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SMACK in the Middle

Of Teacher Abuse Case

6/1/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The movie "Bridesmaids" apparently had a huge impact on a Malibu teacher ... and an even bigger impact on a student the teacher repeatedly slapped -- just like in the movie.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... 9th grade Malibu High School student Dionne Evans went to cops in the last few days, claiming her teacher slapped her 6 times in the face because Dionne didn't bring her notebook to school on May 22, as the teacher had required.

According to the police report, the teacher made Evans stand in front of the class -- then asked, "Did you see 'Bridesmaids'?" before slapping her multiple times.

The teacher was referring to the scene in which one character literally tries to slap some sense into another.  Take a look.

We're told the teacher has already issued a written apology -- but Evans' family doesn't think it's enough ... so they hired legal eagle Donald Karpel, who we're told is looking at both criminal and civil options.

We've learned the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. is currently investigating the incident.

We contacted both the school and the teacher for comment -- so far, no word back.


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I went to Malibu High School and have had this teacher. She is an amazing teacher who I know has made a tremendous positive impact on many of my friends and other students at the school. Knowing her, I am not doubting that there was some physical contact, but I am very very suspicious of how much Dionne is exaggerating. Don't believe the hype! This teacher means well!

839 days ago


I graduated from Malibu High last year, and I just want to say that ANYONE whose had this woman as a teacher knows a few things: that she's one of the most INCREDIBLE teachers Malibu High has ever seen, that she truly cares about her students, and that she, unlike this student, has a great sense of humor. This is not a case of abuse, or battery, this is a case of a little child blowing a situation way out of proportion, dramatizing it, for money and attention, (hence TMZ,) meanwhile also lacking the ability to take a joke (Did we forget that Bridesmaids was a comedy and not a drama?) Ask any student past or present and they'll tell you how amazing this woman is, as hundreds of students are coming out of the woodwork to express how much they love this teacher because she is honestly that great. This teacher is amazing, and she doesn't deserve this. People in the comments, remember that there are two sides to every story.

839 days ago


This teacher is one of the most CARING and DEVOTED teachers at Malibu High School. She is LOVED and RESPECTED by EVERYONE who knows her. This is SO out of context! She was FRUSTRATED when a student, who she probably sees great potential in, isn't making an effort in her class, so she jokingly "slapped" her. In the grand scheme of things, is that REALLY worth a lawsuit or ruining someones career? I feel lucky to know her and to have taken her classes.

839 days ago


As a current student at malibu high, I can personally say that Mrs. Gonzalez would NEVER hurt anyone or anything. The so called "slap" was denied by the entire class and this entire situation was blown way out of proportion. My two other sisters have had her as well previously and she is all three of ours favorite teacher at malibu high. She is passionate about her job and really wants us to teach us to the best of her ability.... It is sick that this Dionne girl would blow this situation up for no reason at all? Beyond the fact that she or her parents want to become famous for all of 2 seconds. She has already given a written apology... But they just NEED to sue the district/her because it did not suffice.

839 days ago


can any one say... 15 minutes of fame?

The girl and her parents are trying to get famous... I bet the teacher barely touched her... stupid girl

839 days ago


Having had this incredible teacher and known Dionne for about 5 years, I will give you a little tidbit about each of their characters. The teacher is one of the most wonderful individuals I have ever met, truly taking an interest in each one of her students lives, even the ones that don't care about their studies, simply because she wants them to have the best lives possible. Dionne on the other hand is conniving. A few years ago, I caught her stealing my wallet out of my backpack and she made up so elaborate story about finding it and returning it. I'm sorry but I don't believe the extent of this story for a second. I guarantee if anything happened at all it was a minor "air slap" in which she was never touched. Sure, that could be embarrassing but she has no grounds to completely destroy this dedicated teachers career. Think before you post, people; what you don't know is that in this case the teacher is a much better person than the student.

