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Justin & Selena

Selena Takes Him Back

But There's a Catch ...

7/11/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0710-justin-bieber-instagram-july-4Justin Bieber's single days are officially over ... again ... for now ... 'cause he's back on with Selena Gomez -- but TMZ has learned there's one major catch -- he's gotta stop acting like a d-bag.

According to sources, Selena had firmly resisted reuniting with Justin after their most recent breakup because he and his friends have been acting like raging self-entitled jackasses the last few months -- smoking pot, speeding around in expensive cars, and pissing in mop buckets.

But Justin -- being the Casanova that he is -- was able to change her mind ... and on July 4th, we're told he won her back  by promising to change his douche ways. Apparently, Selena bought it.

We're told JB and his "Wild Kidz" goons have taken notice of the public backlash against their ridiculous behavior -- hard not to -- and they all decided to clean up their acts.

Sounds like BS -- considering Bieber's abysmal track record for making phony apologies and continuing to act like an oblivious self-important douche-baby -- but our sources say Selena has always been an extremely positive influence on him ... and if anyone can change him, it's her.

You'll notice -- Bieber's string of crappy behavior has almost perfectly coincided with him being single. Whenever he was with Selena, however, Bieber seems to retire his crown as Douche King, the Supreme and Unapologetic Leader of Doucheland, and act like a semi-gentleman.

Bottom line, it seems like no one else can fix Justin, so why not give Selena a shot? It might just be crazy enough to work.



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Ok, as a proud Canadian I have always had a soft spot for Beiber but I think I'm about done. There is no other word for this behavior but disgusting. Obviously he has gone of the deep end and his too full of himself to be able to tell right from wrong.

And why Selena keeps taking him back says more about her than him. She must have some issues of her own which she needs to deal with or he will eventually drag her down to his current level.

471 days ago


Who gives a sh*t if she takes him back? He's still a no-talent little p*ss ant.

471 days ago


Can't Selena find another woman besides Bieber? Seems very desperate.

471 days ago

BB not bb    

I think she just wants to mess with is head. I think he was considered a nice person before he ever got involved with her. Now she wants him to change? That is just like saying he isn't really good enough but she will do him a favor anyway.

I really think it was the abs picture that TMZ was making fun of. I don't think she is suddenly trying to be Mother Theresa and save the outcasts. He wasn't good enough before and her parents never liked him. I think he is too white for them.

If she hurts him again it will be that much worse next time. Maye he won't be spitting at the neighbors but doing something even worse. If the whole pack of them are going to try to calm down, maybe it is because LIttle Twisted wants to date Kylie Jenner.

471 days ago


Women can't change their boyfriends. Now I only see Selena as needing his money. Selena has now been brought down to his level.

471 days ago


who cares, 5 years from now he will be selling his body to old men, so they can urinate on him

471 days ago

Jo Ann    

Justin is extremely immature and that's not going to change while he's hanging around with the user/loser moochers that he surrounds himself with. Why do the adults close to Justin not advise him that these friends are leading him down the wrong path. Selena seems so mature and sophisticated. What she sees in Justin is beyond me. She is never going to have a mature relationship with Justin. I think, like so many before him, his maturation stopped when he entered the business. He will forever be a prepubescent child no matter how old he gets.

471 days ago


So she can change him, meanwhile Justin pissed in a mop bucket after the July 4 "reconciliation" and he still dresses like a fake thug. Nope, Justin fell off. It's over.

471 days ago


Stop acting like a douchebag? HA! Good luck with that!

471 days ago


This guy gives Canadians...........NO, the human race.......a bad name. He started out as a talented young boy singing on YouTube.......someone gives him a shot.......and he pisses all over it (PUN INTENDED!). Problem is, he has absolutely ZERO respect for anything or anybody and doesn't deserve the fame and fortune that was bestowed upon him. He's an arrogant little $hithead who deserves to be put in his place. You have millions of tweeny-boppers who idolize this a$$hole......for what reason I'll never know......and these are the same brainless twits who thinks it's "cool" that he does what he does. His parents should knock him out six ways from Sunday.....but it'll never happen because GOD FORBID they stop riding the gravy train with biscuit wheels. I'm literally ashamed that he represents Canada. Believe me, most of us do not exhibit that level of behavior. Out of his 15 minutes of fame, I'd say he's sitting at 14:59.

471 days ago


Poor Selena my !@#$%! She is as bad as he is. Seems like no real man would date her. She should act her age and grow up. Not talented either!!

471 days ago


What a dumb little girl. I giver her props though, she looks amazing and lost some weight. I just bought my Extractor Drops on Amazon. They just better not turn me into a complete idiot like this girl has become.

471 days ago

ralph ortiz    

Don't believe a word of it. It's all publicity. Damage control, if you will.

471 days ago


Wild Kidz? Should be called the Whiz Kidz.

471 days ago


Another neurotic, self-destructive woman chasing a "bad boy", looking for the drama and pain she'll surely get. No doubt, in about 3 years, we'll be hearing the usual self-destructive female complaint: "There aren't any good men, all men are animals, horn-dogs, commitment-phobic, etc., blah, blah, blah.

471 days ago
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