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Kanye West

Explains Airport Attack

'My Grandpa Was Dying'

10/11/2013 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Dear paparazzi: It may be okay to talk to Kanye West again ... at least based on this incredible video of KW chatting up photogs at a gas station.

What's amazing is that Kanye not only talked to a few paps ... he joked with them while filling up his Lambo today in Calabasas -- and then launched into an explanation for why he went ballistic on that photog at LAX back in July.

Yeezy claims Daniel Ramos set him up by antagonizing him ... and it just happened to go down right after he learned his grandfather was dying. 

Kanye's been charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft for the incident.

But there's a ton more he talks about ... like being fearful his daughter will have to deal with the media frenzy that follows him. He even tells the paps, "We in this together."

Gotta say ... it's the coolest we've seen Ye in a long time -- especially considering there was one jerk photog there trying to get under his skin.


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Lol he acts like he's the ONLY Person in the world with a Lamborghini & a nice house...what a loser...he's gotta be on something

374 days ago


I've never seen an angrier man in my life. Always angry. Always scowling. Always bitter. Good luck with that Kim. He's a Debbie Downer x 10.

374 days ago


Thank you Kanye, your fans appreciate this.... feel free to hate...

374 days ago

Ozzie X    

There is a reason why Kim will not marry him.

374 days ago


He is still a giant *******.I cant stomach him or his bimbo Kim...they are like a virus....

374 days ago


hasn't he used the dead *insert family member
here* excuse before?

374 days ago


My condolences to his family. But Kanye has a anger ssiue he needs to seek help for. It doesnt take much for a scream to become a shove. He worries me.

374 days ago


He had everyone on his side till he blew it in the last 3 seconds of the clip.

374 days ago


liar liar liar liar!!!!!!!!
you make me SICK you freak…get lost…move out of the country…never speak again!!!!
I beg of you….Kanyedouchebag!

374 days ago

Nobody Special    

Kangay dances like he needs to pinch a loaf.

Kim wanted someone safe to have an insurance-policy baby and a Bisexual rapper with lots of money was a bonus.

374 days ago


He keeps bringing up his daughter these days, using her as an excuse but no one has harassed his infant daughter. Mostly because they never take her out. As for his grandfather, he was 98 years old! Bless his heart for lasting that long but at 98, any day could be your last so why was Kanye so surprised that death could come to a sickly 98 yr old? He's full of crap and it's only a matter of time before he goes spastic on another pap. But if he ever gets physical, I hope he does a Chris Brown on Kim. Can't stand that nasty witch!

374 days ago


Ok! Kanye you compared yourself to Jesus and there is nothing wrong with that. We all are suppose to be models of Christ (all that believe). In this video, you are very humble, grace. That's how Jesus did it! He walked with grace everywhere He went and He continuously spoke the word of God. To be like Jesus means that 100% of your conversation is speaking God's word. You will have to speak the word on all situations in life. This is what you are lacking. So if you are going to compare yourself to that NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES, then you really need to get this right. Because in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was "WITH" God, and the Word was God. So while they are chasing after you to take your picture and get conversation, tell them about Jesus, speak the Word so their lives can be changed! Jesus put us up on game a long time ago by letting us know that He is the way, the truth and the life, NO one, absolutely NO one comes to the Father except thru Him! Ain't no cutting the middle man and ain't no free passes to heaven with out Jesus! He got the hook up!

374 days ago


We all fall off sometimes, no one is perfect. But thank God for grace and new mercies everyday! V V V V ( my comment below)

374 days ago


Sorry Buddy.. But your daughter better get used to the camera. . You know what they say..Like mother like daughter. .

374 days ago


LOL you guys commenting are a trip. he reacts negatively, you hate him. he reacts positively, you hate him. forgiveness and understanding are two dying emotions in american society.

but I digress. the internet world is not real.

374 days ago
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