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Bieber's Bogus BFF

Asks for Restraining Order

Beliebers Are Threatening To Kill Me

6/18/2013 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The famed freeloader known as King Kevi -- who rose to sub-fame by hanging out at Justin Bieber's house and pretending to be the singer's BFF -- now completely regrets his life choices ... claiming the Belieber nation has turned on him in a big way, and threatened his life.

20-year-old Kevin Pederson has filed a request for a restraining order against the singer, claiming Bieber tweeted out his cell number on June 13th ... unleashing a 40,000,000-person Belieber army on his ass.

Kevin says Bieber tweeted out the number as an act of vengeance against reports that he and Kevin are friends -- insisting the two NEVER met.

Kevin claims Bieber deleted the number minutes later, but it was too late -- his cell number had already been released to a vicious bloodthirsty mob of teen girls ... and these girls do NOT mess around.

Kevin says he has since received thousands of death threats and he genuinely fears for his safety -- claiming it only takes ONE crazy Bieber fan to end his life.

Bottom line, Kevin wants Bieber to stop tweeting about him -- and he also wants Bieber and his goons to stay 150 yards away from him at all times.

Bieber's reps claim Justin never tweeted the number in the first place.

Fun fact: Kevin is the same guy who staged late night pics at Selena Gomez's gate earlier this year to make it look like he was hooking up with her.


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Wow two in a row. I'm sure the Biebs will be popular in the pen.

457 days ago


Bieber's Bogus BFF
Asks for Restraining Order
Beliebers Are Threatening To Kill Me................Call Man Of Steel to Save You, i hear M.O.S. has made Over $202 Million in just 3 days already...

457 days ago


Justine if the two of you never met how come you have his phone number to tweet out.

457 days ago


Justine is no better than Charles Manson. Charles Manson never Killed anyone, but people followed his orders the same is happening with Justine and twitter. Justine Tweets out what she wants her fans to do and they follow her orders!!!!!

457 days ago


Lil beibs cleaning out the trash and kicking it to the curb? Didn't kiss his a** enough and forgot to tell Lil beibs how great he is?

457 days ago


LMAO O K A Y. That Keving guy isn't friend with Justin, if you must know already Justin tweeted about that .. and besides he was giving out his number to "fans" so ... whatever. He's an attention seeker

457 days ago


JB ha only fake friends cuz he is a bring guy.
His grandparnets are living in poverty and Justin wont vist or help themout one bit. Jb ;s karma is coming back to kick his azz. His music is aJoke and so is he.
Hes nothing but a drunk stoned LOSER!

457 days ago


No need to worry unless one of the Lil Cretins follows through with the threat.
Then it will no longer matter...

457 days ago


Opportunistic pigs. This kid, Bieber needs better guidance than to mingle with feces

457 days ago


Dude should maybe check out love-lorn web sites mentioned in this thread. #desperateforlove

457 days ago


No King Kevi, they are threatening you because word has it that you and Justin WERE friends, but that you f*cked Selena Gomez behind his back! THAT is why 40 million Bieber fans hate your guts!

457 days ago

Kev the Realist    

What a shock. Anothjer freeloading douch$bag loses his meal ticket and now he is pissed. When are these young morons going to learn.... Go to school, get a job you pathtic slacker. When you give yourself a name like Lil anything, or King, or Prince, or any name which implies self-entitlement, all you are showing the outside ( real world) is that you are a complete useless POS. Touch luck kid, but you got exactly what you deserve....

457 days ago


Shouldn't giving out a phone number like that in public be an offense? And Justin has to use his twitter followers to fight for him. What an ass.

457 days ago


Fleaber's star is waning.
I see him declaring bankruptcy in 10 years.

457 days ago


One name for u justin, phil spector. Heed the advice, pissant, and straighten out ur ****

457 days ago
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