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Lisa Robin Kelly

Authorities Suspicious of Cause of Death

8/21/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Authorities are suspicious of the cause of Lisa Robin Kelly's death and both the L.A. County Coroner and the L.A. County Sheriff are conducting separate investigations ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the L.A. County Coroner never got a call from the rehab facility where Kelly died.   A doctor at the rehab facility pronounced Kelly dead at 8:07 AM Thursday, but we're told the Coroner didn't find out until noon, when an official from the office saw the post on TMZ.

But we're told what really made authorities suspicious ... the rehab doctor told the Coroner Kelly died from an embolism.  Our sources say the Coroner scoffed at the doctor's conclusion, because there's no way to know if someone died of an embolism without performing an autopsy.   In other words, you can't tell by looking at a dead body.

Our sources say the doctor at the facility told the Coroner Kelly was taking detox drugs, but the toxicology report isn't in so it's unclear if the drugs played a part in her death.

As for the embolism -- the Coroner still has not made a determination.  But they ARE suspicious.  And, we're told, the Sheriff has issued a security hold on the case, meaning no information can be released while the case is being investigated.



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If ou want to make alot of money selling drugs go to hollywood avenue of lost dreams. What a shame and what a disgrace to America. Hey,Obama do something sensible about what America needs, deport, export and one way ticket drug dealers out of the USA.....

429 days ago


she had pungent vaginal odor and discharge which created a toxic gas that killed her...

429 days ago


Sounds like our coroner in Michigan, diagnosed drowning when the guy was shot in the head execution style.
He ain't no Quincy.

429 days ago


All you haters o those addicted, my ex died from alcohol addiiction, doesn't I still didn't love the mother of my daughter, just means her demons took her life, grow up a-holes

429 days ago


Well, I don't know about your sources, but they CAN diagnose blood clots in the living. As for a dead person, I believe it may depend on how long ago they died (minutes, hours). Blood starts to settle and pool in the extremities almost immediately. What you seem to be trying to say is it's INCONCLUSIVE at this point. Usually a simple blood test (living) will confirm blood clots. Seems like shooting a fly with a cannon to do an Autopsy to confirm an embolism by blood clot. Any medical history for this previously?

429 days ago


When I first saw the picture I thought it was Jeri Ryan...very pretty woman and such a tragedy :(

429 days ago


Obama did it.

NO!!!! Wait... it was Bush!!!

No... it HAD to be a liberal neo-con left-leaning conservative with Democratic traits affecting his innermost Republican ideals.

Yeah, that dude.

Or was it a dudette?

429 days ago


Sounds like a cover-up by the rehab center. Alcohol is the most dangerous drug to detox off of and if not done right it is deadly. Maybe they had her go cold turkey which for long term alcoholics it is at times fatal. More so than hard drugs.

429 days ago


"the doctor at the facility told the Coroner Kelly was taking detox drugs, but the toxicology report isn't in so it's unclear if the drugs played a part in her death.">>
These Drs, have carte blanche on how much they give patients, they probably had her on either methadone or suboxine most likely suboxine because she had money. The feds have been trying for years to get in on the illegal drug trade so they figured just do methadone or suboxine this was they get their couple of hundred dollars a week from each patient, the patient gets his or her high and the feds get their money, all legal... In Chicago they have rolling methadone busses that come to the projects, the feds like having citizens under their control, where to get high, what to eat, what doctors you can see, what drugs you can get, where you live, how many food stamps you get, how much welfare money you get, give you free phones, etc. then they listen (illegally) to all your phone calls and emails. The government has been working on this for decades getting more and more people under their control and the last five years under Obama has added more than any other administration. .And will add countless more before his term is over... The rich have always owned both parties, the rich always get richer under both parties but under Obama the rich and big business have spiked so much, there has never been this big of a gap between rich and poor and the working class is on a steady decline too. The key is getting all those poor under government control and Obama is the best we have ever seen from either party.

429 days ago


They are rightfully suspicious, but not of thecause of death. Rather, they are suspicious about the cir***stances and the reported cause of death. Oh the difference a little clarity and grammar can make.

429 days ago


Wouldn't be suprised if Scientology was somehow responsible, two of her 70's show costars were and still are involved in it, and they have many "rehabs" that are really attempts to get people to join.

429 days ago


Another Bright Star has bimmed

429 days ago

Jamie Collins    

so its been 5 months and nobody's followed up? So sad, somebody can die of a suspicious death and nobody seems to care.

295 days ago
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