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Jenelle Evans

Booted From Home ...

After Heroin Arrest

4/25/2013 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans has been thrown out of her home -- following her heroin arrest this week ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the troubled MTV star tell us ... Jenelle and her husband Courtland Rogers had been living together at Courtland's mother's house ever since they got married.  But after Jenelle and Courtland were arrested for assault and heroin possession in North Carolina this week, Courtland's mom decided she'd had enough and banned J.E. from the home.

Sources say ... Jenelle's stuff was packed up in boxes Tuesday -- and the 21-year-old was told to come collect her crap, or else.

We're told Jenelle arrived to the home late Tuesday night -- accompanied by her mother and a police officer -- but even the cop couldn't prevent the drama that ensued.

Sources say ... Jenelle fired some profanity at Courtland's mom -- and accused the family of stealing her laptop computer -- before eventually leaving the scene in a huff (with her boxes).

We're told Jenelle had a pit bull that she cared for at the home -- but decided to leave the dog with the Rogers family.   The sad part -- sources say Courtland's mom can't afford to care for the dog on her own, so she's now searching for a family to adopt the little guy.

As for Courtland, we're told he's NOT banned from the house -- and the family is "open" to having him back at the home.

Calls to Jenelle have not been returned.



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LOLOLOLOL good one TMZ calling this trick a "STAR" ,,,,, thank god for dumb wh*res, I love dumb wh*res !!!

546 days ago


All I can say is that this is the BIGGEST LOSER i have ever seen. Jenelle needs to die already.

546 days ago


Jenelle what is wrong with you? You sell heroin? Dont you give a **** about your kid hes going to hate you when your older you dead beat ugly bitch fix your eyebrows i hope you get locked up for months not just a day stupid ! you will learn then !!!!!!!

546 days ago


You admit to being hooked on heroin. You admit to having issues with other drugs. But you HONESTLY want eveyone to believe that you? What a joke. Please! Concentrate on parenting your child. Maybe you should be asking yourself if your a good parent. Did you teach your child how to tie his shoes, hold a spoon or fork, use the fork, how to spell the word blue, teach him that birds live in nests? I'm guessing no you selfish bitch. You call yourself a mother.... Please! Your barely human. Real mothers don't leave it up to others to raise their children. She would complain though that her mother took her child away. Well... If you were actually taking care of your kid instead of going out with friends and spreading your legs, you'd have custody.

546 days ago


Good! She's a bitch! And that really show a mothers love, her mom Barbara really needs to let her handle her **** on her own!

546 days ago


OMG...ok we know she's incapable of raising a child, now this poor puppy has been sucked into the tornado that is Jenelle's "life"...Jesus please stop destroying everything! Don't go away mad, just go away.

545 days ago


She looks like she smells of rotten trash. What an idiot. I wonder if she has any contacts on her phone except her dealer. She should have invested in some braces and therapy because nothing is ever her fault. What a deadbeat Mom. Now poor Jace is going to be raised by Bawbwah the screeching hyena. Poor little guy.

545 days ago


I just dont know what her bottom is? I would be so horrified to see myself on tv talking bout gettin stuff to get high.. sad!! She isnt a mom

543 days ago


I have never been compelled to comment on a story before now. I usually come on here for entertainment. But this is just horrible, sad smut. This girl should be kept as far away from her child and sterelized. Millions of people are dying to be wonderful, loving parents, and they have to hear about this selfish, irresponsible, crude, waste of space white trash tw*t scream and cuss at her own mother in front of her tiny child. It blows my mind that her mother allows her to come around the little boy.Stop giving this pitiful excuse of a woman-child press.

543 days ago


Now I hate you even more..get a freakin dog, and then don't even want it? A pit bull? If that thing goes to a sheler, you've just sentenced him to death..good're such garbage..grow up, sober up, and get back on your. I polar meds..go back to rehab you f'in loser..21 years old a ting like a freakin baby..grow up..get sober

542 days ago
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