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Barry Sanders

Gay NFL Players Will Get

Teased If They Come Out

2/1/2013 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gay football players NEED to have thick skin ... 'cause there's a 100% chance they'll get "teased" in an NFL locker room if they come out ... so says NFL legend Barry Sanders.

The Detroit Lions icon had just touched down in New Orleans last night when we asked him if gay players pose a "problem" in NFL locker rooms.

Sanders response -- absolutely not -- adding, "I don't know that there haven't been MANY gay players [in the past]."

Sanders said gay players should not be afraid to come out to their teams -- but need to know that they WILL be teased in the locker rooms afterward ... because "in a locker room you get teased for anything."

He adds, "If somebody comes out, they're gonna get teased, but they need to have thick skin and go on about their life."

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Which pillow biting players??? The wide receiver's or the tight ends?

637 days ago


Bob Costas made a great point recently about all these NFL players, gun violence and head trauma. So you have all these players, most of them black, a lot of them growing up poor, maybe into rap and the gun culture that music celebrates. Now they are successfully playing in the NFL making lost of money, playing an aggressive game and getting slammed in the head regularly. What's going to happen when one of these players takes his glock or his AR-15 out of the closet and goes on a spree. It will be a very bleak day for the NFL. Maybe the end of it.

So if players can't be mature enough to handle gays in the locker room, or admit when they get a concussion how are they going to mature enough to avoid this eventuality?

637 days ago


Why do they need to come out?...I don't see straight people coming out. KEEP YOUR DAMN SH!T GAY LIFESTYLE TO YOURSELVES.

637 days ago


Some people just need to get over what other people say. If your gay why the fvck do you care what someone else thinks if they approve of your choice or not? You don't approve of his way of thinking so why should you care if he approves of your way of thinking. Some people need to build a bridge and either get over it or jump off. Stop with the victim card it's old

637 days ago


Teased? really?? GROW THE F*CK UP! YOU ARE GROWN ASS MEN....

637 days ago


Gay people are too emotional. They're more emotional than women. You got your apology. Can the world move on. We have a Superbowl game, chips, hot wings, and salsa to think about. Being gay, racist, ect ect will not solve the U.S. problems. So gay people accept the apology. Stop being emotional and move on. Oh yea Gooooo 49ers!!!

637 days ago


If they're just teasing what's the big deal? No man who's comfortable with himself is going to care who you're attracted to. In terms of meaness that only comes from the men that have the same secret so why would you care?

637 days ago


These are NFL players, they can handle trash talk!

637 days ago


Not all gay men are effeminate. Most are very masculine and I seriously doubt that they would get hurt feelings easily.

637 days ago


This is absolute stupidity. They are football players, not congressmen.

637 days ago


TMZ doesn't seem to understand that everyone isn't an uppity gay person like the people at TMZ.

637 days ago


If he is implying that someone should not come out BECAUSE they will get teased, he's full of it. Like he said, you'll get teased no matter what, so getting teased for your sexual nature isn't any different that getting teased for ... whatever it is they're teasing each other for in the men's locker room (no one's ever teased me in a locker room so I can't imagine what these guys are saying to each other).

If you're already subject to teasing, what difference would the TOPIC of that teasing make? Whether it's "you're stupid" or "your [body part] isn't [slur for inadequate]" or "you're gay," so what?

One difference I can see being an issue though. Real homophobes and guys who aren't respectful of gays will have to watch what they say. It isn't cool to use homophobic slurs anyway, but it would be particularly sketchy if you use such slurs when there is a known gay person standing right there.

637 days ago


What about all the NFL players who've committed crimes - both criminal and domestic? DO SOMETHING Goodell!

637 days ago

I'm out :-/    

They deserve to be teased

637 days ago


I would applaud a player that came out, while actually playing in the league. The concern I have is; if a known gay player came out and later, his game play started to decline and he were cut. Would he claim he was cut, unfairly? Just a thought. But I could see a whirlwind *hitstrom brewing. I'm just thinking out loud.....

637 days ago
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