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Josh Marks Mom

Schizophrenia Diagnosis

Killed My Son

10/13/2013 11:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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"MasterChef" star Josh Marks was diagnosed with schizophrenia 24 hours before committing suicide ... so says his mother, who claims the thought of dealing with more mental issues put him over the edge.

Marks' mom Paulette Mitchell is saying the reality star completed an out-patient treatment program Thursday -- where he was diagnosed with schizophrenia ... according to a family rep.

Mitchell first told the Chicago Tribune the chef had finally come to terms with his bipolar disorder ... but "couldn't bear the thought of another diagnosis."

Paulette claims Marks was upset about the doctors assessment ... so she spent the night with him and left the next afternoon to pick her daughter up from school.

A few hours later ... she received a phone call from a family member saying people had called saying Josh was walking through a nearby alley clutching a gun.

Mitchell says she rushed over to the alleyway to find him -- but instead discovered her son dead from a gunshot wound ... with a revolver at his side.

His mother also admits ... some of the Marks' delusions centered around Gordon Ramsay, and that's why he told cops back in July that the chef had possessed his body when he got arrested.
The family is hoping to start a foundation in his honor to help mental illness awareness.


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Bonnie hawkins    

God bless Him and his Family

339 days ago


I am truly sorry for her lost and his family and friends. He was so young. Breaks my heart that he was suffering so much. May he RIP.

339 days ago


so sad for Mom, I'll send her strength in my prayers
I'm sorry for her loss

339 days ago


What kind of "disease" makes people hear Creepy voices telling them to do evil things?? ..........that's a demonic bondage

339 days ago


WTF? Telling a schizo that he is schizo is much more dangerous than a schizo, who thinks that he's normal. . . ermmm WAIT! . . . isn't that exactly what all schizo's think??!
Rule: Never tell a schizo that he's schizo! That might let him go nuts!
reminds me to a Dave Chappelle episode, where someone told a blind black KKK that he's black...

339 days ago


Very sad story. I know we all at times in life have dark days. Totally sane folks get haunted by distant memories of bullies, jerks, and other folks we meet through out life. I guess as a skitzo its a million times worse and makes life totally unbearable.

339 days ago



339 days ago

get real    

Sad.. I have a family member that is Bi polar and schiz. He jumped off a 3rd story building and survived with a ton of broken bones. Its an On going struggle. Its hard on the person suffering for sure,even harder on family members who care. You never know what could happen next if they go off meds or meds arent working. The problem Never gets better. Is Josh Marks better off? Only the person knows. It is sad.

339 days ago

Crazy Cat Lady    

Rest in peace, Josh. I'm so sorry you suffered. My heart goes out to the loved ones you left behind.

339 days ago


I am glad most of the comments are from kind hearted people instead of jokers and haters. IMHO it's a myth that some people are mentally ill from birth/genetics and others are "normal." It's not like being pregnant where you either are or aren't mentally ill. Most of us at some point will experience varying degrees of mental illness or wellness, from stress, lack of sleep, situational trauma such as grief, etc. When you have a cold you don't say "I am a sick person" and give up on ever being well. But we treat people who've been unwell like untouchables, even after their conditions improve. And there is so much mental illness in Hollywood it's almost a freaking precursor to wanting to be in the industry.

339 days ago


This is very sad. This young man actually accomplished more in his young life than many twice his age, without any disorders.

I believe Amanda Bynes was headed in the same direction and fortunately for her, she is safe due to some intervention.

339 days ago

Crazy Cat Lady    

To those who struggle with mental illness, or have a loved one who is suffering: I'm sorry you are going through that. It can all seem so hopeless at times.

It would be great if mental illness were more like having an infection - "Here, take these antibiotics. You'll be better in a week or so." With mental illness, it can take years to get a correct diagnosis and treatment; after that, there is the issue of compliance/non-compliance with meds and/or therapy.

Mental illness can be incredibly isolating, which is unfortunate because of the great need for suport that sufferers and their loved ones need to help them get through a challenging, often frightening, medical condition.

Beyond diagnosis, which is a challenge unto itself, there is treatment. While meds can help some people; others do best with cognitive/behavioral therapy. Others do well utilizing a combination of both.

I wish more resources were being put toward research into, and treatment of, mental illness rather than the obscene amount that gets spent on the war machine.

339 days ago


bummer! I watched him on Masterchef and he was a very likeable guy!

339 days ago

The Zombie    

Schizophrenia is no joke. It sounds like he had a mild form, but it is no joke. Ask Francis Farmer.

339 days ago


Josh's Momma-- the diagnosis didn't kill your son, the disease killed your son. Get educated!

339 days ago
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