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Amanda Bynes

She's Mentally Unfit

To Stand Trial

9/24/2013 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes is mentally unfit to stand trial ... this according to her lawyer in her DUI case ... TMZ has learned.

Amanda was supposed to appear in court today for her DUI arrest in West Hollywood back in April, 2012. Amanda's lawyer, Rich Hutton, told the judge Amanda did not have the mental capacity to understand the nature of the legal proceedings.

The judge apparently had concern ... and transferred the matter to the mental health court.  The judge in that court will conduct a hearing to determine Amanda's mental competency.

Meanwhile, Amanda is getting long-term treatment after being placed under a conservatorship.

Here's video ... of a noticeably unstable Amanda climbing into her Range Rover last year.




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Just My Opinion    

Oh..PLEASE! People say Mel Gibson is nuts, crazy, a mental case etc, but he had to stand before a judge.

338 days ago


Is it me or does she and that kaley kuoco chick look just alike? (Both REALLY UGLY!)

338 days ago


Don't think it actually was DUI. She was acting wonky all the time due to mental illness. Don't think she was drinking. Pray she gets well soon though I loved all her movies, very talented girl!

338 days ago


And she's cuckoo for "Coco Puffs".

338 days ago


If the court has found Amanda mentally unfit to stand trial, I wonder why her plastic surgeons found her mentally fit for surgery?

338 days ago


God I Love TMZ!

338 days ago


Tra la la la lalala

337 days ago


In my youth, I was also a major drug and alcohol abuser, I should have been so lucky to get this "judge". So she's too clinically unstable to face the charges huh? Too bad she wasn't too unstable to drive a car blasted. What fortuitus timing, right when she's about to stand trial too! Addicts behavior is often seen as mentally "unstable" because sane people dont ingest enough booze/narcotics to kill themselves, doesn't mean we're "clinically" crazy, and we should be held completely accountable. I was guilty, I served my time, comm service and been sober 20 yrs, I hope for her sake she doesn't just walk after her extended "5150". Only when you're about to lose everything do you fight to stay clean. She isn't crazy, she has pricey lawyers that knew she had no other way out besides a trip to the Psych ward, doubt me? She's not in prison for multiple DUI's now is she?

337 days ago


Next is Miley Cyrus, going to rehab.

337 days ago

Uh huhhh    

MK Ultra.

337 days ago


Oh yeah, i thought the color of her wigs is a lunatic-O-meter for the mental healthiness of that phony attention whore. I guess she has a new tactics...Anyone who really thinks that bitch has ANY serious problem is an idiot!

337 days ago


She's mentally unstable now, but when trying to get released from the Psych ward and prevent the conservatorship she's "not crazy"? I HATE IT WHEN LAWYERS USE THE CRAZY CARD! Doesn't she realize that if ANYONE can use this against her in a future court case (Conservatorship) if she goes on record now that she is crazy?

337 days ago


Get well, Amanda. Come back to Nickelodeon! We miss you ;(

337 days ago


OMG!! Amanda get better, come back to Nickelodeon!

337 days ago


Mental illness is never a walk in the park and not a fun thing to have to deal with. I can empathize with Amanda, because like her, I deal with it everyday. I am not only labeled bi-polar and do have my moments but I work with those who have mental health issues stemming from traumatic brain injuries or had mental health issues before their accident and the accident only compounds the problem. Hats off to her family for getting her the help and treatment she needs. My hope for Amanda is that she comes out of this with being able to control it through medication and DOESNT take Oprah's offer because it seems to me that Oprah is offering her this based on the fact that Oprah would want to see her have a relapse and catch it on camera. I hope Amanda truly does retire and can live on as a happy young and beautiful woman that she is - well, despite all the silicone and SHAME to you TMZ for stoking the fires surrounding her and her past with her twitter pics and all the craziness that happened before she got help. Leave her alone and allow her to live life as she can to the best of her ability and with all the treatment she can get

335 days ago
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