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Bieber's Dumb Friend

STAGED Selena Gomez

Hookup Pics

4/11/2013 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BUSTED!!! Justin Bieber's freeloading friend is NOT hooking up with Selena Gomez, even though he went to Herculean lengths to make it seem that way ... and we have video proof.

King Kevi -- who became famous-adjacent recently by living in Justin's house and throwing ragers with lots of girls, bongs and beer -- caused a stir when these pics (below) surfaced, showing the fake royalty appearing to leave Selena's San Fernando Valley estate Saturday night.


Various media reported Kevi -- the up-and-coming nobody -- was inside her house and "hung out."  But we got our hands on surveillance footage taken the night in question ... showing Kevi posing in front of Selena's house while camera flashes went off ... but never making it past the gate.

Selena wasn't even home at the time the photos were taken.

In other words ... it was all a setup by the guy who is mooching off the Biebs.

He's no Kato Kaelin.

2:45 PM PT -- King Kevi tells TMZ the whole thing is a simple misunderstanding -- saying, "I was there to drop off something to a friend at the party. I walked multiple times to the front gate to try to call my friend and every time I had to chase off the photog."

He adds, "After the last attempt, I went to my car to leave and that's when my friend called me to come inside. When I backed in, I gave him another call to open the gate and he didn't pick up so I left because I saw the photog come back around."

"I apologize for all of the media speculation that is coming out about Selena and I."


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R U sure that crew smokes weed? They do a lot of stuff.

563 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Somebody should've reportedly burglary in progress and then shot him in his ass.

563 days ago


Actually who gives a rats ass what this loser is doing. Why not report some interesting news for a change and let these ****ing losers go away and maybe we could be rid of them.

563 days ago


omg thanks for confirming! Now I can sleep!

563 days ago

Nasious Cordova    

First off; TMZ, why are you reporting on this nobody? I thought your site was supposed to be a place for celebrity gossip, not moocher friends of celebrities gossip. Secondly; your story should have read: "Bieber sends moocher friend to fake Selena hook up". I think its safe to say, Justin approached Selena and asked her to beard for him again. She said no, and he's pissed. Now he wants to mess up her image even further.

563 days ago


LOL sounds like you paps are the dumb ones for assuming something and trying to run with it

563 days ago


So basically he's stalking selena. Nice " friends" you got there biebs.

563 days ago


Dear TMZ By far the worst the worst story you posted about a bunch of prepubescent girls doing nothing but grabing your attention and making your so gullible you post it please make them irrelavant by not posting a bunch of F*G tards doing nothing

563 days ago


Hahaha....maybe the bunch of them are just trying to throw you s*** sucking paparazzi off the scent and screw with you a little (like the April fools prank) haha. Good for them, you deserve it! Even celebs have a right to SOME privacy.

563 days ago


Now that I think of it, I wouldn't be surprised if Justin put him up to this to make Selena look bad.

563 days ago


This Kevi is a dumbass douchebag. Every photo of him has the same douchebag stare. I don't think Selena Gomez could stand one minute with him, much less invite him over. The fact that he faked this makes him an even larger douchebag.

563 days ago


I have neutral feelings about her but I'll bet she will be spending a lot of time living down the humiliation of being Justin's "girlfriend." Hopefully she has people around her to keep her grounded so she doesn't end up as a rehash of Lindsay or Miley. I don't like to think she would get mixed up with someone who looks like he should be introduced to bathing.

563 days ago


E! I am loving your new attitude! Report the real?.. This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up!

563 days ago

Patricia Rice    

This is about Holly Berry:
You are an entertainment show. You bunch of men sitting around discussing Holly Berry's, and her ability to conceive, is STUPID. You are like the male, out of touch, politicians who decide what a woman can and cannot do with her body. Get a life, and just don't get out of Holly's bedroom, get out of WOMB.

563 days ago


The fact this is on your website makes you one of the dumbest sites on the internet.

563 days ago
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