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Justin & Selena

Selena Takes Him Back

But There's a Catch ...

7/11/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0710-justin-bieber-instagram-july-4Justin Bieber's single days are officially over ... again ... for now ... 'cause he's back on with Selena Gomez -- but TMZ has learned there's one major catch -- he's gotta stop acting like a d-bag.

According to sources, Selena had firmly resisted reuniting with Justin after their most recent breakup because he and his friends have been acting like raging self-entitled jackasses the last few months -- smoking pot, speeding around in expensive cars, and pissing in mop buckets.

But Justin -- being the Casanova that he is -- was able to change her mind ... and on July 4th, we're told he won her back  by promising to change his douche ways. Apparently, Selena bought it.

We're told JB and his "Wild Kidz" goons have taken notice of the public backlash against their ridiculous behavior -- hard not to -- and they all decided to clean up their acts.

Sounds like BS -- considering Bieber's abysmal track record for making phony apologies and continuing to act like an oblivious self-important douche-baby -- but our sources say Selena has always been an extremely positive influence on him ... and if anyone can change him, it's her.

You'll notice -- Bieber's string of crappy behavior has almost perfectly coincided with him being single. Whenever he was with Selena, however, Bieber seems to retire his crown as Douche King, the Supreme and Unapologetic Leader of Doucheland, and act like a semi-gentleman.

Bottom line, it seems like no one else can fix Justin, so why not give Selena a shot? It might just be crazy enough to work.



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Shane Hunter    

...I am nowhere NEAR a fan of this dude, but in all seriousness, why do you folks at TMZ rip him more than any other celebrity? I know he's a jack-ass and has a lot of your snide remarks coming to him, but the lengths you go to to clown him-on a way obvious level, waaay more so than anybody else- makes me wonder what he did to you personally. Did he nail a staffer's girlfriend or something?

438 days ago


he is a arrogant little bastard... with no respect and morals and should be banned just like other celebrities who disgrace this country or our society...this kids mom or dad needs to give him a good ole ass whipping little bastard

438 days ago


No self esteem between the two of them at all. He is a piece of sh!t and she is desperate. In 2 days, there will be another story that they broke up again.

438 days ago

The Real JJ    

Power of the P*$$Y.

438 days ago

She's baaaack    

The first time I saw this photo he was his usual tool self but she had that patented LIndsay Lohan finger-in-the-mouth pose that we all came to know and love so much. Now when I see that picture, knowing that Bieber pisses then and doesn't even lick his hands clean makes me ill thinking about the disgusting filth that is on that finger she put in her mouth. She must be as fcuked up as he is.

438 days ago


Send him back to canada NOW!

438 days ago


selena baby wtf? why waste your time with this loser? no one is envious of you, rather sorry if that little pig is the best you can do. plus he's from canada, pretty much says it all. never date a guy who wears more earrings than you and tell him he looks like a dick trying to be black. wft???? run for your life before that jackass ruins it. justin, you are the only person in the world who thinks you're cool. everyone else thinks.....why are people insulting douche bags by calling you that?

438 days ago


tmz want bielibers too come to their site. beiber stories always have more readers, this one is just lame

438 days ago


She must be as bigger idiot as he is....

438 days ago


Theres no way he can act right. Fame has gone to his head making him in sufferable BRATT.
He wont even help out his Grandparents . His Grand ma works in a factory! Justin is a worthless PIGG.
His pants look like he craped in them.
He is a LOSER!!
@ a drunk!!

438 days ago


JB is still a would-be thug. Selena should stay away for her own safety. She doesn't need to be the one next to him in a car when he has an accident at 100 mph on the freeway.

438 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

"Whenever he was with Selena, however, Bieber seems to
retire his crown as Douche King."

Bullcrap. And little girl needs to learn, if you have to make him change, he's not the one.

438 days ago


For what it's worth, the bucket he peed in already has a Twitter account: @BieberPeeBucket

438 days ago


Sam Robinson is more manly than Justin Beiber.

438 days ago


He's an effin idiot who seems to be trying to shrug off the good kid persona much like all the Disney kids but doing it all wrong.

She's an idiot too who must be nothing more than a bubblehead with a better PR team.

438 days ago
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