839 days ago


This is a ridiculous story - I can't believe this became so popular that news agencies are reporting on this. As a long-time family friend and former student of hers, I know that Mrs. Gonzalez would NEVER intentionally harm a student. I agree with many before me that this student is blowing this completely out of proportion. In one story, it said that she is supposedly in some psychotherapy for her "post-traumatic stress issues" and she feels uncomfortable walking the hallways of the school because she is "humiliated". I'm sure she's humiliated because everybody loves this teacher and nobody believes the lies she is spreading. However, if there was ANY physical contact, I am absolutely sure that the so-called "slaps" were so gentle that she must have been over exaggerating. I have the slight feeling that this student dislikes this teacher for some idiotic reason, and she cannot think of another way to do well in the class. I guess in this case, there is no other option than firing the teacher right? I feel so sorry for Mrs. Gonzalez, for now she will most likely lose her job because of some stupid, self-centered, clueless student that blew something so far out of proportion. She is a wonderful teacher that made literature and health interesting, which is usually quite difficult to do with high school students. Malibu High School may lose another inspiring, intelligent, and caring teacher that almost every student of hers loves (I only say "almost" because of this one idiot trying to get her fired). There must be darker intentions behind Dionne Evans' actions.

Anyone reading this should go through the many other comments on this page. Do not listen to the uneducated idiots saying "this teacher deserves to get fired". I can guarantee that these people only read the headline and do not know the first thing about the teacher or the student. What you should believe are the comments written by Mrs. Gonzalez's former/current students and those that know Dionne Evans as a person. They will give you accurate information. I can also guarantee that only ignorant, gullible, and unintelligent people would support the ridiculous claims of Dionne Evans.

839 days ago


This teacher would never hit a child. Having been in her class myself, I can tell everyone right now SHES AN AMAZING WOMAN. Chances are she made a joking gesture, never even touched the kid, and the kid blew it way out of proportion and the parents blew it farther out of proportion. I would back this woman up everyday. Not every child tells the whole truth.

838 days ago


This is complete bull****. Mrs. Gonzalez is one of the best teachers i've ever met, shes hilarious and eccentric and caring. For this girl to be pressing charges to get publicity or whatever there seriously must be something wrong with her. Ask any old or current MHS student, faculty, or parent what they think about Mrs. Gonzalez and this whole situation and i can assure you their answer will be just like mine. its bull****, just a spoiled kid from malibu crying wolf on someone who did nothing wrong

838 days ago


This is complete bull****. Mrs. Gonzalez is one of the best teachers i've ever met, shes hilarious and eccentric and caring. For this girl to be pressing charges to get publicity or whatever there seriously must be something wrong with her. Ask any old or current MHS student, faculty, or parent what they think about Mrs. Gonzalez and this whole situation and i can assure you their answer will be just like mine. its bull****, just a spoiled kid from malibu crying wolf on someone who did nothing wrong.

838 days ago


All of these comments are completely ignorant to the situation. This teacher is one of the kindest, most caring people that I have ever met. Last year, they were VOTED by the senior class to read off names at graduation. Not to mention the fact that she gets one of highest student ratings year after year. AND she's been teaching for longer than this girl has been alive. The entire high school is up in arms about this allegation. A Facebook group was created in support of the teacher and 600 students joined it within the first hour. This story has been sensationalized only for media benefit and it's disgusting.

838 days ago

Nat Flor    

Malibu High Alumni here, I'd just like to say that I've heard from multiple close friends in the class where the incident occurred report there was no contact between the teacher and student. In addition to the fact that Jennifer Gonzalez (the teacher in question) is by far one of the most beloved and respected teachers on campus.

838 days ago


THESE COMMENTS ARE RIDICULOUS. I went to Malibu High School and the teacher in question is one of the best teachers that campus has seen in years. She cares about each and every one of her students and would never harm one of them. This girl is taking this situation way out of control and ruining the life of an actually GREAT teacher.

837 days ago


I'm a former student. I've known this teacher for years both before and after I had her as a teacher. I've followed this story closely. The other students in the class (also known as witnesses), have come forward and reported to certain trusted sources (which I wouldn't include TMZ as being a part of), that this student has twisted the story. It was reported that she herself was laughing, and in fact admitted to seeing Bridesmaids. To everyone present, it was a "pat", and not a "slap". Which is why the teacher has 2500+ supporters in this community, and one student who felt as though she had been wronged. Maybe she'll bring her binder to class next time.

831 days ago
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