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Kanye West

Explains Airport Attack

'My Grandpa Was Dying'

10/11/2013 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Dear paparazzi: It may be okay to talk to Kanye West again ... at least based on this incredible video of KW chatting up photogs at a gas station.

What's amazing is that Kanye not only talked to a few paps ... he joked with them while filling up his Lambo today in Calabasas -- and then launched into an explanation for why he went ballistic on that photog at LAX back in July.

Yeezy claims Daniel Ramos set him up by antagonizing him ... and it just happened to go down right after he learned his grandfather was dying. 

Kanye's been charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft for the incident.

But there's a ton more he talks about ... like being fearful his daughter will have to deal with the media frenzy that follows him. He even tells the paps, "We in this together."

Gotta say ... it's the coolest we've seen Ye in a long time -- especially considering there was one jerk photog there trying to get under his skin.


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Sounds like someone has told Kanye he needs to be more friendly towards the paps so that the brand isn't affected.

340 days ago


gayfish should die like his mother and grandfather and do us all a favor.

340 days ago


Hey BIG HEAD or should I call you BLOCK HEAD, shut the hell up

340 days ago


You haters of Kanye West are just going to have to deal with him and his 10+ years of success. He's not going anywhere.

Nothing you say or try to critique about him will change him or his global icon status...talking bad is still talking.

340 days ago


0 angles of hatred towards Mr. West will work (talking about Kim, his baby, racism, etc). It's like people think by calling him a name on a website is going to minimize his bank account or status LMAO. Choose another hobby because talking **** just adds attention to Yeezus. Ol' butt sore haters.

340 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    

your site runs WAY TOO SLOW!

340 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    


340 days ago


A variation of "the dog ate my homework" excuse he used in school.

340 days ago


Maybe he started some medication to chill him the eff out

340 days ago


He's a whack job!!!! Genius"......he doesn't even have intelligent grammar when he rants. I would bet any amount of money that he and Bruce Jenner do NOT see eye to eye. Bruce, being a motivational speaker, must know the proper way to speak, and his "ebonics" must be annoying to him.
Bruce must obviously see what a total ass he is, and would probably not want to be in his God-like prescence for very long. I can see NO forum in which they could relate. He goes on TV proclaiming himself a "creative genius"? That is not a title you can bestow on yourself, and anyone who does so is highly narcissistic, and he is very much the centre of his own universe! Oh, then there's Nori and Kim, let's not forget them.

I just don't know how other celebs manage it, when it's a near impossibility for Kanye and his fam.
Hey, I thought you could just buy one of those stupid stars on one of the streets in Hollywood!
How do Jay-Z and Bey handle if.
Oh, yeah, and who do you think told kim to dye her hair. She has already said she hated it when her hair was dyed blonde before. It's like he's molding her to what he wants.
No high, high heels when he doesn't thing they're necessary, no more of her pretty black pulled back hair anymore. Very blonde, loose, and basically no hairdo like his idol Jay-Z's wife.
As for his genius, Jay-Z's still on top, and Kanye isn't even a close second!!

340 days ago


Did his grandfather actually die? Was he on his way to see him, or just conducting business as usual? To me that makes a huge difference.
A very good reason to be quiet and subdued, which he was NOT!!

Preparing for a court defense????? Yeah, I'd say so!

340 days ago


I'm sure this video will get the least amount of comment and responses. No one likes a Rational Kanye. Lets replay the videos of TMZ at his house at 4am. I like that "Crazy" Kanye!

340 days ago




Just Like.....

Harvey The Gay Little Jew
Likes Young Men Like Andy,It's True
Old And Creepy Yep, That's Harvey
Harvey The Gay Little Jew.
{And Most Of His Staff Is Too}


I'm A F A G.

340 days ago


I can understand how the failing health of a loved one can put you on edge, but it's not an excuse to attack someone. If Kanye didn't have a history of being so mean, perhaps we could excuse a one time occurrence, but this wasn't a one time occurrence.

340 days ago

Ozzie X    

And his response is to beat another person. Smart.

340 days ago
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