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Blake Shelton

Westboro Baptist Church Can BLOW ME!

10/15/2013 8:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Blake Shelton exercised his oral skills on his way out of a West Hollywood nightclub, urging the Westboro Baptist Church to wrap its head around his.

Blake was clearly tipsy as he left Usher's birthday bash at Bootsy Bellows nightclub ... but he was lucid enough to go after the hateful group that has urged a boycott of his concerts -- repeatedly saying the "Church" could "BLOW ME."

Members of the cretin org have beef with Blake, because he supports gay rights -- tweeting about his recent song, "Ya the boys 'round here think it's ok to be queer."  They're also attacking Blake for having an affair with Miranda Lambert while he was still married.

Good thing to know Blake practices safe sex ... hate is not an STD.

(Harvey wrote that last line ... we don't get it either.)



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You go Blake, westboro church is full of idiots!!!

344 days ago


This guy is so low class, he is revolting. (I say this in no way endorsing that hideous church)

344 days ago


Wait, was he driving home after drinking? Nobody likes the WBC, but this guy's no hero either.

344 days ago

BB not bb    

Listen, that is just saying something about him that they think he is a big enough star to picket. They get professional signs printed up, go out with the whole family with little kids included, write songs to pop tunes and sing and dance around in the street for hours, all in honor of their target.

I think it makes him look like a bigger star. I had never even heard of him before. They are all very well spoken. He should be friendly and try to talk to them, if he cares so much what they think.

344 days ago


The Westboro Baptist Church is like a bad SNL skit that just keeps going on and on, getting less funny by the moment.

They get away with their crap because virtually the entire church is comprised of a single family - a family full of crazy-ass lawyers who are the children of the guy who started this cult. They use their legal knowledge to hide behind the first amendment.

Their disrespect towards soldiers and the families of soldiers is abhorrent. F-ing Idiots, King David was a soldier and God called him a man after his own heart. But this little band of misfits would have shown up to King David's funeral and called him a homosexual. This oozing of goo from the shallow end of the gene pool called the westboro baptist church would have protested at Jesus' funeral.

I'm team Blake (whoever the F he is) on this one.

344 days ago


(Harvey wrote that last line ... we don't get it either.)
That's because homosexuals and religious inbreds have disturbed brains.

344 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

okeeeyyy.. he's making his big ol anti westboro baptist statement in 'Hollywood'.... the place that started out with widely propagating very conservative values. i really don't get these ignorant people. seriously. do they ever listen to the crap they say? do they even hear themselves when they speak?? they think hollywood is like rainbow flag territory and started out as this. can you say IGNORANT??? YES YOU CAN. dude is just waaay beyond ignorant. it's like so ignorant, it's almost a life of it's own. parasite parasite. now that's disease right there.

344 days ago


When Vince Gill was picketed by these people outside one of his venues, he confronted them, telling them that he wanted to see the faces of hate up close personal, then called them dumb f**ckers. Go Vince!

344 days ago


What is the story on this Westboro Church group? Somebody needs to pull the plug on this group of wackos, they give religion a bad name, and probably do not pay taxes because they are considered non profit. I think it's time we shut them up and shut them down..

343 days ago

( ಠ_ಠ) KAT DADDY ( ಠ_ಠ)    

11 Days
To Go.

343 days ago


Good for him. He was obviously a little drunk but had a driver so i dont have an issue with that. He's a good st8 ally who realizes that eh nothing wrong with being gay. And he has not backed down from that. Good on him.

343 days ago


WOW great Tmz,

343 days ago


Cool.....Those members will go to hell

343 days ago

Just My Opinion    

There isn't anything wrong with a Baptist church that goes by The Holy Bible.

There in fact a problem with a Mormon church that made up its own bible to go by. That has brain wash these people into thinking their church is the only true church of God. Says that the book of Mormon and the Holy Bible goes hand in hand, that one can't do without the other. God said not to add to nor take away from his word. This is just what this guy did in making the book of Mormon. They have them believing there is not one kingdom in Heaven, but 3. If you do as they say, you live in the top kingdom, and get be with God, and can go visit the people in the 2nd and 3rd kingdom. The ones in the 2nd and 3rd kingdom can not go to the top kingdom to visit, nor see God. The Holy Bible speaks of a Heaven and Hell, not 3 kingdoms and a outer darkness.

343 days ago


Every time I point out how dangerous the islamic jihadist are to the world my silly liberal girlfreind loves to mention this baptist church. The members of this church have never killed anyone. So what if they are offensive. big deal. They have not seriously hurt a soul. Grow a pair. And then some idiot on this site says that some one should bomb their church? digusting idiot liberals. The stupidest people on this planet are liberals. I just need to learn to laugh and not let them drive me insane

343 days ago
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