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Grammy Crasher


From L.A. Live

6/23/2013 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce shaking it on stage ... the L.A. Sparks ... the B.E.T awards ... all events Grammy Crasher Vitalii Sediuk won't be seeing in L.A. anytime soon -- because he's been BANNED from L.A. LIVE.

Vitalii -- the prankster who ruined Adele's big moment when he ran on stage during the Grammy Awards this year -- faced up to 6 months in jail for his crime. But according to court docs, he copped a plea deal with prosecutors on June 20th and won't spend a day behind bars.

Instead Vitalii was sentenced to 3 years probation AND banned from L.A. Live -- the entertainment complex where the Grammys (and many other glorious events) are held.

And in case you forgot ... this is the same guy who tried to kiss Will Smith on the red carpet in Moscow and gave Madonna a bouquet of hydrangeas -- her "most loathed" flower.

All we can say is, Madison Square Garden: watch your back.


No Avatar


Just by writing about this guy, you're giving him the attention he craves. Well done.

465 days ago


Bans are so stupid .. Like that ever kept some crazy away.

465 days ago


sure, you're trying to make a name for yourself in the entertainment world. but what douchey things he does. my god!

465 days ago


while a tool.. why would he get 6 months in jail for crashing an event?

465 days ago


Let me ask you all the logical question? Why hasn't his Visa been pulled, and why hasn't he been deported from the country already--and forbidden from future entry here??? This is the problem with the U.S.--we are too naive and too forgiving when it comes to the so-called rights of others. Our constitutional rights as citizens should not be unilaterally extended to foreigners who willfully break our laws, or misrepresent themselves in a way, and manner, that undermines public safety, or can. This stunt was an extreme security risk, and gives other people, stalkers, terrorists, mass shooters, and those who are mentally ill, ideas. This kind of stunt will be copycatted, until someone truly dangerous hurts someone on live TV...and the only ones who can be blamed for it, in this case, will be the I.N.S. and the Homeland Security for not doing their jobs.

465 days ago


this guy crashes a big shot celeb event and book thrown at of the celebs at that event goes out on a bender and gets busted driving while under the influence then punches a cop and they would get a slap on the wrist.i think the guy is stupid.but its not like he ran on stage and tried to assault someone.**** like this just proves those celeb elites think they are better than everyone.god forbid a non elite come near them.

465 days ago

Tammy LM    

They should have given him jailtime. He's so stupid. The only thing he gets at these events is an eye roll and a yawn. He's not impressing anyone.

465 days ago

Tammy LM    

They should have given this loser jail time. He thinks crashing these big events is cute or funny or even cool, but he just comes off as a moron. The only attention he fails to see he gets at these events is a yawn and an eye roll from people saying "Oh look, another dumbass fame whore wannabe....ho hum". Ruining an event you don't belong in isn't cool. I don't know who told him it was. Maybe his stupid ass buddies who are just as lame as he is.
He's not funny and he's not cute. He's an idiot and the low point of any event he tries to stick his nerdy face in. When will these pathetic people ever learn that crashers are not cool?

465 days ago


It's not as if their standards are high. Why is the old woman showing off her cellulite allowed in stage?

465 days ago


Wanna be Sacha Baron Cohen

465 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Take the douche bag out back for a good old fashion ass kicking. That ought to cure him.

465 days ago

just sayin    

is this guy trying to get famous for looking like a fool?

465 days ago


Dumb azz!

465 days ago


Lmao well done LA, protect celebrities but when they DUI you let them go. What about kanye west then?

465 days ago


Bummer, I LOVE this guy! Lighten up folks we all need a laugh now & then!

465 days ago
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