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Gisele Bundchen

Tom Brady Still Loves Me

... in a Bikini

2/20/2012 8:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gisele Bundchen
knows ... the best way to get your husband to forgive you for publicly trashing his butterfingery teammates ... is by prancing around in a tiny bikini.

Gisele and Super Bowl XLVI loser Tom Brady were spotted in a beachfront lip-lock/ ass-grab in Central America this weekend ... during a family vacation with their son Benjamin.

As TMZ previously reported, several of Tom's New England Patriots teammates were "disappointed" when Gisele vented after the Super Bowl ... saying, "My husband cannot f***ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time."

As you can see from the pics, Tom clearly has the best hands on the team.

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No Avatar


flat & man faced.

946 days ago


but she's BRAZILLIAN so that automatically makes her "hot" right???

946 days ago


Wow, a lot of haters. Giselle is a pretty girl. Lots of pretty girls get famous-nothing wrong with that. Not like a Kartrashian that acts like an effing whore and lies and steals to get there.

Who cares if not everyone "agrees" that she is supermodel material. Obviously she is. She has a great body, a great face and is a loving wife and mother. I think she's great.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is entitled to their opinion, but it is really nice not to see someone who is "breaking their sex swing", "getting peed on" or "bragging about cheating on their husband in their sh*tty book".

Not every person that is famous today is dumb as a stump and uses their sexuality instead of their brain because it's all they have. Yes, I'm talking to you Kartrashians. Giselle wipes the floor with all of you s***s.

946 days ago


She looks like a man.

946 days ago


Mrsschrute, I respect the fact that everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, but based on your comment I can't help but ask about your vision accuracy (how well you can see)..... "Giselle is a pretty girl in the face and body"?? I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but damn, are you and I looking at the same picture? If you believe that Giselle is very pretty then my boyfriend must be one of the most beautiful women in the world (in your eyes/opinion). Sorry, JMHO.

946 days ago


I've always thought that both Brady & Bundchen were both WAYYYY overrated. It's nice to see the pic of what she (Bundchen) really looks like on the front of this post. It's making others aware of the overrated-ness & nice to see that many more people are coming over to my side of beliefs (on at least one of these two).

P.S. From the very feminine way that he acts on (and off) the field & by the way that she looks, I thoroughly believe that she is the man in this relationship...

946 days ago

Duke Steele    

Yech! This tranny...woman is such a beast. Horrible face, lousy body. Being tall doesn't equal a great shape. She looks like a guy.

946 days ago


TOO Skinny, no waistline.Not Petty 2 Me..

946 days ago


I'll always remember supermodel Christie Brinkley in that classic movie with Chevy Chase called "Vacation".


She was just off the scale in "hotness" when she was in her prime in her 20s driving around in that Ferrari in the movie. It was hilarious watching Chevy Chase drool over her and make a fool of himself. I'd do the same thing.

946 days ago


She has no AZZ!! her pasty WHITE look is killing my EYES and she has a face like a HORSE, Umm .. you can keep her TOM.

946 days ago


I don't see what's so hot about this woman....she's so homely and her body is too square...too much like a boy. No beauty.

946 days ago


skinny legs...flat butt...wow!! I can't believe my GF better that Giselle,

946 days ago


They must be in Central America passing out all those pre-made "New England Patriots: Super Bowl XLVI Champions" hats to the needy. GO GIANTS!

946 days ago


Tom should go on Meagens list for fondling one ugly ass 12 year old boy!!! Dam dude ,im a drrunk ass broke dude from PA ,,and she is like a 2a clocker,a last call,,you know, one you'll take home if she got ciggarrets!!!

946 days ago


Good thing she is photogenic because she is awful......

946 days ago
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