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Farrah Abraham


6/13/2013 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Farrah Abraham has back-door'd her way into the 7-figure range ... 'cause the former MTV star tells TMZ she's a bona fide millionaire.

The 22-year-old just called in to "TMZ Live" to discuss her crush on Charlie Sheen ... when we asked her straight up if her foray into the world of adult entertainment has turned her into a millionaire.

But Farrah's swollen bank account isn't just from the sex tape -- we broke the story, she scored in the high 6-figures when she sold her sex tape to Vivid Entertainment. But she's also locking down endorsement deals ... and collecting checks for public appearances.

Bottom line ... the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Playbook sure as hell worked for Farrah.


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All the money in the world won't help her when her daughter becomes just like her someday.

497 days ago


What a skanky loser. And here we thought she couldn't be a worse mother. She's such a selfish snot.

497 days ago


maybe her and kim kartrashian can have a play date with their kids, and compare porno's they did??

497 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Relax, I think she's just saying that she has blown a million guys. And I'm sure for a lot of those, she charged between 50 and 75 cents, so she's probably inflating the numbers.

497 days ago


Why TMZ and tabloid magazines talk about her so much? Who cares!

497 days ago


WHORE!!! GOD SAVE SOPHIA! Her father is flipping now!

497 days ago


You'll be taken advantage of by your "agent / CA / etc... Piss the money away - and the IRS will be knocking on your door in a few (couple) of years! Mark my words! Don't play this out like the rest! Why am I wasting my time - I know you will! Loser!!!

497 days ago


Don't forget to bend over for the Tax man Farrah.

497 days ago


It's ****s like this that proves to me why the world is going to Hell in a hand basket!!

497 days ago


I noticed that both her mother and father take her to interviews and bargaining situations so she can continue making profits off of her whorish ways. From the looks of things that I've observed, I think that both her father and mother have a sexual history with her as well. I bet when all the money is gone and no one wants to see her anymore, she in anger will admit that both her mother and father molested her when she was young. That is how she learned to use sex to get what she wants. She gave sex to her father and to her mother, and that is why they both cater to her every need. And apparently, they support her in her direction hoping she will never tells the public what happened behind closed doors when Farrah was a young one.

497 days ago


1) This whore is not a millionaire. If you listen to the guy from vivid video, she was HIRED to f*ck and suck off the porn dude they also hired. She made something like $50k as an "actress".

2) If you have to make a statement of "Look at me; I'm a millionaire!!!", you're not one. Most people with money don't try to draw attention to themselves, as it makes them a target.

3) Only an attention whoring bitch like this co*ksucking whore would make an announcement like this. I hope she dies from an STD real soon; her continuing to waste oxygen is like fingernails on a chalkboard. If you're thinking of whacking her, the world will thank you for it...

497 days ago


So is jenna jameson n pple offer her muny 4 sex n she gets offended? Wel*** da life of da oldest profession in da book.

497 days ago


sophia's dad is dead and then you do this to her? What a ****ty mother. I watched a tiny clip of her porn and It made me sick to my stomach. Did she have to do the anal? ****ing somebody is one thing but loving it up the ass puts her in a whole other category. Her parents r nuts & she is a disrespectful whore. Hope you feel good about yourself farrah.

497 days ago

Roman Moroni    

Not sure but the 1 guy is an attorney and didn't use any lawyering tactics on her to solicit an embarrassing moment yet she made them both look like fools especially at the end - go figure, u just raised her interest?????

497 days ago


Wow! Compared to Farrah, Kim has class!

497 days ago
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