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Kim Kardashian & Beyonce

Female Bonding at

Kanye & Jay-Z's Show

6/25/2012 10:35 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez
Exclusive Details

Kim Kardashian & Beyonce at the Jay-Z concert.Kim Kardashian has figured out the best perk of dating Kanye West ... she gets to kick it with the one and only Beyonce.

While their respective men performed on stage, Kim and Beyonce were spotted hanging out enjoying Kanye and Jay-Z's concert in England this weekend.

An eyewitness at the show tells us the new besties "danced and sang all night together" and even made their way to the craziness of the mosh pit at the Birmingham stop of the Watch the Throne tour.

Should Kelly Rowland or Michelle Williams not be available, Beyonce may have just found Blue Ivy's newest babysitter.


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B-she is just using you for a woman you see thru bad men dont.

761 days ago

bring back recent posts    


761 days ago


So did Kanye grab the microphone and say Kim has the "BEST video of all time" during the concert?

761 days ago


b has lowered herself to please her man...and that makes her a great wife, and at least she is trying not to be in the pictures,cause that thing she is with will take up the whole frame every chance she gets. don't worry B...we know you HAD to do this.

761 days ago


people need to watch out who your friends are and who u hang out with.

761 days ago

Drk Gntlmn    

B wanted NO PART of Kim KarSKANKian until Jay Z & Gayne talked her into it. There are other pics that looked like she didn't want to be seen with Kim. This is the Pimps dream come true....she was pushing for Kim to be friends with Beyonce for their trashy show. If I was B, I wouldn't be caught dead hanging out with gutter trash like that.

761 days ago

I am Spartacus    

i'm sure Beyonce loves hanging out with this airhead. What can you possibly have a conversation with this fake whore about?

Beyonce prob went home that night and said, "Shawn, either tell Kanye to dump the whore or we are not hanging out with him again!"

761 days ago


Kim is having way too much fun, for being a fallen woman~

761 days ago


Seriously how good does Beyonce look. Plain white T and black leather pants. I like Kim but she is always so done up.

761 days ago


I thought Jay- Z didn't want that skank of Kim around his family.

761 days ago


if bey did let kim babysit, there would be "leaked" pics of her and blue all over the internet, and of course she would have to discuss her "outrage" at being hacked on her show.

760 days ago


3 Things You WON'T Find In Kim & Kanye's House:

760 days ago


Some how I think Jay Z asked a favor of his lady, and this was the best they could do. BFF's- Even as much as I do not like Beyonce, she still has too much class to be in with trashy KK. Photo op, to help KK recoop from the negative money faked marriage!

760 days ago


if she did let her babysit, pics of her and blue would "leak" all over the internet, and she would have to address her "outrage" on her show.

760 days ago

Billy Wild    

"Mosh Pit"? Isn't that the pet name of KK's vajayjay?

759 days ago
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