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Matthew Fox

I Never Beat Any Women

5/30/2012 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources directly connected to Matthew Fox tell TMZ ... the actor has never beaten a woman in his life, contrary to the allegations made by his "Lost" co-star Dominic Monaghan.

As you know, Monaghan tweeted the allegation, claiming Matthew "beats women. not isolated incidents.often ..."

Our sources say Fox and Monaghan have not spoken for years, and they never had any sort of blowout argument so it's baffling to Fox as to why Dominic would go on such a rant.

A female bus driver accused Fox last year of punching her in her vagina. Fox denied the allegation and no criminal charges were filed.


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A woman who lies, no, it can't be.

879 days ago


...punching her in her vagina.


879 days ago


Thought a punch in the vagina was a turn on...nobody keeps me up on these things.

879 days ago


If there wasn't any falling out, why is Dominic bringing this up now? Why is he even mentioning it out of nowhere. It's not like he mentioned it when this altercation allegedly occurred.

879 days ago


Sorry but I believe Dominic - making a claim like he did if it wasn't true could cost him his career, why would he risk it? Someone on twitter responded to him that they hope Matthew sues him, he replied can't sue when stating a fact. Also Matthew just got a DUI, thinking it wasn't his first, but clearly he doesn't make good decisions, and after the incident with the female bus driver last year, seems to have a drinking problem.

879 days ago


This *punch* in the vagina accusation is in the top 5 of the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

879 days ago


There's been too many incidents with Mr. Fox, usually involving alcohol; I believe Mr. Monaghan.

879 days ago


Team Dominic.

879 days ago


Am I the only one staring at my monitor going "WTF?" Punch to the vagina...*facepalm*

879 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

How many years did they work together? I believe if he says he "knows" then he really does. I believe he knows Fox better than people who have never met him at all.

879 days ago


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879 days ago


he punched the vagina. uhh...why on earth - of all of the places u could hit a woman, would u punch her vagina? its completely ineffective. so, i say this to "vagina punch bus driver" - next time u want to make up a story about a man assaulting u, u say he grabbed your vagina - THAT is sexual assault...that's if u wanna focus on the vag. however, if you're not partial to the genital region, you can venture to say - oh he punched me in the stomach? ...or perhaps he punched me in the face? ya know? just giving you some more viable options. seems a teeny bit unlikely that this man would actually punch some strange bus the vagina. i'm gonna go on record to say that probably MOST people wouldn't do ANYTHING to some strange bus driver's...vagina. do you follow the bouncing vagina here?

879 days ago


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879 days ago

Ramos Raul    

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879 days ago


You know..You can only be accused of the same thing so many times before people start thinking it's true. Why would Dominic Monaghan lie about something like that for no reason? He's a bigger star than Matthew Fox is. It's not like he needs publicity from him. I know 90% of you are Matthew Fox fans, so I'm going to receive a lot of hate for saying this, but I do think MF beats women. I think he comes off as being an arrogant woman-beating assh_le just like Terrence Howard. I have no respect for these pseudo-celebrities who think they have the right to treat people however they want. F_ck Matthew Fox.

879 days ago
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