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Cory Monteith

Cause of Death


7/16/2013 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

3:10 PM PT -- Officials are currently addressing the media about the death investigation.

Cops wouldn't delve into specifics when asked if they found drugs in Cory's hotel room, but they certainly insinuated it ... saying, "There was evidence in the room that was consistant of a drug overdose."

Cory Monteith
died from a lethal combination of heroin and alcohol ... this according to Canadian authorities.

The British Columbia Coroners Service says an autopsy and toxicological analysis show that the 31-year-old "Glee" star died from a "mixed drug toxicity, involving heroin and alcohol."

Monteith's body was discovered by staffers at the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel in Vancouver, Canada on July 13.

Monteith had struggled with addiction for years and had been to rehab earlier this year.

Monteith had said he began struggling with drugs and alcohol as a young teenager.

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You know, I feel sad for that another person had to lose their life so young by a self inflicted ailment but I do not feel sorry for him @ all. If anything, I feel sorry for the loves ones people like this leave behind. They don't call drug addiction and alcoholism selfish diseases for nothing. I don't even consider them diseases, I consider them self inflicted wounds because these types of people CHOOSE to make bad decisions in life. I've made many poor decisions in my life (non drug or alcohol related) and will probably make more. BUT I take responsibility for them because I chose to make the decisions that led to a poor outcome. The thing with Drug addicts is that they know that what they're doing is jeapordizing their life, they know they're playing with fire and they do it anyway. Unless you've been living under a rock EVERYONE knows the risks when you try drugs and alcohol for the first time. The thing is, we choose to ignore them because we think the consequences won't happen to us. Well when you play with fire you're going to get burned and this guy has been doung it FOR YEARS and I'm sorry but rehab has become almost like a vacation for these celebs who go mainly to get the press. It's such BS! I'm sorry he had to die by his choice BUT I just can't feel sorry for him:-(

442 days ago


He must've had some serious demons going on in his head. RIP. Everyone needs to stop being so judgmental and posting hateful comments. No one is perfect and you don't know what he was dealing with. He could've had a serious mental illness he was trying to deal with.

442 days ago


Was there ever any doubt?

442 days ago


dumb ass. world by the ass and i'll be cool and...6 feet under cool.

442 days ago


What a shame, another heroin addict dead, too bad they all don't end that way.

442 days ago


In other words he died from being a dumbass. And please fix the damned board.

442 days ago


Another wasted life of booze, drugs then death. RIP..hopefully your demons are gone now.

442 days ago


He was obviously an adult and as such is solely culpable for his decisions (or lack thereof) but I've read that this was a known consequence whenever he went home to visit. :( My only hope is that the hometown crew that supported this behavior (likely hoping to benefit from it in the process) will stay far...far away now out of decency. Not likely though as they must be pretty self absorbed to have encouraged this mess in the first place. I'm sure those crocodile teared, "he was my best friend", sold to the highest bidder stories will be flooding our way soon. Pathetic!!!

442 days ago


This is like actors River Phoenix and Heath Ledger all over again. O.D. and then it's R.I.P. time.

One of these days, these people in showbiz are going to get it through their thick skulls that heroin and these prescription drugs like oxycontin are flat out dangerous.

You play with fire, you get BURNED. The dangers are very real. It's nothing to laugh off the dangers and say "it won't happen to me". It can and it does ... all the time.

Heroin and oxycontin both have huge "body counts" of victims from the entertainment industry.

442 days ago


Heroin and alcohol? That's not an accident. That's suicide.

442 days ago


So unfortunate and just goes to show not all addicts LOOK like Junkies. He looked clean and normal as can be.. I never watched Glee but I always thought he was gay (maybe his identity was his demon).. I agree with a previous post, I hope the writers use this in their storyline to touch and possibly save someone in their fan base from the same fate. RIP

442 days ago


Stay away from drugs and druggies, people. They are both death sentences.

442 days ago


@Allheart-►"But at some point they are responsible for their own actions, their own problems, their own downfall and their own deaths."◄
He obviously was trying to get the help he needed. What you don't understand is that it's an addiction. Weather you receive 'help' or not, you have relapses. It's not all about mind over matter, the body is addicted to the drug/alcohol. If you have never been addicted you will never know what it does to you, so do not judge. Do some research, this way you can at least have a little bit of knowledge about addiction and then think about what you want to spew from your mouth about those who have been and/or still are addicted. By the way-even if a user has stopped using drugs or alcohol for 20 YEARS, they are STILL an addict, but not a junky as people seem to love calling addicts.

442 days ago

Jericho Morton    

So a pointless junkie, overindulged and mollycoddled killed itself with a drug overdoes. It may be tragic for his useless family, but I bet they can't wait for what's left to inherit. All dead bodies rest in peace, they are dead. This one will rest in pieces, the pieces dumped back in the cavity and stitched shut with string. An offal sausage really. That is the result of his actions, and it cost all of you Americans tens of thousands to find out what the stupid waste of DNA did. I think we should at least get the photos of the corpse, you paid for it?

442 days ago


This is a tragic story, honestly, so please give Mr. Monteith the dignity he deserves and correct the d*mn spelling on the article. consistent with an E please!

442 days ago
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