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Jenelle Evans


4/25/2013 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans DENIES she was in possession of heroin Tuesday at the time of her arrest.

A source close to Jenelle tells TMZ, Jenelle says the drugs recovered by police inside Jenelle's North Carolina home -- including 12 bindles of heroin and Percocet -- were not hers ... and she had no idea they were in the house.

Jenelle's lawyer, Dustin Sullivan, tells us, they're going to fight it and beat the rap.

Jenelle was also arrested for assault after allegedly attacking her husband with a piece of furniture -- but according to sources, Jenelle says it was self-defense during a domestic brawl.  Her hubby was also arrested.


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Trashy whore, MTV is hurting society by producing these ****ing teen mom shows, showing trashy young whores they can be on tv too if they sleep with some dirt bag names Skyler, Trey, among other trailer trash names...MTV should be ashamed

524 days ago


MTV is just helping create more trashy moral-less teen mom's...pathetic white trash whores on that show dating their s***my grade 2 educated boyfriends with names like Skyler and Trent

524 days ago


CPS needs to take her child away

524 days ago


Ppl blame MTV but I think they behaved like this long before, if anything they could've used the money they made from the show to do better.. If they didn't have that financial help from the show it would have probably been a far more grimmer struggle..these girls were already jacked up..remember they were already preggo teens to begin with. So there was some lack in judgment prior

524 days ago


Well if its true that she's on heroin we will find out soon,. It's not like heroin is a recreational drug.

524 days ago


I used the same excuse on my parents when they found smokes in my bedroom. They didn't buy it either!

524 days ago


I wish you were so pationate about beating your man as being a mother.. You are the lamest excuse for a woman. That poor lil boy that you brought to this world. But you have time and energy to be a drug addict go to rehab and jails but don't have the decency to take care of your own. Nobody believes your petty crap about your mother , she takes care of your kid and you whine that she doesn't approve you shaking up with dirtbags and lets you freely smoke week if you were a mother you would understand that even though your daughter is a low life pig you still have to say something when she sux a lifespan whole you blame her because " she's mean" and she screams. Wake the hell up People like this should be castrated and prohibited from reproducing Is so frustrating as a young mom to see dirtbags like this taking all this time on drugs and screwing and leaving their kids behind to women who've already done their duty mistakes or joys at least she took care of this slut.. But she's running around with drugs. I wish I could teach her a lesson and that poor mom hope she gets some help from sploting ass MTV .. So embarrassing that this pig is lose on this street trying to shack up amongs as. I wish this whore wakes up and never ever gets another child.

524 days ago


94728372682 reason why MTV should go back to playing music videos all day.

524 days ago


Show us the arms...between the toes...armpits.

524 days ago


Why is this beeatch in the news? Just one more drug addict crack whore loser parent. God help that child of hers in the hopes he had a better life.

524 days ago


And they probably won't divorce,and then it will happen again.

524 days ago


Calling her trash would be a compliment . S***

524 days ago


It's never her fault. She's always got an excuse. She blames MTV for her weed addiction, saying they "made" her do it. Until she accepts responsibility for her actions and decides to change, she's going to be a worthless piece of crap human who contributes nothing to society. The article doesn't mention the warrant she was served for not paying child support...yet she's out getting a new tatt and buying drugs at will. Just put her in prison already because it's apparent rehab and probation don't work.

524 days ago



524 days ago


You can prove that it's not "her fault" everyday until Sunday, but the real question is when will this girl get out being in the middle of drama situations all together? Whether she is the perpetrator or not at this point is irrelevant as the bottom line is: clean up your life so that you are not in a constant state of crisis, drama, and involvement in domestic violence with every relationship that she has. Stop being in relationships and get into recovery. Again, she will forever think that if she isn't the instigator that she surely can then focus on the wrongs of others vs. realizing her role in getting healthy and subsequently being able to get involved with healthy relationships.

523 days ago
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