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Kylie & Kendall

Booze Officials Try

To Crack Jenner Mystery

10/18/2013 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

and Kylie Jenner are the new Heisenberg -- The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has become OBSESSED with figuring out if they were up to no good when they entered a 21-and-over bar ... according to the bar.

As we reported, there are conflicting accounts about whether 17-year-old Kendall and 16-year-old Kylie used fake IDs to enter a 21-and-over L.A. nightclub Tuesday night.

Kris Jenner insists they were admitted without IDs, but the manager of Vignette lounge is adamant the girls presented fake IDs at the door, and claims he didn't even know who they were.

Now, the ABC has become involved in a big way.  People at the bar believe the ABC wouldn't waste its time on some underage Joe Schmo, but since it's the Jenner sisters ... the ABC has become aggressively determined to expose the truth, which would send a loud message to underage drinkers everywhere.

We're told the ABC has requested video surveillance footage from the nightclub, which they hope will show the Jenner sisters showing IDs at the door. The club is cooperating with authorities, but it's unclear if the surveillance video contains anything incriminating.



No Avatar


How much more stupid can California become?

You have the Keystone cops, the judicial system who are totally clueless when it comes to applying THE LAW.

Niow, you have these morons at the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage who are TRYING to CRACK the case..

What in hell do they have to figure out. 2 chicks - 16 & 17 years old in a club for adults with adult entertainment - both photographed looking wasted.

What else do they need to know? Incompetence runs rampant in this state.

281 days ago


The walls are tumbling down on this family. The teens have learned bad things from their older siblings. Porn, money, sex, scandal, and a pimp for a mom. Bruce needs to get custody.

281 days ago


Glad to see the Alcohol Beverage Control Dept. is taking action. Funny thing as I was going to put in a complaint to them myself on this. I'm in the legal field in Los Angeles and don't feel celebrities should get a pass or anyone for that matter. If the club knew of their presence and willingly allowed them, then the Club should be held legally accountable. Good going ABC!

281 days ago


This family is the biggest embarassement to the human race.

281 days ago


useless little whores like the rest of the khuntdashian whores

281 days ago


And they should investigate!! Those stupid kartrashianners want to be soooooooo famous, well guess what? Comes with a price! As for the queen Kartrashianners she should be finding out where her underage daughters got fake IDs and ground their little bottoms, take away their expensive cars and phones. BRATS

281 days ago

Obamais still aracist    

nothing will happen the officials will say there isnt enough evidence to name who the guilty party is even though we all know, it is sickening the way underage celebs like these tramps and the beiber girl get away with murder litterally

281 days ago


if they did ,my bets on the mother who got them for them

281 days ago


Oh please let them be showing the fake ID's at the door. Khloe and Scott should get in trouble for taking a 17 yo and a 16 yo to a 21 and over club. Of course they are so arrogant and obnoxious., they don't think the law pertains to them. And as far as them saying they did not know what the club is, I say BS on that. Like anyone would believe a word that came out of this family's mouths.

281 days ago


Perhaps if the drinking age wasn't ridiculously high people wouldn't have this taboo view on alcohol and adults could make better decisions having had more experience with drinking responsibly pre-21. You know? Like the rest of the world?

281 days ago

John F. C. Taylor    

Might be worth a story if they were really stars. Unfortunately, they are not stars.

281 days ago

K in Texas    

Since Kris Jenner wasn't there, she needs to keep quiet. She obviously has no idea what happened. After the 4 older ones, did she not learn that a teenager will lie to save their butt?

281 days ago


Whats the mystery. Their mom's a ho bag who birthed an army of skanks who do whatever and whoever to get their name mentioned. Of course these two will follow the same path as the others. You didn't think they were going to college to become doctors did you?

281 days ago


I can't believe some people in the media call them "America's royal family." First of all, America does not have royalty. That was abolished over 237 years ago. And if America has royalty, this family would be it??? I mean, for real??? Geez, America really is in the toilet.

281 days ago


This family is a waste of human flesh, their combined IQ must be around 10.

281 days ago
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