102 days ago


The only lesson Shia needs to learn is that as a person of his achievements, you cant go out amongst the peasants unprotected because there's always someone low on the food chain who is so miserable in the cards they've been dealt that they will take out that anger on YOU~ Get a bodyguard Shia if you want to mill with the 'normal' folk

1102 days ago


why doesn't he drink in his penthouse or what have you. why is he slumming it and picking fights in a bar where no celebrities go.

1102 days ago


He needs to buy a six pack and take it home like the rest of us do when we don't want to be in a bar having this type incident happen. People who have nothing to lose go to bars to drink. He is a rich movie star picking fights at these such establishments do I feel bad he got beat up? I feel sorry for the people who had to put up with him at the bar.

1102 days ago


The bartender is wrong for overserving him. they are all ******** there Shia as well you were to. go someplace else.
love your movies.

1102 days ago


Just when I thought Shia couldn't get any more douchey...

1102 days ago

Thank You Conrad Murray    

LaDouche has some issues. He deserved to get his ass kicked. Honestly, if I were the guy trying to restrain him and he threatened to pull a knife on me I'd have given the moron another ass beating.

1102 days ago

Captain Spank    

Silly little hollywood metrosexual. He gets his ass beat for being a drunk, and then like a bitch says that he'll use a knife on someone who is unarmed. What a coward. He can't fight so he threatens. But yet they'll make this dork a "leading man". What a joke.

1102 days ago


Shia, come down brother, your going to ruin your career!

1102 days ago


This isnt Shia's first time doing this and wont be his last. Sooner or later he will end up in jail or the hospital. So much fame and money and this is how he ends up. What a tool.

1102 days ago
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