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Paula Deen's Son

Mom's NOT Racist!!!

She Bought Me Hank Aaron Pajamas

6/25/2013 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Deen's sons are adamant ... their mother is NOT a racist ... and they have the Hank Aaron pajamas to prove it!!!

Jamie and Bobby Deen just appeared on CNN's "New Day" ... and told Chris Cuomo, "Neither one of our parents ever taught us to be bigoted towards any other person for any reason."

"This is so saddening to me because our mother is one of the most compassionate good-hearted empathetic people that you'd ever meet," Bobby said.

Then Jamie told the story about the Hank Aaaron pajamas -- explaining how when he was 7-years-old, he was a big Hammerin' Hank fan ... and before he had his tonsils removed his parents gave him some H.A. PJs.

Jamie says when his parents gave him the pajamas ... they told him about the challenges Hank faced "because of his color" and explained that people deserved to be judged on their merits, not skin color.

Jamie says the lesson that came with the pajamas stuck with him for the rest of his life ... and that's how he sleeps at night.

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No Avatar


The media lynching continues. Stereotypes only apply to Southerners. It's a federal crime if you try to do it to anyone else.

485 days ago


OMG...really?? And he has a best friend that's African American too! Just stop...

485 days ago


OK what the HELLLLL. Paula stop it!!!!! Now your gonna say your family buy black people. Where are these s PJS now??? You need to stop. Stop TALKIN. Sit back and enjoy your millions

485 days ago


Jamie hurt his mother's case even more with the foolish Hank Aaron pajamas story AND disagreeing with his mother's own comments about it being ok to use the N-Word sometimes but never to be hurtful. He must have misunderstood the question, because he totally disagreed with what she said. Man these people are just hurting themselves more by trying to clean things up. She should've just settled the case!

485 days ago


Apparently their PR people are telling them to keep digging, that could be the only reason for them to just keep talking and digging themselves deeper.

As for the "N" word. If the wannabe rappers/gangstas would STFU and stop using it thinking they are making themselves look like a bigger star or less racist it doesn't.

And for the record, it's not b/c she's from the south. My dad was from the south and the ONE time as a kid I almost said the whole word, my dad's hand reached out and slapped the crap outta me before I got it all out, so this, "she's from the south is why she says it" is garbage. She said it supposedly in the privacy of her bedroom to her husband, how it makes into a deposition about sexual harassment etc....at her brothers restaurant is beyond me and if I were the judge in the case I'd be asking WTF released the deposition and be beating heads.

485 days ago


Old racist whites raise their kids the way they see the world. It is very entertaining watching someones empire crumble right before our eyes..lololol Food Network execs do your job and cancel the son's show now because with all this racist controversy surrounding the family the accents make them seem like the klans men.

485 days ago


How do you ruin the delivery of coached comments??? Answer; do what these 2 ********s just did!

485 days ago


Paula's like 'if only I answered that question differently'...lololol

485 days ago


If she wasn't racist before i bet after all of this she is now.

485 days ago


Why don't you just crucify the lady and be done with it. You're taking this waaaaaay too far.

485 days ago


So we are to believe she gave her seven year old son a pair of pajamas with a lesson on morals attached? Who the hell does that? If she gave him a wok to use, did she teach him how the Chinese were used to build the railways too?

Just shut up and let this go away. They make it worse trying to defend themselves.

485 days ago


Lol next it's going to be "my best friend is black!" Just stop

485 days ago


Some blacks really are N-words. They do exist. Some whites are white trash. They exist as well. However, not all blacks are N-words and not all whites are white trash. Calling ALL blacks N-words is wrong, but if a black really is an N-word, then you know, if the shoe fits....

485 days ago


Hey Deen bros..what a LAME excuse "Hank AAron pj's? what a JOKE.... I love your mama but get over these lame excuse, she said it, so what everyone needs to GET OVER IT!! Who has not said it in their lifetime???? Life is a bitch huh???

485 days ago


do you believe them? http://snip.ps/NotRacist

485 days ago
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