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Teresa & Joe Giudice

Clash with Cops

Over Five Whole Bucks

8/27/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Five stinkin' dollars ... that's what started a massive argument this weekend between several police officers and "Real Housewives" stars Teresa and Joe Giudice -- all because the couple didn't want to pay a tiny beach entrance fee, sources tell TMZ.

Here's the back story -- the Giudices were kickin' it on Ship Bottom beach on Long Beach Island, NJ Saturday afternoon (with roughly 30 friends and family members) when they were approached by a teen girl beach worker.

Sources on the scene tell us, the employee asked to see the Giudices' "beach badges" -- basically $5 admission tickets required to chill in the sand -- and the family flipped, refusing to "pay to go to the beach."

We're told one family member even yelled at the girl, saying, "F*** you, f*** this we are not paying for the f***ing beach. This is a joke!" Remember: 5 dollars per person.

We're told the girl started crying, and when beach PD responded ... the Giudices continued to kick up a stink, but eventually coughed up chump change.

Of course, Teresa and Joe are facing massive money fraud charges, but still -- 2 TV stars oughta cough up 5 dollars without a fight.


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S***. Of. The. Earth.

392 days ago


Why the heck does anyone need to pay for usage of the public beach! Ludicrous..but if it must the cheap idiots need to pay up! It is not like they didn't know to pay the $$$?

392 days ago


The Epitome Of Class!

392 days ago


When they throw their worthless asses in Jail could Andy Cohen go with them for foisting these degenerates on the American public?

392 days ago


I agree with Theresa and the family. Pay to go to a Fricken beach?.....Ridiculous. More people should kick up a fit!

392 days ago


As a native of LBI let me explain to you how this works. Beach Badges are sold to cover the cost of Life Guards, equipment, beach cleaning etc. that is necessary because the population of the island goes from a 1,000 or so to over 30,000 in the summer. Tourists come here daily from May to Oct. They are more than welcome to come and enjoy but to simply ask them for a few dollars to (and the island residents pay too) to keep everyone safe, and our beach clean is not much to ask. Also let me point out that in almost every other shore area you have to pay to park, LBI is not like that. No Meters - no big paid parking again 5 dollars to enjoy the beach is nothing. Also, let me say this about LBI - We are home and Home away from Home to several celebrities who are awesome folks, Ray Romano, Rosie O, Robin Quivers, Jon Stewart..and many more - They have never acted like these "wannabee stars" ...they have been respectful to our island, and have happily fit right in to our little community. The worst part of these NJ Housewives is that people think that they are what Jersey Women are like and it's just not true. This couple is just Trashy period...and they know that they are supposed to pay and they probably did this for publicity ..they seem to thrive on this negative crap. Maybe Robert Irvine and his crew here for Restaurant Impossible filming was "stealing their thunder" .

392 days ago


1st who does that especially to a young girl? 2nd its pretty common nowadays to pay a beach entrance fee. We have to for some of the beaches here in MA. It's how they keep the beaches clean and safe 3rd. It's $5 freaking dollars. Um Tre you were seen spending $100K+ to buy furniture for your house (which btw is a bit ostentatious but I digress). You guys act like they were asking for $5,000 not $5. Just b/c you are on a TV show (a fake reality show mind you) does not mean you should act like complete a$$holes. Oh wait you are a$$holes in real life I forgot. Keep showing your true colors Guidices I can't wait to watch your trial(s).

392 days ago


Let me guess...This escapade will appear in the next season of RHONJ. Probably with Rosie in man swim trunks, cursing out the poor beach attendant from the sixe of her mouth. "Hey youse, you better get the )#*¥ out of my {*€>=•' face!... Hey wait, hang on. You're ~#>&$:/ HOT and I haven't gotten laid for years!"

392 days ago


Teresa is a JERSEY girl, right? It's common sense, culture the way of Jersey... from Memorial Day to Labor day, you pay to go on the beach. She's acting like it was a surprise. REALLY? And, does she think the lifeguards, beach patrol, maintenance should work for free? Oh, so sorry, I forgot, this is ENTITLED Teresa! Hey, don't like it? Go to another states beach that is free. Bottom line, she's a Jeresey Girl and should know you pay to play!

392 days ago


Having been born and raised in NJ and since these two jerks own a home on LBI they should KNOW that there is ALWAYS a beach badge required to go on the beach during the season which usually runs in two segments, one from Memorial Day usually thru the first week of July and the second part of the season from that first week of July to Labor Day. That $5 they collect is the fee to keep lifeguards employed, cleaning the beach (and you can bet these jerks left trash--no question in my mind) and into beach restoration projects during the winter months. Considering that the Jersey Shore is still recovering from Hurricane Sandy which hit last October, they should be happy they even have a beach to go to. Some parts of the Jersey Shore that were hit particularly hard (Ortley Beach for one) only have 1/3 of their beach open because the rest has been so devastated by that storm. Quit your bitchin' and pay up like everyone else did this summer.

392 days ago

marvin nubwaxer    

stand your ground you liberty loving patriots. ha ha, good one

391 days ago


That's a smart move- swindling 5 dollars from the state of New Jersey after you've been indicted for swindling millions from the government. It just makes the indictment stronger. If the shoe fits.......

391 days ago


Just goes to show you how much "class" they have and what a....holes they are! Can't lock them up fast enough so they are ONE group of jerks I'm tired of seeing on TMZ! Let's continue with the Kardashians and get rid of them and ALL the other Housewives of whatever!

391 days ago


Should have done what my family did after paying $10 to park and never heard of such a thing had bag of change for all there toll roads they have gave for 3 of us all dimes since I counted it out told her I'd wait if she wanted to count it...LOL

391 days ago


Looks like his side of the family, it's full of winners.

391 days ago
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