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Gwyneth Paltrow


Cuts Off School Bus On Vespa

9/9/2013 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
You Gotta See This!

Gwyneth Paltrow might be the worst driver in all of Los Angeles (and that's saying a lot) 'cause she CUT OFF A SCHOOL BUS ON HER VESPA WITH HER KID ON THE BACKSEAT ... and it was all caught on tape.

Paltrow and husband Chris Martin were picking up their kids from an L.A. school last week on their respective Vespas ... when Paltrow (with one of her young kids on the back of her scooter) darted out into traffic ... right in front of an oncoming school bus.

The bus driver had to slam on the brakes to stop from plowing into the actress ... and GP scooted away as if she didn't just put a bunch of people's lives in danger.

FYI -- school buses are giant and yellow and generally pretty hard to miss ... so we can't really understand why Gwyneth didn't just wait the 2 minutes for traffic to slow down before leaving the school.

We called Gwyneth for comment -- so far, no word back.



No Avatar


there's a rumor that she has an exceptionally dark b-hole
Especially for someone as light skinned as she is

416 days ago


i love at the end of the video she covers up her face with her hand. I guess she didnt want anyone to know WHO the wreckless b-tch was driving the Vespa.

416 days ago


How Funny! This DUMBAZZ pulled out in front of a SHORT BUS. Oh the IRONY

416 days ago


too bad the bus didn't run her over

416 days ago

Jet hero    

TMZ. Your writers have a really dark and mean spirit. TMZ promotes lots of negativity.

416 days ago


she is nothing but a self centered ahole.. was that her ahole husband on the second vespa that also cut off the bus? When will she just go away

416 days ago


She is an arrogant idiot who believes that she is more important than anyone else she is also an elitist who feels it is necessary to impart her foolish lifestyle on and living advice on everyone in the world.

416 days ago


Wow what an idiot. I'm a Motorcycle Endorsed driver and she's a f'ing idiot. She had her head down, didn't even look to the left for traffic. Her and her kid are super lucky they're both not dead or in the hospital after a move like that. Wow.

416 days ago


she did not look before pulling out, hope she sees this video and realizes that she could have hurt her child, and then the next bike pulled out right behind her.

416 days ago


OMG and her kid was on the back! This is typical of moneyed people though, and she is as uppity as they come. I am sure she does not think that any law applies to HER!! Oh no, not to Lil Gwyneth!!

416 days ago


That WAS close. It's one thing to be an overrated actress riding on the fortunes of your parents but it's another to put your child in danger. Despicable.

416 days ago


What a freaking IDIOT!! She didnt even look before pulling out in front of that bus! She could of killed her child if that bus hit them and kocked her kid off the back and then ran her over. Talk about child endangerment. If you cant be responsible on a vespa DONT DRIVE ONE especially with your most precious cargo on the back.

416 days ago


I find it hypocritical that the people making the negative comments regarding the "reckless" paps are also reading TMZ for the most up to date celebrity personal business. I find the site fun and interesting, not because I want to read their bad news, I dont know, hard to explain. Just entertainment. Yes, yes, yes, you who are going to possibly chew me out, they could click and report safely and from afar but come on! They don't get paid for that and we aren't as interested in watching and reading the posted content that is boring. I wouldn't want anyone in danger, absolutely not but celebs know what comes with the fame and mega pay checks. The Paltrow's - IDIOTS, put your kids in a car on busy streets and save the fun Vespas for a more appropriate area!

416 days ago


You aren't kidding that was close! Stupid, stupid move woman. Even her husband pulled a stupid move by squeezing between two cars. They may be in a rush to avoid paps but they'll kill their kids if they pull that stunt again.

416 days ago


It is appalling she expects her 7 yr old daughter to HANG ON to her WAIST despite potential of being bounced off if mom runs over a pot hole, or a giant moving van races past her blowing the child off!
Also, this is all happening at the intersection of the 405 and Sunset Blvd!

416 days ago
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