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Michael Jackson Doc

His Butt Was So Scarred...

It Nearly Broke My Needle

7/12/2013 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Michael Jackson
's buttocks were so scarred and infected from long-term drug injections ... the singer's thickened skin nearly broke his doctor's syringe -- this according to the doctor's testimony.

Dr. Stuart Finkelstein -- who cared for MJ back in 1993 during his "Dangerous" tour -- sat for a deposition earlier this year in Katherine Jackson's wrongful death lawsuit against AEG, describing the signs of MJ's drug addiction, and the testimony was just shown to the jury this week in court.
We got video of the depo and the details are crazy -- Finkelstein described one incident, saying, "I attempted to give [Michael] a shot of Demerol [a painkiller] but his buttocks were so scarred up and abscessed that the needle almost bent."

Finkelstein said the scarring resulted from "significant, extensive" shots of drugs over time.

He also describes his bizarre interactions with MJ back in the day, including squirt gun fights. You gotta see it.


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I love it the Doctor Testified to Michael Jackson having a severe Drug Problem, and to fix it the Doctor shot Michael up with Morphine that exceeds the dosage by 5x the amount that should have been given. Multiple times.

435 days ago

Barbara Rojas    

I just don't get why his family didn't intervene and get this guy help. It was obvious he had many addiction issues. Just let him rest in peace. All this suing over his death is not going to bring him back. Grieve and move on. Let it go!

435 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

His ass was just like Anna Nicole Smith's but where her infections and drugs killed her MJ got his big sendoff from drugs alone. Such is the price of beauty.

435 days ago

Physical Graffiti    

He's my doctor!! Nicest guy!! Hi Dr Finkelstein!!

435 days ago


It's no wonder MJ was an addict, his entire family are mooches and leeches. Point the finger in the mirror, instead of blaming others, your son and brother needed help instead of you sticking your hand in his pocket.

435 days ago


these people who are testifying seem to me to be making The Jacksons case against AEG fall apart. If the fact that they are blaming concert promoters for his death isn't silly enough, they keep parading people around on the stand who do nothing but make MJ look like an even bigger addict, molester, and general pyscho, than we already thought he was. I suppose the idea is to make the jury feel sorry for the kids/family or perhaps make AEG look like evil pricks for employing MJ when he was such a sick bastard. I hate to see how many new law suits will spring up all over America when people learn that they can start blaming and suing not only their nemesis but also their employers for giving them the paychecks and monies they needed to follow through with their crimes. Good Times.

435 days ago


That's scarry, and this strange sweaty pedo doc with his Nazi-part and the fake glasses scarries me even more...WELCOME TO NEVERLAND, muhahaha...

435 days ago



Just think of all the little boys that were forced to look at that scared up butt.

435 days ago


Did MJ bleach his butt???

The lawyers should have asked the Doc if MJ had a black or white butt!!!

435 days ago


He was a pedophile of the highest order and a serious drug addict with mental disabilities. His parents screwed him up as a child and they should be in jail or dead!!!!!

435 days ago


after being in excruciating pain from performing a live on stage performance dancing and singing for over 2 hours and having to do it again the next day over and over again.
Sacrificing his life by taking pain killers to survive,
just so he can give his fans and others all he had.
Then give the proceeds from the tour not the concert but the whole tour to charily.
MJ really did give his ALL !!

435 days ago


Micheal's dr's are responsible for ONLY the drugs THEY give him. They are NOT responsible for ANYTHING else. Micheal was the one dr shopping, JUST LIKE Elvis did. And we all know how that ended. I am so tired of people blaming the dr. If it hadn't been "this" dr, it would have veen "that" dr. Micheal clearly had the money to "BUY whatever drugs he wanted" and if dr murray had not given in to Micheal he would have been replaced by one who would.

435 days ago


#1 there was no Scarred buttocks in the AUTOPSI REPORT, NOR WHEN MJ WAS VIDEOED IN 1993.

435 days ago


The autopsy confirmed what Jackson told people who questioned why his skin tone became lighter in the 1980s. Jackson had "vitiligo, a skin pigmentation disease," Rogers said. "So, some areas of the skin appear light and others appear dark."

Debts, drugs, messy bedroom highlighted in Jackson trial

Jackson lawyer Michael Koskoff made sure the jury heard that, even though it had nothing to do with how he died.

Jackson's mother and three children are suing AEG Live, contending the company that was promoting his "This Is It" shows was liable for his death because of the negligent hiring, retention and supervision of Murray.

AEG Live argues that Jackson chose Murray as his tour doctor and that the company had no way of knowing he was using the surgical anesthetic propofol to put the singer to sleep each night.

Rogers concluded that a propofol overdose killed Jackson, although several sedatives Murray gave him that morning contributed to his death.

Los Angeles coroner's toxicologist Dan Anderson, who studied the drugs in Jackson's body, testified Monday that the level of propofol found in Jackson's body was "consistent with major surgery anesthesia."

Propofol is a dangerous drug when not used properly, he said.

Money woes may have led Murray to 'break the rules,' detective says

The Los Angeles coroner's office found 31 deaths in the last 14 years in which propofol was found in a body, including six suicides committed by medical personnel -- doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists -- who chose the drug to end their lives, Anderson said.

There have also been several homicides with propofol, including "a mercy killing" in a hospital, he testified.

If not for his death by propofol, Jackson's health appeared good enough for him to live a normal lifespan, Rogers testified.

435 days ago


There was no evidence Jackson ever took drugs that were not given to him by a doctor or that he took more than prescribed, Schnoll said.

The bottles of sedatives found in his home after his death had more pills remaining in them than he would have expected if Jackson was an addict, Schnoll said. This "indicated these were not being taken on a regular basis," he said.

Evidence shows Jackson sought drugs from a number of doctors, but that was not inappropriate because he needed them "to treat a legitimate medical problem," including back pain, scalp pain and dermatologic issues, Schnoll testified.

While not addicted, Jackson was dependent on drugs, he said.

The painkillers that forced Jackson to end his 1993 "Dangerous" tour early so he could enter a rehab program were taken to relieve the pain from scalp surgery needed to repair burns suffered when filming a Pepsi commercial, Schnoll said.

The burns left scars on damaged nerves in his scalp, which becomes "excitable tissue" that "can be firing just like the nerve," he said. The result "can be every painful, like a burning kind of pain -- persistent, sharp, shooting kind of pain," he said. "It's very uncomfortable and one of the most difficult to treat."

Pain relief is a legitimate use of opioid drugs and a person can function normally if they are taken under a doctor's care, he said.

The Demerol injections Jackson got during frequent visits to a Beverly Hills dermatologist between April and his death in late June 2009 were given for legitimate medical reasons, Schnoll testified.

If he were addicted to Demerol -- which is a powerful opioid -- he would not have gone 43 days between injections, which medical records show, he said.

Jackson also went roughly 13 years -- from 1993 until 2008 -- without the drug, he said. The doctor conceded under cross-examination by an AEG Live lawyer, however, that a gap in available medical records may be misleading.

Jackson's use of sedatives was an effort to treat his chronic insomnia, Schnoll said.

If the underlying sleep problem could be resolved, the chances of ending Jackson's use of the drugs would have been good, he said.

There was no indication that Jackson was addicted to propofol before Murray began giving him nightly infusions of the surgical anesthetic for 60 days leading up to his death, he said.

435 days ago
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