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John Clark Gable

I Wasn't Drunk, But I Did

Black Out Before DUI Bust

4/3/2013 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The son of Hollywood legend Clark Gable claims he was not drinking alcohol before the multi-car wreck that led to his DUI arrest -- but does admit he went unconscious ... and says he has a history of brain aneurysms. 

TMZ broke the story ... John Clark Gable was busted Tuesday in Malibu after allegedly smashing into 6 parked cars on Pacific Coast Highway.

Gable tells us he lost consciousness ... and says the last thing he remembers is getting cut off by a van, and when he woke up he had hit a phone pole.

Gable claims he "absolutely was not drinking" ... and says the only medication he's currently taking is for a minor leg injury from mountain biking.

However, Gable says he had 2 small brain aneurysms --weak bulging spots on the wall of an artery -- back in 2006 and another in 2009.

Brain aneurysms can be fatal, but Gable says he had corrective surgery both times.

Gable says he's going to a doctor to get his head checked out ASAP -- but stresses he doesn't know yet if an aneurysm was behind yesterday's accident.

Gable's blood alcohol level was tested after the crash -- but the results have not been released.


No Avatar


i only had one, one too many, besides im clark gables son

570 days ago


What a good looking guy!

570 days ago


It is irresponsible ti take the wheel when you are fully aware to have such condition. What if it ws during the day with passengers on board how many lives would have been lost? He has the money; he can hire a driver, take a cab or MTA like regular folks do!

570 days ago


The Bill Clinton Defense!!!
" I passed out but I wasnt drunk when they arrested me for the DUI. When I woke up I was waaaaaay more sober than when I passed out"

570 days ago


WHAT A WASTE !.....With lineage,....geez.

But wait,'s a lightbulb moment,.....he sure start dating Lindsay Lohan,....they are perfect for each other.

570 days ago


He had what the Kennedy wench had

570 days ago

Tony Garcia    

Sounds to me that he suffered a concussion and simply don't remember anything and ASSUMES he passed out. DUH he hit a telephone pole.

570 days ago

san rafael blue    

What else is he known for but being Clark Gable's Son? What Else??? Most people younger than me, anyone under the age of what? say 50 years old, have probably NEVER EVEN HEARD OF CLARK GABLE. Move on Dude, being a 60 year-old male Lindsay Lohan -wanna-be, but never was anything does not suit a man of proper breeding and decorum! Oh, and lose the leisure suits, please!

570 days ago


Boy, all these "seizure" episodes are really getting bad with all the celebs and politicians.....must be all the stress living in Malibu hills and making sure the Bentley's have enough gas....sorry time to leave, gotta get in my 18 year old Toyota and head home to Hawthorne before it gets dark.

570 days ago


Frankly my dear, who gives a dam? Is that the way it went? Anyway you get the message....

570 days ago


Not as handsome as his Dad. We all like to assume everyone is Hollywood is and *******. Whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty"?

570 days ago


You said he was drunk it was your best guess/Let's check the results of the blood test.

570 days ago


I think your reporters are beneath contempt. This is the first time that I have visited the TMZ website. You are all making money by reporting the misfortune of others. Just looking at the topics here makes me want to take a shower. Shame on you--do something meaningful instead of this crap!

570 days ago


He sure is pretty.

570 days ago

Throwback kid    

Why isn't this SOB a movie star like his father? He has the same matinee looks. Maybe he should start on a reality show, raise his profile then jump to the big screen and to A list stardon. I would like to see him in a reality show with Dean Cain and Corey Feldman. They could be all supporting each other on auditions as they try to regain their lost fame. My title of the show is My Career Is Gone Like The Wind, playing off of Gables famous father. If Corey Feldman is not available then I would like to have Ronnie from Jersey Shore replace him, I will run this by my agent on Friday, I hope he doesn't throw me out of his office

570 days ago
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