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Lisa Lampanelli

The Trumps Can KILL

Whatever Animals They Want

3/13/2012 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Celebrity Apprentice" star Lisa Lampanelli is standing firmly behind her TV boss ... telling TMZ she "LOVES" the fact that Donald Trump's sons went on an animal-killing spree in Zimbabwe.

Lampanelli was out in NYC last night ... when we asked about the controversial Trump hunting trip last year ... in which Donald Jr. and Eric killed an elephant, crocodile, waterbuck and more.

Lisa replied, "I love the fact that Mr. Trump and the little other Mr. Trump ... and the other one [approve of hunting] ... I would love it if Ivanka got out there with a bazooka."

She added, "Hunt all you want g*d d*mmit."

As we previously reported, Don Jr. claims he wasn't just killing for fun ... insisting the meat from his kills were used to feed local villagers.


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Lol, nothing like Lisa shooting off her loud mouth revealing her I.Q. level. She can't even remember the names of Donald's two son's who she spoke with during the weeks of taping Celebrity Apprentice. To refer to one Trump son's as "little" is disrespectful then brings Ivanka into it. Instead of defending them, she insults them.

957 days ago


Sounds to me like a lot of you are jumping on the band wagon of WHO it is that is hunting and that makes many of these posts come across as sour grapes. A bit of the green envy is detected. Just what the hell do you think people did before Dominoe's delivered pizza's?? They went out and hunted their eats and if you cannot accept the fact that man trumps animal then have your seeweed crapola on a dry cracker and pretend you care some more.

957 days ago


Ewwwwww We know where her bread is buttered!

957 days ago


You guys who are talking about boycotting the trumps and anything they have to do with aren't hurting the trumps as much as you think your really hurting the innocent people that work for them. But no big deal right who cares if little jimmy loses his job right.

957 days ago


Do you have a dog, Lisa? Would it feel terrified if someone shot it? How about if someone handed you your dog's tail with a big grin on his face? terror is terror. elephants are some of the most intelligent animals..caring , protective of their young, close to their family...fully capable of all the feelings you or your own dog would have if hunted by an insensitive human... If you ask me... Trump should be fired for raising barbaric incredibly disappointing and heartless.. take all your money and slither away..pitiful... no respect at all for any of you.

957 days ago

Dan Linden    

I used to be a fan of Lisa Lampanelli but no more. She is just as disgusting as the Trumps. What a low life.

957 days ago


I thought she was hysterically funny but no more. I had already soured on her a bit because of her chinchilla "joke" but I was hoping she didn't mean it. Now I know she means that & more. I thought her "mean" humor was funny bc I didn't believe she was actually mean spirited, bigoted & homophobic. Now I know she's truly a nasty person.

957 days ago


Now we know lisa won the apprentice why else would she kiss the trump A$$ like she does.

957 days ago


Does she think she is funny??? I cannot believe these people exist! she is uninformed, ignorant, supporting a cause she has no idea about. I hope SHE gets skinned so she leads by example if she so truly believes what she says.

957 days ago

susana brito    

Its pathetic in this day and age when there is no longer a need to hunt and kill animals to eat,the evil people with no compassion nor empathy for living creatures that exist that get a horrible thrill out of killing a living being. a being that has feelings, family and a right to live his life. who the hell do they think they are to shoot all those animals because they want a sick thrill. why not watch these beautiful animals being wild and free and beautiful and learn something. instead of first stalking him, his fear and panic of being hunted must be horrific and don't tell me they don't feel. i can't even understand how u can be happy and feel proud for destroying a beautiful being like that. and proud of what, the hunt was unfair from the start and none of those animals had a chance against your big, bad guns. Most of those animals are in danger of extinction and have a very hard life as it is without the trumps i am appalled, especially with Trumps when if they wanted to donate meat to the people give them some your cotrillions. that's the lamest excuse to date. its sick, and disturbing to realize that these people are dangerous and enjoying this horrible and very disturbing sport. stop with stupid excuses, like donate meat, did by book, you still killed. u killed for no reason. there is no excuse on this earth to justify this sport killing. go do something else, save a life, why do you have to destroy and kill every being on earth. i hate u right now.

957 days ago


Trashy woman..for sure..This woman should never have a relationship with anyone...What family would accept this foul mouth trashy skank..Ever hear here at her gigs? Wow, she lays it all out,I mean all of it...So,her statement here does not surprise me...Miserable jerk....

957 days ago


This woman is trash disgustig with a big f'ing mouth, she belongs in the gutter. I bet she give Trump and his sons bj's during the commercial breaks.

957 days ago


she has to suck up to the trump family I think it's likely in her contract for the crap show she's on. To bad you sold out!!!!

957 days ago


look at the person saying this.... then u don't even need to hear the **** coming out of her blubber mouth.

someone ought to throw some paint on her. that or just hunt her down. one or the other. most would probably prefer the latter though

957 days ago

Keri noel    

Elephants have a hard enough time trying to survive pouching in Africa to not have to deal with a bunch of rich *******s coming in and trying to get a piece too. I have spent time in Africa and the elephants are fighting a losing battle and it's so disheartening to hear that this **** goes on.

957 days ago
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