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Aaron Hernandez


For His Own Safety

7/1/2013 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Aaron Hernandez
has been moved into solitary confinement ... away from the general population ... because officials believe he could be a prize for blood-thirsty, fame-hungry inmates, TMZ has learned.

TMZ spoke with Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson who tells us ... Aaron has been moved from the medical ward at Bristol County Jail to a "Class 2 Unit" -- where he is isolated from the general population.

Hodgson explains, "The reason for this move is simply to protect him. We wouldn't want some inmate trying to get any notoriety by attempting to harm Aaron Hernandez."

In his Class 2 unit, Hernandez is allowed 3 hours outside of his cell per day.  Hodgson says, "He can have access to the phone, yard for fresh air, and the common room."

Hodgson says there are no TVs inside the common room or inside Aaron's cell.

We're told Aaron will stay in this unit for at least a week -- and then officials reevaluate the situation and decide if they want to move him to a different unit.

As for visitors, officials tell us Aaron can choose five people to put on a visitor list.

Hodgson adds, "Having just met with him earlier again after his evaluation, and for a man who has gone from 7,000-square-feet to a 10x7 cell, he is doing very well and seems to be taking the situation great. He is very respectful and calm. Also to this point he has had no special requests."

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No Avatar


Anybody who pizzes away a $40 million contract for this high school crap and somebody ends up dead, DESERVES to have his azz whipped by each and every inmate, guard, manager, and even the cafeteria workers in the prison.

478 days ago


Once he gets to the big house he will be laughing with his own tv and a xbox with not internet connection. He can play football 23/7 then stretch and get some fresh air a shower and wait for his room service. No way this guy makes general population,....believe it.


478 days ago


Yeah, he may need protection without his goons and his guns.

478 days ago

Jay W.     

"A... A ... Ron" may very well be the dumbest person to ever take a breath of air!

478 days ago


It's only a matter of time before Bubba & Jamal make him bend over to pick up the soap in the prison shower...

478 days ago


Prison takes 'gang banging' to a whole (hole) new level!!!

478 days ago


Sucks to have it all and boom, all gone... Bastard. Lol

478 days ago

Big Mark 91    

isn't he a tough football player??? Supposedly gangbanger??? Put him in gen pop and let the chips fall where they may

478 days ago

Deborah Simons    

Who cares if he has a tv or not?

478 days ago


He's in adsec because he's gay. He killed those people to keep the $40 million secret of where he puts his dick. If he were in general his rectum would have been irreparably injured by now.

478 days ago

BB not bb    

A lot of times gang bangers expect to go to jail. It gives them creidbility with their gang. That could be why he is so calm, or maybe he is just in some kind of shock. It is hard to do solitary. That is often used as a punishment because people go insane from it.

It is funny how we are hearing all the detainls of how Aaron is doing in jail, but hear next to nothing about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I really wonder if that guy is still alive. I heard a rumor that he was dead.

Someone called Dzokhar's mother in Russia and said he is fine and don't send money. She believes it was her son. I wonder if they could have gotten an impersonator who sounds like her son and speaks Russian, to fool her.

These two cases are similar to me because after they accuse the guy of one thing, they suddenly pin an old double murder on the same guy. Both stories are also very hard to believe. At least Aaron didn't get shot, mangled or killed before being arrested.

478 days ago


Why is it these gang guys are all tough in public but in a place where the real tough guys are they are weepy little girls who need protection.......

478 days ago


Had to stay clean for 5 years to make 40 million dollars. I would have checked into a convent for a deal like that! Prison is prison for ANYONE, just "take it like a man" as the rest of them do. You are no different!

478 days ago


A) He's not a child molester. B) He allegedy killed a man for ratting him out. C) He's in friggin' awesome physical shape. D) he's rich.
Other than being a "tight end" (NOT a safety!) I see no reason why he wouldn't be the King of the pen. Makes no sense.

478 days ago


He is going down, IF all of this is true. what a waste.

477 days ago
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