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Lamar Odom

Clippers Won't Re-Sign

Crack Was Last Straw

8/27/2013 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Lamar Odom
will remain a free agent -- at least for now -- because the L.A. Clippers refused to re-sign him in light of his abuse of drugs, including crack cocaine ... TMZ has learned.

NBA sources tell TMZ, team officials really wanted to re-sign Lamar over the summer after he performed well last season, but he was nearly impossible to reach ... and they couldn't make progress on contract discussions.

We're told the Clippers were STILL interested despite Lamar's flaky behavior, but after news broke about the NBA star's issues with drug addiction ... the team closed the book on a new deal, permanently.

Former L.A. Laker forward Antawn Jamison has since struck an agreement with the Clip Show, and the team's roster is now full ... meaning Lamar's SOL ... at least with the Clippers.

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Tbis is TERRIBLE!!!! Thanks TMZ for beating the guy up these past few days. He couldn't do it any better than you. For those of you living in glass houses and still throwing stones at Khloe and her family, remember Lamars FATHER is an addict and the disease tends to run in families. IF these allegations, are true, I hope he sseks recovery before the disease takes him. One day at a time is right. Praying for them all. And besides, Khloe's marriage has lasted ALOT longer than Kims.

420 days ago


Wow people commenting here blaming kardashian for everything anyone does are seriously plucked up! Amy decision Lamar made was his own decision!!! He's the only one to blame to all the bad things that are happening to him! The guy is doing crack like a phuckin loser and you blame kardashians??? You delusional morons.

420 days ago


Lamar couldn't be found? The teams work with the agents not the player unless the player represents himself. TMZ why don't you get info from the Clippers? do "sources" give you more of what you want to hear to spice it up?

420 days ago


omg...so way to go Khloe - you can't stand the fact that your man was having an affair that you bring drugs into the mix to save face?! now what...you'll destroy him and his whole career?! You should have kept your DAMN MOUTH SHUT! I'm not buying this at all...unless I see him holding a crack pipe - THIS IS ALL A KARDASHIAN "SPIN" TO SAVE FACE! PERIOD!

420 days ago


Really? You think Khloe and Rob did not participate?? Naivete~
LAMAR speak up~ you weren't doing this alone,
that's for sure. (IF true).

420 days ago


Well the pistons could use you...and you'd be right by pontiac and 40 minutes away from Detroit.all the partying you want.he'll if we could put up with iversons bull$hit we can handle you bud!

420 days ago

Tim C    

Looks like he will need to start sucking up to Kloe as he no longer has any visible means of support.

420 days ago


The trashy family, got what they wanted. To ruin his life. These hoes will do nothing but hurt everyone they come in contact with, for ratings

420 days ago


Really I though it would help him rebound better

420 days ago

jose martinez    

one is too many, 1,ooo,ooo,ooo are not enough.i have faith in you... stay away from this poison. clean up and get with life again .

420 days ago

boo boo    

Seek Jesus

420 days ago


The Kardashian women emasculate yet another man . . .

420 days ago


Ok, this story is really starting to piss me off. This mans career is now ruined. TMZ where the f*ck is the proof this man is on crack????? Because "sources" told you so??? You better pray all of this is 100% true, this mans name has been dragged through the mud, and he may never play ball again because of YOUR story. I want f*cking proof! I used to think this was a reputable site, but I don't know anymore. Bring proof, not what Kris f*cking Jenner has told you.

420 days ago


TMZ is wading into murky and potentially turbulent waters with their focused sports coverage. Celeb gossip fans don't have much vested interest in the performance of the personalities they follow--often loving to witness failure and demise. But, sports fans are an entirely different beast whose loyalties, passions, knowledge, and vicarious experiences run deep, very deep. If reporting of this nature does negatively affect--even perceived--a player or team you could be dealing with some fierce backlash.

420 days ago


Did Kris smoke too much crack? Did the Jenner girls buy crack from Little T? Did Rob smoke too much and now he is rotund? Is Scott having an affair with Jonathan? Is Kim embarrassed her baby is not model material? Did Kanye final confess he used Kim and his bipolar tendency has been passed on to North, no I mean South.

420 days ago
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