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Amanda Bynes

Parents Say She's Paranoid...

Hemorrhaging Money

7/26/2013 10:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The parents of Amanda Bynes believe she's a substance abuser who has become paranoid, delusional and is draining her bank account ... this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Amanda's parents filed papers in an attempt to win a temporary conservatorship.  In the docs, they say Amanda has become "extremely paranoid about being watched," and she covers smoke alarms with towels and tapes windows shut to prevent cameras from shooting her.

The parents go on -- Amanda has "profound issues with her body image" and is "obsessed with the fact that she (and others) are ugly."

The parents say Amanda had $4 million in the bank, but is blowing a huge amount of cash -- she spent $1.2 mil in a very short amount of time.  Amanda withdrew $100k on June 4 and another $100k on July 2 and the parents have no idea where the money went, but they mention they believe she spends "a substantial amount" for marijuana and other illegal substances.

The parents say Amanda doesn't connect with reality, telling them she "cabbed it" from New York to L.A.  The parents believe she's homeless.

The documents described what TMZ first reported ... that the parents are hanging their hats on the driveway fire incident to show Amanda is a danger to herself and others.

The court denied the petition for a temporary conservatorship Friday morning, because the judge wanted more info.

TMZ broke the story ... doctors suspect Amanda is schizophrenic.


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This is a very sick lady. If she is paranoid schizophrenic then she is very ill. There is nothing funny, "spoiled" or entitled about this form of mental illness....HUGE difference between Amanda and lets say Justin Bieber being a crude disrespectful jerk. I hope the judge is given enough info to grant the conservatorship. I use to work for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and there is a fate worse than death with this issue. Unfortunately we see so many incidents with celebrities because there is a direct link to "creativity" and mental illness. They are all hanging out together, with loads of money to feed it so we see it with them frequently.

432 days ago


Am I the only one who feels like her parents are just trying to gain access to her bank account? I remember a story that TMZ wrote a few months ago stating that the parents knew she was having problems, but decided to stay in Texas rather than move to California to help their daughter. She's only gotten worse since then. Now all of a sudden her parents want to "help" her?

432 days ago


No doubt Amanda is mentally ill, but her parents mentioned marijuana and "other" illegal substances. Apart from weed, Amanda passed her drug test...

Something is fishy with her parents. Remember, a handful of years ago before she started exhibiting symptoms of mental illness, she started motion to emancipate herself from her parents. There must have been a reason for that.
Now that Amanda is in the psych ward, the parents can make their move - for better or for worse. I have a feeling it is the latter...

432 days ago


It sounds like this is marijuana/drug related. Not that alchohol is any good, but. neither is pot.

432 days ago

todd lee    

Too bad shes nuttier then squriel ah*t. She was soooooo hot in "Easy A"

432 days ago

todd lee    

Whoops......Nuttier then squriel sh*t

432 days ago


Such lies. I'm sorry but her parents seem like money hungry leeches who are just trying to get their hands on her money. If she was such a bad "drug abuser" how come at the PEEK of her insanity, THERE WERE NO HARD DRUGS IN HER SYSTEM OR ALCOHOL!!? All she has in her was a little pot and that doesn't make people crazy. She is mentally ill, I do not believe she is a drug abuser not do I believe her parents give a damn about her. They weren't doing a THING to help her until she was locked up in the loony bin. And we see shots of them SMILING walking out of the courthouse after they legally filed for a conservatorship. Her mother looked ECSTATIC about it, even though her own daughter is locked in a nuthouse. Typical bad parents who use her for her money. Amanda even said they stole from her. I believe her.

432 days ago



432 days ago


She could make a sex tape to raise some cash.

432 days ago


I'm totally rooting for Amanda to get well. Growing up, watching her on nickelodeon, I've remained a fan of hers into my adult life. At first, her crazy was funny. Now I see that it's a serious illness. I hope she allows the necessary people to help her recover.

432 days ago


If Amanda is schizophenic ( the worst of all mental illnes) and the judge denied her parents a temporal conservatorship it makes you wonder what does Britney Spears have.

432 days ago


as if! her mental illness is temporary due to drugs. drugs cause hallucinations and much more. i highly doubt she's schizophrenic or have other related disorders like schizoaffective disorder. i highly believe she has drug induced psychosis. most likely from a mixture of pot, crack, alcohol, or meth. most actors are druggies. it's very prevalent in the entertainment industry. they hand it out like candy...especially crack and pot.

432 days ago


I hope the judge grants the conservatorship. He should have already done that. I think it is ridiculous that he wants more information when her doctors can already tell him she has schizophrenia. A one on one might not tell him anything because she is able to appear normal for hours at a time. The lawyer he appointed should not be allowed to make a recommendation since he is not a doctor! He should only listen to her doctors and look at the police report from the incident of the fire she started to make his decision. If he doesn't grant the conservatorship he is an idiot and if she hurts someone or herself in the future it will be partly his fault!

432 days ago


how much is that hospital stay costing?

432 days ago


I think I would be paranoid to if I was famous&everyone knew my name. But the weed just triples the paranoia..poor girl. Really breaks my heart to see people like this. Shame on the people who went inside her hotel room, took pics than sent them to TMZ. She has no privacy which makes you go crazy.

432 days ago
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