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Amanda Bynes

Parents Say She's Paranoid...

Hemorrhaging Money

7/26/2013 10:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The parents of Amanda Bynes believe she's a substance abuser who has become paranoid, delusional and is draining her bank account ... this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Amanda's parents filed papers in an attempt to win a temporary conservatorship.  In the docs, they say Amanda has become "extremely paranoid about being watched," and she covers smoke alarms with towels and tapes windows shut to prevent cameras from shooting her.

The parents go on -- Amanda has "profound issues with her body image" and is "obsessed with the fact that she (and others) are ugly."

The parents say Amanda had $4 million in the bank, but is blowing a huge amount of cash -- she spent $1.2 mil in a very short amount of time.  Amanda withdrew $100k on June 4 and another $100k on July 2 and the parents have no idea where the money went, but they mention they believe she spends "a substantial amount" for marijuana and other illegal substances.

The parents say Amanda doesn't connect with reality, telling them she "cabbed it" from New York to L.A.  The parents believe she's homeless.

The documents described what TMZ first reported ... that the parents are hanging their hats on the driveway fire incident to show Amanda is a danger to herself and others.

The court denied the petition for a temporary conservatorship Friday morning, because the judge wanted more info.

TMZ broke the story ... doctors suspect Amanda is schizophrenic.


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The parents have no idea where the money went?

Er... wasn't she burning stuff in the street. Hello!

422 days ago


Someone please help this train wreck ,hell the train has wrecked

422 days ago


Amanda is, yep, UGLY.....

422 days ago


Amanda hates her parents. As much as she needs help she shouldn't be given to people that she wrote off a long time ago. They said she was fine for hours and didn't slip into bad Amanda mode until her parents were mentioned.

422 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

If this is what celebrity does to you, then there is definitely much comfort in obscurity.

422 days ago


"Amanda withdrew $100k on June 4 and another $100k on July 2"

Did she pay for everything in cash, never write a check or use a credit card?
Spending $200K in 1 month is suspicious.
What could have happened to that money?

422 days ago


She absolutely seems schizophrenic. Usually, people with this disease don't show signs and then n their 20's they have a "psychotic break". A major symptom of schizophrenia is paranoia; people are watching, out to get you etc...usually the delusions are related to paranoias about religion, government etc

The sad thing about her case is people ARE actually taking pictures because she is a celebrity, so the line is really blurred. Her issues with being "ugly", calling others ugly is tied in with her self image issues being in Hollywood and growing up on TV. Plain and simple, she is a paranoid schizophrenic and had her "break". Unfortunately, most people with mental illness do not take their prescribed medication; terrible side effects and a symptom of the illness basically. Watching a family member suffer from a major mental illness is horrible. I feel bad for her and her family and hope she gets help.

422 days ago


Its possible she spent a lot of her money on plastic surgery. Remember, she's had her breasts done, like 5 nose jobs, and some other surgery to get rid of her (imagined) "birth defect" of webbing between her eyes.

422 days ago


I think she needs some help to get on track. I think she was great in her movie and tv roles, and should return to the way she was.

422 days ago


Remember that time her and Linds were in the same hotel lobby for nearly 30 seconds? THAT'S what happened to the $100,000.00.

422 days ago

Mr. Moet    

How can you have $4 million in the bank and be homeless? Amanda is NOT INSANE!!! She is a spoiled entitled attention seeking brat, and I blame her sorry parents. Amanda's parents do not need to be in control of her well-being or her finances, because they have already failed her many times over. Amanda's parents are nothing but leeches looking for another handout.

422 days ago


Well she did have to pay a few lawyers in NY + Calif. for her court appearances + cases but that shouldn't be so much money and lawyers take checks not cash.

422 days ago


I love Amanda, I hope she gets all the help she needs.

422 days ago


Is it possible she is using the drug "Bath salts"? Her actions recently would lead me to think she is using that stuff. It makes you paranoid and has lasting effects on the brain and a lot of people wind up being diagnosed schizophrenic. Worth looking into.

422 days ago


It is sad people do not take this disease seriously, we need to fund raisers , people donating who care, you dont seem to understand what life is like with a broken mind, nor do u care. why do I try?

422 days ago
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